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Invicta Men's 8926OB Pro Diver Stainless Steel Automatic Watch with Link Bracelet
Round watch featuring corrugated unidirectional bezel, luminous hands/markers, and magnified date window at three o'clock40 mm stainless steel case with mineral dial windowJapanese automatic movement with analog displayAlso features stainless steel link bracelet with fold-over clasp and safety closure, screw-down crown, and exhibition casebackWater resistant to 200 m/660 ft. Length-210mm. Size-20mm. Buckle-Diver
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61 Reddit comments about Invicta Men's 8926OB Pro Diver Stainless Steel Automatic Watch with Link Bracelet:

u/Uptons_BJs · 36 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Ok, so interesting thing about Invicta, is that even they don't think their watches are worth MRSP. The high MRSP is just to trick people into thinking they're getting a deal.

Consider the 8926OB Pro Diver:

MRSP is $495, which is absurdly overpriced for that thing. However, even Invicta's official store only sells it for $122.85:

Now if you're going onto the gray market, the watch is, $91:

At the gray market price, it is actually a pretty damned good deal. I mean, it has a Seiko NH35 movement, which you can't even get on actual seikos at that price point.

u/Alakazam · 18 pointsr/Watches

Invicta; Pro Diver 8926

Price: 70-80 dollars

Movement: Seiko NH35A movement w/ Handwinding & Hacking (Aka, seiko 4r36)

Style: Diver

Size: 40mm

Link: Amazon Black, Amazon Blue

Description: One of the few Invicta watches I'd actually recommend. Yes, it's a blatant homage of the Rolex Submariner, but you're still getting pretty decent build quality for what you're paying. It's a solid movement seen in watches three times it's price range and is a solid all around watch. I'd personally recommend removing the cyclops, mainly to make it less homage-like. It's also basically the only diver under 40mm at this price point. Actually, it might be the only automatic diver at it's price point period

u/nautimike · 14 pointsr/Watches

Invicta 'resurrected' an old Swiss brand name(they have nothing to do with the original company), they tend to copy other companies designs or style cues, often using stock Japanese or Swiss movements with Chinese made cases & assembly, and the have insanely high MSRP but the watches are perpetually on sale for 70~80% off. If the Invicta MSRP is $315, but, the watch is always 'marked down' 73% to $85...then the watch is only worth about $85.

This lack of legitimate heritage, questionable marketing practices, along with quality issues and poor customer service have given the brand a bad reputation.

That said, I used to own the Invicta 8926. It was my daily/work watch for about a decade before I gave it to my brother. It got beat to hell and was worn nonstop for about 12 years, without any service, before it started keeping poor time. Not bad for $79.

As for the watch you linked to, it would probably be fine. On the plus side, it likely has a Citizen/Miyota quartz movement and may even be all stainless steel, so, it would be hard to beat for under $50.

That said, the watch snob in me finds the use of Roman numerals on a sports/dive watch off-putting. Roman numerals look best on classic dress watches like this. Rugged, over-sized sports/dive watches like the one you linked should use basic indices markers and/or Arabic numerals more like this Invicta diver.

Good, entry level brands to look at are Seiko, Citizen, & Orient. Seiko 5 are very affordable automatics, they even have a blue dial diver. The Seiko Monster is one of the best made watches out there under $200. Another possibility is this Orient Blue Mako.

u/turdbogls · 13 pointsr/Watches

Invicta pro diver - ~$85. has a Seiko automatic movement and a huge aftermarket following

Parnis sub Homage - $112. decent all around watch...nothing fancy, but has a Miyota movement which is reliable

Tisell Marine Diver- ~$220. r/watches favorite. uses high beat Miyota movement

Phoibos Great White - IIRC can be found for about $200 or slightly under on Ebay. same movement as the Tissell. seems to be a newcomer to the homage game. nice offering from everything I've seen.

Steinhart Ocean one - $500 - higher end, swiss made, ETA movement. great watch from what I've seen.

all are pretty good bangs for your buck. the Cyclops kinda goes hand in hand with the "Looks like a Submariner" aesthetic. it's going to be hard to find something that doesn't look VERY similar to this watch.

u/chrispscott · 13 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

The Billy Reid Peacoat that Daniel Craig wears in Skyfall is $700. These are extremely affordable in comparison.

These outfits also have separate elements for each look. There are a lot of shortcuts to save money buy doubling up on some things. For instance, buying this Invicta with different straps will give you the same feel and it will knock quite a bit of cash off of each outfit.

u/conchata · 9 pointsr/Watches

You'll find that it's quite common.

And those six are mostly off the top of my head. So many brands have their own version.

u/gmt_plus_one · 8 pointsr/JamesBond

Nice Casio!

Haven't heard a bad thing about it so far.

If you want to get something as close as possible to the Spectre Seamaster without buying a fake watch you can check out the Debert Automatic.

A very affordable Rolex Submariner look-a-like would be the Invicta 8926ob, the Quartz Version 8932ob is even more affordable and probably the better watch for someone who is not into watches much.
Both Invictas are look-a-likes of newer Submariners though and not of the 6538 Connery wore.

The closest affordable homage of the vintage Sub I could find is the Tiger Concept 5508 homage, the 5508 was a small crown Submariner with 100m depth rating while the 6538 was a big crown Submariner with 200m rating.

If you'd like to get the watch of literary Bond Tiger Concepts has covered you again with their Explorer 1016 homage which people believe to be the watch Fleming had in mind for Bond.

u/khadyoung · 7 pointsr/Watches

It’s hard to beat the Invicta 8926OB for the price. It’s a great watch if someone isn’t used to wearing a watch and just wants to try one out to see if they like it.

Turns out, I liked it. Now the collection continues to grow!

u/paracelsus23 · 5 pointsr/preppers

You're welcome. I've had good luck with Invicta automatic watches. They're my daily wear automatic watches, and I only wear my fancy ones on special occasions.

They're not quite as cheap as you want, but they're got decent quality / looks.

Is what I wear daily. Their more expensive models are even higher quality.

u/iamMD · 5 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I have a feeling a lot of people will suggest a weekender. it's cheap, clean, and thanks to nato straps you can mix and match it with a lot of different outfits.

I personally don't like the weekender because of how small it is on my wrist. If you want something that's pretty clean and classic looking, yet is still relatively flexible I recommend an Invicta.

It's a blatant ripoff of a Rolex Submariner but I've gotten several compliments on it. It's a nice intro watch

*edit: words

u/brendanvista · 4 pointsr/EDC

Alternate View

I work in the tech industry, but I'm not comfortable going too much further than that.
EDC (on my person):

  • Cell phone (not pictured): Galaxy S4 with extended battery Amazon
  • Watch: Invicta 8926OB Amazon
  • Knives (rotation):
  • Flashlight: Thrunite TN12 (2014 Version) 2016 Version Amazon
  • Wallet: Kenneth Cole, not sure what kind.
  • Gun: S&W Shield 9mm w/ Talon grips
  • Keychain Amazon
    Thingies on keychain:
    • Tile Cell Phone/Key locator Amazon
    • TRUE lighter Amazon
    • Gerber Curve mini tool Amazon
    • Gerber Shard bottle opener (come on, what else is it good for?) Amazon
    • House and car keys

      But wait, there's more! Bonus Closeup Images
u/as_told_by_aaron · 4 pointsr/Watches

Congrats on your promotion buddy!
If you really want to stick to your budget, one of the best budget watches that will last a long time, have an automatic movement, numbered dial and a beautiful but small face is the SNK807. You could also use the remainder of your budget and purchase a nice metal bracelet to complete your criteria and end up with something like this.Other than that I would suggest purchasing this Invicta however there are no numbers on the actual dial. Happy hunting!

u/spedmonkey · 4 pointsr/Watches

There's always the Invicta 8926c. For something less Invicta-y, I'd check out the Deep Blue Ocean Diver series. Note - you can probably find them elsewhere for a lot cheaper than on shopnbc.

u/GREAT_SALAD · 3 pointsr/Watches

Most really rugged watches will be durable, like a Casio G-Shock. The Casio DW-5600 is excellent for that. I'll make a list of some other options!


Orient Bambino ~$130-$200

Seiko SARB035 ~$400

Citizen Eco-Drive AW1236-03A ~$100


Cadio G-Shock DW-5600 ~$50

Casio G-Shock GA100A-7A ~$70

Victorinox 241675 ~$150


Casio F91W ~$10

Casio "World Time" ~$25

Timex Marathon ~$15-$20

Entry Level Mechanical-

Seiko SNK809 ~$60-$75

Orient Mako II ~$150

Invicta Pro-Diver (Submariner Homage) ~$80

Fantastic Quartz-

Timex Weekender ~$20-$30

Timex Expedition ~$50

Casio "Duro" MDV-106 ~$45

u/shadowbanningsucks · 3 pointsr/Watches

Invicta Pro-Diver

u/Cool_Cherry_Cream · 3 pointsr/WatchesCirclejerk

Sorry to inform you that these are all actually fakes. Here is an original, for reference

u/barnicleman · 3 pointsr/Watchexchange

Invicta pro diver (seriously)... 200M WR, screw down crown, hand-winding/hacking Seiko movement, awesome size (40mm) and 20mm lug means tons of strap options. ~$84 new on Amazon

u/BananaBokeh · 3 pointsr/scuba

Ah, a scuba themed wrist watch. In particular with a rotating bezel.

Not a dive computer or something that gives me data. More like the name of a "dive watch" that used to have a purpose before dive computers, but have fallen out of use. Purely for aesthetics and the fun rotating bezel that reminds me of diving and the history of dive watches

Some examples:

u/kvlle · 3 pointsr/EDC

Top to bottom:

•Ruger LC9s

•Ray Ban RB3506

•Invicta Automatic Pro Diver (...)

•Kershaw Blur

•2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee keys

•Leatherman Pulse

•Iphone 7

u/johnwclark · 3 pointsr/Watches

Yep, the NH3x is similar to the Seiko 4R movement that can be found in the monster and turtle, and those are usually well under $300. Even the new samurai are under $400.

For $250 you can pick up a Dan Henry with a NH35 --

Undone uses the NH35 in some the Aqua divers in the $450 - $500 range, but you can customize everything about them, which is worth most of that price difference.

Or if we really want to prove the point about price on this movement, you can buy an Invicta with the NH35a for under $80 - --

u/Pizzajam · 3 pointsr/RepTime

Invicta Diver has a knock-off Miyota movement in it that will probably last a longass time. I've had one since 2009. Took it diving, smashed it on stuff, still kicking.


u/ProlapsedProstate · 2 pointsr/Watches

The Invicta pro diver is $58 on Amazon at the moment.

u/Corix · 2 pointsr/Watches

depends on which you get.
the submariner copy has a Seiko NH25A movement in it

from reading though, there could be quality issues, but for the price ($80.00 USD), its hard to argue that its not a bad first auto, to see if you like wearing a auto watch.

u/EucalyptusHelve · 2 pointsr/rawdenim

Invicta 8926ob. Not bad for what the price is. I've had to have it cleaned and adjusted twice in the two years I've owned it. I wish I had saved and just gotten the Steinhart Ocean One Vintage to be honest. drool

u/anotherlibertarian · 2 pointsr/Watches

Save up for the real thing, and in the mean time if you are willing to bump your size up to 42mm you can get a Seiko SKX007.

If you still want a sub look a like after reading that, I believe the Invicta is what you're looking for

u/notcalpernia · 2 pointsr/Watches

Lots of brands do it. Orient Submariner homages are revered in this sub, but Invictas are somehow a knock off. I can't tell the difference between them.

u/sdiver · 2 pointsr/Watches

The most recent version of the Invicta 8926OB has the Seiko NH35A 24 jewel movement...which is hacking and hand-winding. This is the "good" movement if you will. Older version of the 8926 had the Seiko NH25A movement, which is not hacking or hand-winding.

u/Xuck · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I feel like you should invest in 100-150 dollars and get a reasonably good quality watch. You will use it for longer and be overall more confident. I have always favour automatic watches over quartz so therefore I feel like this is a great diver watch to start a collection at a reasonable price.

u/plazman30 · 2 pointsr/Watches

I don't consider either of these watches homages. They're just divers. If you want a homage, get a homage.

It gets really old to see every diver style watch thought of as a Submariner homage.

This is a Sub homage. So is this

u/Seeker80 · 2 pointsr/Watches

> Come on now, I know that there are quiet, waterproof (>100m) watches for below $100.

They're called 'properly discounted Invictas.' The problem is the WR rating you're looking for. Most watches beyond 100m are going to be divers, and 200m at that. That raises your price point quite a bit from something like an SNK805.

You might able to look at some of Invicta's cheaper divers. Some might be offered without the outrageous msrp, and you'll be able to find one under $100. The 8926OB is a popular option, mainly since it uses a Seiko movement. No idea how actually quiet it is, though.

u/gleam · 2 pointsr/Watches

This probably calls for an Invicta, sadly. Try the 8926ob.

u/Usernamecolone · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

definately this
I feel it's the right price range and will last you a while.

u/Cayenne999 · 1 pointr/Watches

I would also recommend an Invicta Pro Diver for this price range:

u/InsertMemeHere_ · 1 pointr/Watches

So far ive narrowed it down to this this and a seiko 5, though i havent chosen on a design yet. any opinions? forgot to mention this will mostly be worn in casual clothes to school, although i would like to be able to wear it with semi formal clothing too, in case the time comes.

u/shinbr · 1 pointr/Watches

Diver- Casio MDV or Invicta Pro Diver
Dress- Orient Symphony
Field- Seiko SNK809 or Bulova 96B230
Digital/Ana-Digital- G-Shock or F91W

u/chicagohifiaudio · 1 pointr/EDC

Invicta 8926OB [black dial]/ 8928OB [blue dial].



I have them both...along with about 40 other watches lol. They have the Seiko NH35a self winding movement in there. Solid daily watches sub $100USD in my opinion.

Also might be worth checking out Skagen if you are a fan of minimalist, light weight watches. I have one in my collection and love it.


Feel free to dm me if you have any questions!

u/Z_Evil_Taco · 1 pointr/Watches

Thanks a lot! Might be a weird question, but you never looked into getting any Invicta did you? been looking at getting myself a nice divers watch and I'm torn between the one you posted and this.

u/hsuh · 1 pointr/Watches

Its this one:

The straps are:Cavallino - 20mm and Black Calf 20mm. The cavallino is specially thick and orange. I should stop buying "Tan" stuff because I like them more in pictures than in real life.

u/nyetda · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

I can't speak for it's quality because I don't own it, but I like the look of this. It's an homage to the Rolex Submariner.

u/JohnJackson99 · 1 pointr/Watchexchange
u/at-the-beach · 1 pointr/RepTime

Get a cheap gen from Amazon or similar.
This looks good for the price

And this gets great reviews in watch forums as people also mod them, and around $90

u/OmahaYessa · 1 pointr/Watches

Why everybody, I am looking to buy a everyday watch for under $100. I’m really just looking for a watch that will go with everything and I can always wear. So far the ones I’m considering in no particular order

Timex Weekender

This is nice because it’s cheap, and I could swap straps. However a lot of people complained of how loud it ticks, and it’s not water resistant

Timex Weekender Chronograph

This was my initial choice, but I have since second guessed myself and now am leaning elsewhere. I feel like the case is too thick, and it’s not too water resistant.

Invicta Pro Diver

I’m iffy on the metal band. I do enjoy the actual look of this, just not sure if it’s too classy.

Seiko 5 Automatic

This is the watch that’s in first right now. I would definitely purchase a leather strap for it off top, but some people reported it didn’t keep time well.

That’s my list. Overall, I’m just really looking for advice. I’m not very watch savvy, and would appreciate help by some of you pros. Let me know why these watches are good or bad, and offer some insight. I appreciate it!

u/SarcasticOptimist · 1 pointr/Watches

Maybe a Diver's watch with a fold-over clasp. They will stick on to you, won't shatter if you whack them against the side of the ambulance while moving the stretcher or what-have-you, and are designed to take abuse one way or another.

A Seiko Orange Monster,Timex Performance Dive, this Invicta, and Orient's offerings (you can subtract half with the ILoveOrient coupon code), could be what you want.

PS: Wouldn't you want a chronograph, given the time sensitive nature of what you do?

u/CowLifter · 1 pointr/Watches

I'm looking for a watch and have never bought one before. I came across this Invicta and was intrigued, but I'm not sure. I know they often mark them up like crazy so it has nothing to do with the "amount I'm saving", but I kind of like the look of the watch. Would it be better to go with something more classic, like the Invicta 8926OB or this Seiko? It would likely be an everyday watch, and I don't have big wrists if that makes any difference.

u/PhantomLead · 1 pointr/Watchexchange

I would like to mention that this watch goes on Amazon brand new for $79 right now.

u/skyleth · 1 pointr/Watches

the one Invicta anyone in this sub would ever find them selves recommending: 8926OB

u/Comille · 0 pointsr/Watches

Maybe you'll like this one

u/Spartn27 · 0 pointsr/Watches

Invicta 8926, it takes any submariner mods (crystal, bezel, Dagaz dials, straps, etc.) and has a Seiko NH35A automatic self winding Japanese movement.

u/swedishfish007 · 0 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

That's a pretty beautiful watch for $135, don't think you'll get much better than that for under $150-200.

EDIT: Might suggest checking out these as well over on Amazon:
Invicta, black face, steel band, auto watch, ~$80
Invicta, blue face, steel band, auto watch, ~$75

u/nrq · -1 pointsr/todayilearned

Thanks, I'm wearing a Invicta Pro Diver right now, which is a bit cheaper than the one you pointed out. As you said, it doesn't satisfy the desire for the real deal, infact, makes me want to get one even more. Clock drift with the Invicta is horrible, but what can I expect from a 80 EUR automatic watch. ;)

u/black-tie · -1 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Invicta sells replicas: i.e. watches that copy the design of genuine, actual watches. In Invicta's case, exhibit A.

u/10-6k · -1 pointsr/Watches

Invicta. Everyone rides the hate wagon, but the truth is they are really cheap (Amazon) and great quality. I got a SS Rolex Sub "homage" for $65 on Amazon

u/Nujabez · -1 pointsr/Watches

if you like the look of the tauchmeister, get this one from Invicta:
(I think its this one).

u/walrusparadise · -5 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

I prefer this invicta instead.

A little bit cheaper and I like the automatic movement and feel. They also have a Quartz version even cheaper