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IRWIN Screw Extractor Set, Hex Head, Multi-Spline, 25-Piece (53227)
VERSATILE: Remove broken studs, bolts, socket screws and fittings for high torque applicationsGRIPPING POWER: Aggressive left hand spiral design for extra gripping powerEASY-OUT STYLE: Spiral flutes embed themselves to increase grip as resistance increasesETCHED SIZES: Extractor size and recommended drill bit size are etched on each tool25-PIECE SET: Hex head multi-spline extractors from 1/8"-7/8" in heavy-duty carrying case
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10 Reddit comments about IRWIN Screw Extractor Set, Hex Head, Multi-Spline, 25-Piece (53227):

u/politicalmess · 5 pointsr/cycling

There are a few options.

  1. Easy. Try placing a rubber band between the bolt head and the wrench. Apply a lot of pressure and the friction might make it able to catch and loosen the bolt.

  2. Easy but more time. as /u/phirebug has mentioned. old disposable bit + JB weld + time.

  3. Cheap but effective. Use dremel with metal cutter and cut slot across the head of the bolt to fit a flat head screwdriver. Use flat head to remove.

  4. Most Expensive (unless you know someone with the bits already). Get an extractor bit and remove it that way.
u/M30E30 · 5 pointsr/Tools

I have something similar by Hansen. They've saved by butt a few times for sure.\_lpo\_sbs\_469\_t\_0

u/incubusfc · 5 pointsr/Tools

I manufacture aircraft and have for almost 9 years. I screw panels in place. Between this and my older rx7, I have TONS of experience with removing stripped, rounded, rusted fasteners.

My favorite kit by far is the snap on equivalent of this, although I do have the Irwin set as well.

This isn’t an affiliate link or anything.

Two quick tips, if it’s rusted, use penetrating oil. Always.
The other tip, if it’s not grabbing, drill deeper. Drill slowly, don’t heat it up. Then you’re screwed. Hah. Get it?

I just removed a severely burred screw (turned the + to a round hole) with this type of kit yesterday. I’ve never had one break either. I’m not an idiot with it either though. Smack it with a hammer to get them on/in. Turn firmly and keep smacking it if you can.

u/FrankTCat · 2 pointsr/saab

That, but the internal splined ones:

u/BeastofamaN · 2 pointsr/Austinmotorcycles

SCREW EXTRACTORS ARE RISKY!!!! They can and do break on machine parts, just come look at my poor, (currently) useless bike if you don't believe me.

But there is a similar and better alternative:

Good luck, broken bolts suck.

u/totheredrack · 1 pointr/aviationmaintenance

IRWIN makes the best one IMO.
Take a stubby #30 and drill 1/4” in.
Use this on a 1/2” socket and viola.
Use the 1/8” with a #30.
IRWIN HANSON 53227 Hex Head Multi-Spline Screw Extractor Set, 25 Piece

u/numba9 · 1 pointr/Cartalk

Multi spline screw extractor. I fought a similar situation trying a lot of the above mentioned techniques for about a week. Extremely frustrating. I caved and bought this. A bit of PB blaster never hurts either if you can sneak it in there. Out in 10 minutes. Great thing to have in your tool set.

Irwin Tools Hanson 53227 Hex Head Multi-Spline Screw Extractor Set, 25 Piece

u/jonomw · 1 pointr/Tools

Link does not seem to work. This is what you want:

u/getpatriotized · 1 pointr/AskMechanics

Yeah, I don't mind. As long as I remove the wheel I'm happy.

Also ordered this

Irwin Industrial Tool 53227 Hex Head Multi-Spline Extractor Set, 25-Piece

should be arrive tomorrow as well. Let you guys know the results.