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Integral SD (Secure Digital) Single Slot Reader
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5 Reddit comments about Integral SD (Secure Digital) Single Slot Reader:

u/zim117 · 2 pointsr/Surface

This will do the job bud but depending how much you want to spend. i would suggest getting either a 5 in one or a faster one ill post links to them too bud
hope this helps.

8 in 1


Please keep in mind that the last one i have never used or seen used so i cannot recommend on the reliability or quality, sorry

u/zumozo · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

It's an Add-On item to my computer. It would really make it easier to put photos from my camera to my computer.

u/vogon101 · 1 pointr/photographers


Getting photos off an SD card is simply a matter of buying a USB SD card reader (like this one, but be careful of cheap ones, they're probably slow).

In the mirrorless vs DSLR debate I can't really give much advice except that the choice that you make now could likely tie you down for a while in terms of buying lenses for a specific format. For that reason I would recommend getting a cheaper DSLR from an established brand (eg Nikon/Canon) as if you upgrade later all your lenses will work on bodies from the same brand and there will be a huge scope. However do research here and find the best camera at your price point.

I would suggest going for APS-C sensors (crop, not full frame) because they tend to be cheaper and perfectly good for beginners. However when shooting on a crop sensor lenses look more "zoomed in" than on a full frame, 1.5x more telephoto. For example a 50mm lens on full frame looks like how your eye sees a scene but on an APS-C camera it will be a tighter crop, the equivalent of a 75mm lens on a full frame. For that reason, if you want the 50mm equivalent for crop you are looking more towards a 35mm lens.

I have an APS-C Nikon camera (the D7200) and absolutely love the 35mm. I use it for nearly everything. However a prime lens (one focal length) is not particularly adaptable, buying a zoom lens (like 18-70) would give you greater range.