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JOBY Micro Hybrid - For Mirrorless and Compact DSLR Cameras
Compact, foldable tripod for mirrorless and compact DSLR cameras weighing up to 800g (28.2oz),also fits 360 Cameras like the 360 FlyConceals beneath camera base: sleek and portable designStability on even or uneven surfaces: coated zinc alloy legs with colorful silicone foot grips stabilize point & shoot camerasInstant setup and framing: auto-fanning leg deployment and effortless ball positioning help you never miss a shot
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4 Reddit comments about JOBY Micro Hybrid - For Mirrorless and Compact DSLR Cameras:

u/balanced_view · 2 pointsr/pics

Yeah, understandable. I've got a tiny Joby tripod that folds flat so you can leave it screwed onto your camera, might be worth a look. Quite limited due to size but works in a pinch and very easy to carry all the time.

u/Imlulse · 1 pointr/M43

Definitely carries over IMO, you can stick even a mid sized body with a 100-300 on a travel tripod that would buckle over with a DSLR and anything approaching an equivalent FL FF tele (tho the 3rd party collar still helps with the 100-300).

I have a Sirui T-005X that I bring with me when I travel, usually stuffed in my duffel bag with my clothes. I recently bought a Peak Sling that has carry straps for hanging it (my previous sling bag didn't and I never really use anything bigger) so I'll probably start carrying it more at my travel destination...

The head on it is pretty respectable for the price and it's one of the smallest/lightest I could find, plus the leg angles auto lock and go down to near-90 and the center column is removable so it works great for down low shots (my sister's MeFoto lacks some of this). My most used tripod is probably a table top tho...

I've actually bought, given away, or tried a few mini tabletop tripods (Manfrotto Pixi, Benro Pocket Pod, etc.), tho I haven't tried the priciest stuff from the likes of RRS or Novoflex. My current favorite is the Cullmann Magnesit Copter.

The little head on it beats the heck out of most table top tripods and the top plate can be exchanged (swapped mine out for a Sunwayfoto lever QR ARCA plate, tho I had a smaller Kirk knob plate on it for a while). It's real solid but folds into a more compact tube shape than others which end up with a bulkier diameter.

If you wanna go ultra minimalist, the Joby Micro 250 and/or 800 can literally be stuck and forgotten on the bottom of your camera (these are not Gorillapod). I have the 250 on the bottom of my GM1 or GX850 more often than not, always ready for use. I love that little thing, it has a surprising degree of adjustment...

Seems like it might be cheaper to buy some of the Micros in a phone stand combo these days, I actually bought the 250 with the Grip Tight stand and ended up using the latter for a DIY car mount for my phone.

Finally, I have a larger/sturdier set of cheap Desmond CF legs at home, since I went with a bit of an unknown brand for the legs I splurged a bit on a Sirui K-20X head... It really does blow the rest of my stuff away as far as ease of adjustment. I like the combo and I'm happy I got it for doing tests locally, at home stuff, astro, etc. but it's my least used.

IBIS is great and all but there's quite a few things you still can't do without a tripod, M4/3 gear still allows you to get away with a flimsier one tho.

P.S. Linked to B&H on some solely because they tend to have specs and dimensions laid out much better than Amazon, my purchases were probably split between both.

u/yaamen · 1 pointr/Insta360

I use the Joby Micro Tripod. Smallest I've found and is well built.