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Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)
Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me And Other Concerns
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15 Reddit comments about Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns):

u/BadWolf89 · 7 pointsr/reactiongifs

She was a writer for a big portion of the series. And I feel like you're sort of meant to hate Kelly anyway. I just finished reading her memoir and it made me appreciate her even more.

u/releasethestars · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'm sorry to hear about your dog. It's hard to lose them, as they grow up with you. I lost my dog two years ago and it's hard to remember I won't hear the jangle of her collar anymore. If you need to talk, I'm here for you. Feel free to PM whenever. I kinda like to talk a lot so if that cheers you up i'd love to help :) Mindy Kaling is so funny, and I really want to read her book. You should watch an episode of "The Mindy Project" to cheer up as well. I guarantee you'll laugh. It's so great. <3

u/ghostofsadako · 2 pointsr/ForeverAloneWomen

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling.

She had a FA-ish youth, but the more salient point is the whole book is hilarious and uplifiting. I'd highly recommend checking it out.

u/tearsinthesea · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I would love to be the creepy smiling girl from Insidious
I love her outfit, her story is so creepy and.. I just really like her part
Even though it was not important, she was scary!

Dresses similar to that are expensive. But I think that would be a fun costume to experiment with!
I would like a book a book or a way to make me prettier lol

u/frodotroublebaggins · 2 pointsr/careerguidance

Honestly, if you are not passionate about library services, you should not be pursuing your MLIS. The job market is hard enough out there for people who are passionate about library services, tossing yourself in the mix (and adding to your debt while you're at it) isn't a great move.

That said, I'm also not sure about how realistic it is to pursue a career in writing for TV, but you seem pretty aware of that, and it sounds as if you've already been able to get writing positions, which seems like a good start. It sounds as if you already know what you want to do.

If you haven't read it yet, you might want to read Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling. I personally don't know much at all about the business of writing for TV, but scattered throughout her book was her path through writing for TV, which I thought was super interesting.

u/msim4044 · 2 pointsr/santashelpers

For your sister: you could get a Lush gift set with different bath bombs and lotions they have tons of pre- packaged Christmas gifts. Otherwise you could make like a spa kit? Include some lotions, nail polish, and some slippers. She would also probably appreciate a good book, you could get a fun memoir that almost everyone will like. A couple of good ones are (Mindy Kaling's)[], (Tina Fey's)[], and (Amy Poehler's)[] Another really fun book is Humans of New York which is on sale right now. Pinch Provisions offers some really cute emergency kits [] Maybe she'd like a perfume set or a cute mug with a starbucks gift card or some tea. You could also make a college kit for her; include advil, 5-hour energy, some candy, a starbucks/dominos gift card, tide-to-go pen, purell, first-aid kit, some nice pens.
For you parents you could get them tickets to a Comedy Club or Theater, or even just tickets to the movies and a nice dinner. Another possibility with movies is to make a little gift basket; include your favorite movie or one you think they would enjoy and then some popcorn and various candy []. I'm not sure if your parents would enjoy it but a spa day? They could get a couples massage and just relax. Hope some of these ideas help!

u/tracycrndll · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I wish i could eat cheesecake all day everyday....

in addition to these slutty brownies, they're the perfect combo!

Thank you

Happy cake day!

u/Turrrrrr · 2 pointsr/audiobooks

Mindy Kaling's book is hilarious.

u/ChickenSoftTaco · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

IS THERE OLIVES IN IT!? (Somebody please get the reference or I'll be very sad)

I've wanted this book for a while now! Otherwise gift card is cool.

Strawberry Bubblegum

u/GreenVoltage · 1 pointr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

Here are some biographies that have just what you're looking for! Biographies sound boring, but you won't be able to put these ones down I promise!:

u/english_nerd · 1 pointr/Bookies


On another note, has anyone read this? I'm super excited to find a copy.

u/samk19 · 1 pointr/RandomKindness

I would like this book because I love Mindy Kaling and I think she's hilarious.

u/elvadot · 1 pointr/TrollXChromosomes

& I forgot my obligatory cat tax: he is no Tubbs but he's alright. The litter is his, obviously.

The Books are:

Can't and Won't by Lydia Davis, a pretty savage lady

Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self by Danielle Evans, here is a NYT review

Is Everyone Hanging out without Me and other Concerns by Mindy Kaling, who is basically a trollx mascot

The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas by Gertrude Stein, who needs no introduction!

u/purrImacatpurpur · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

You might like the 4400 I loved that show... or Dollhouse... but you probably have seen that one... oh oh oh try "Persons Unknown"! It's so good... so so good...

I'm a workaholic too!! Yay!!!

I love books...

I don't know if you do.... but I thought you might like that one!