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u/beast-freak · 2 pointsr/depressionregimens

I would love to experiment with GHB.

The history of GHB is one that has always interested me. It was sold without problem as a nootropic in health food shops before being banned (unfairly in my mind) as a date rape drug by the Clinton administration. Obviously be sensible, as others have pointed out you don't want to become addicted.

For various reasons I would love to experiment with GHB.

  • Is an antidepressant

  • Is a nootropic

  • Is a sleep aid

  • Increases muscle mass

    Here is [a post] ( I made a couple of years ago. I'll clean it up, and add a few more comments if I am more functional tomorrow but I wanted to let you know I think GHB is well worth researching:

    I have suffered from insomnia all my life (either that or sleeping for 22 hours straight). It has had a major impact on my life. One interesting book I found on the subject is Insomniac
    by Gayle Greene, a professor of literature and women’s studies at Scripps College.

    >I can't work, I can't think, I can't connect with anyone anymore. . . . I mope through a day's work and haven't had a promotion in years. . . . It's like I'm being sucked dry, eaten away, swallowed up, coming unglued. . . . These are voices of a few of the tens of millions who suffer from chronic insomnia. In this revelatory book, Gayle Greene offers a uniquely comprehensive account of this devastating and little-understood condition. She has traveled the world in a quest for answers, interviewing neurologists, sleep researchers, doctors, psychotherapists, and insomniacs of all sorts. What comes of her extraordinary journey is an up-to-date account of what is known about insomnia, providing the information every insomniac needs to know to make intelligent choices among medications and therapies. Insomniac is at once a field guide through the hidden terrain inhabited by insomniacs and a book of consolations for anyone who has struggled with this affliction that has long been trivialized and neglected. – source (


    She also has a blog, containing information for the sleep-deprived.

    You can read an excerpt of the book [here] (


    In my younger years I had great deal of difficulty falling asleep. Now I fall asleep easily enough but wake at ridiculously early hours – this morning I was up at 2:30am. Anyone have any solutions?


    Edit: One interesting idea to come out of Greene's book was that if bipolar is a spectrum disorder, sleep disturbances may be on the tail end of the spectrum. As a child I drove my parents crazy staying awake at all hours. Now I rather fear that sleep deprivation is making me crazy : (

    Another mention Greene makes is of GHB, the only efficacious medication she found. It is purportedly also a potent antidepressant. I used to buy it over the counter to use as a sleep aid (I had no knowledge and no interest in using it recreationally) It was a godsend. Sadly now it is illegal (possibly Greene suggests to protect the lucrative sleep medication market) Used therapeutically, the drug was such a game-changer, in the past I toyed with the idea of a) learning to manufacture my own GHB from scratch or b) emigrating permanently to a country where GHB it is still legal. Has anyone else had any experience (non-recreational) with GHB.


    Edit 2: A review of GHB: The Natural Mood Enhancer
    by Ward Dean, M.D., et al.

    From the review:

    >Many readers will be familiar with GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate) from articles previously published in Smart Drug News. Many readers may have read the book Better Sex Through Chemistry by John Morgenthaler and Dan Joy, which contained a large and comprehensive overview of the use of GHB as a prosexual compound. Given such exposure, a great many Smart Life News subscribers may be tempted to regard this new book on GHB as redundant. However, nothing could be further from the truth.
    >The authors certainly cover all the pertinent nuts-and-bolts issues of GHB usage. They discuss numerous indications for GHB, including narcolepsy, depression and relaxation. They provide an in-depth review of the scientific literature on GHB’s use in treating drug and alcohol withdrawal and addiction. They also discuss GHB’s ability to stimulate human growth hormone (hGH). One application I found of particular interest is GHB’s use in women to facilitatate labor and childbirth. This use truly speaks to the truth about GHB’s safety.
    >For the record, I have used GHB as a sleep aid and as a prosexual supplement. In both cases, I have found the substance to be effective and safe. After hundreds of doses, large and small, I’ve not a single complaint. I have personally compared notes on the use of GHB with dozens of people and have referred thousands to a variety of sources for the product.

    Edit 3: You can get a flavor of Gayle Greene's take on GHB using Google's search inside a book function. For some reason I can't link directly but if you click on the [top link a simple search provides] ("Gayle+Greene"+GHB) they will take you there

    Edit 4: GHB: The First Authentic Antidepressant An article about GHB's use as an antidepressant.

    > GHB is a remarkable molecule because it can suppress depressive ideation and anxiety, sometimes within less than 30 minutes. It also seems to be immediately active on the most severe and treatment-resistant forms of depression. Because of such remarkable properties I jokingly used to call GHB "Or Potable", which means "drinkable gold" in French! Indeed a molecule which can block your depression and suicidal ideas, anxiety, etc, in such an efficient way is as precious as gold because it can save your life. GHB saved my own life many times when all other antidepressants failed. For years I suffered of depressive episodes which did not react to conventional "antidepressants". Why? Because, in fact, most antidepressants (an antidepressant is also called a thymoanaleptic, which is a molecule that stimulates mood) are not really "antidepressants" per se but thymoanaesthetics. A thymoanaesthetic is a molecule which anaesthetises emotions and which thus blunts feelings. For instance, if you give "antidepressants" to, say, two lovers together, you will notice that their love feelings towards one another become anesthesised, blunted. Clearly, a molecule which blunts rewarding emotions is definitely not an authentic antidepressant but rather a "mind Xylocaine" (xylocaine is an anesthesiser). A thymoanaesthetic takes away a part of your personality and makes you a bit similar to people suffering from negative schizophrenia. On the contrary if you administer gamma-hydroxybutyrate to a pair of lovers you will notice that it will enhance their love feelings because it stimulates sociability.