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Johnston & Murphy Men's Melton Cap Toe Shoe Black Calfskin 9 D US
Crafted of hand-selected European leatherfor a premium look and feel.Exclusive Optima Comfort System with multi-layered cushioning is engineered for optimal comfort, support and flexibility.Leather lining with perforated for forefoot enhances breathability.Leather sole and combination stacked leather/fineline rubber heel for a clean, dressy appearance.Goodyear welt construction allows leather to mold to your foot for a truly individual fit.
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6 Reddit comments about Johnston & Murphy Men's Melton Cap Toe Shoe Black Calfskin 9 D US:

u/over-my-head · 5 pointsr/FrugalMaleFashionCDN

The Johnston & Murphy Melton Oxford is the shoe to buy. It is the best quality you can get in Canada at around the $200-$230 CDN pricepoint, before jumping up to ordering factory seconds of the Allen Edmonds Fifth Avenue, Carlyle or Park Avenue, which WILL end up costing you between $315-$350 CDN, after exchange rate, border processing through DHL, and shipping are factored in. Even if the shoes are on sale in the AE shoe bank for $170.

I know this because 8 months ago I ordered a pair of AE Fifth Avenues for Brooks Brothers during the last big sale, and the shoe that was $169 initially ended up costing me $315 in the end, given that shipping from Ohio was $40 USD, processing was $10, and exchange was terrible. On top of that, the shoes don't even fit, because the 5 last, which is used on the Fifth Avenue, Carlyle, Park Avenue and others, is too narrow.

Back to the J&M though: this shoe is, like I said, the best quality you can get around the $200 CDN range. Right now it is on sale in 8.5D at for $228.

It is the same price on the J&M website too.

I have seen it at the Bay as well, though it is not listed online currently. And I have also seen it on deep discount on, despite it being in USD. I snatched mine up when it dropped from $175 USD to $110 USD, which made the exchange and duties worth paying for.

Anyways, here is why you should buy this shoe, given your budget:

AE factory seconds will cost you $310+ to order from the U.S. First quality AE "Bloor Streets" (Park Avenues) will run you $500 CDN+ tax at Harry Rosen in Toronto. But the J&M Melton is not only much more affordable, it is miles ahead of all the other mall grade crap you would still spend up to $160 CDN on at Aldo or the Bay.

The main shoes I see at the Bay and in malls are usually Bostonian, Florsheim, Aldo, Steve Madden, Kenneth Cole, Pegabo, and Stacey Adams. In almost all cases, these are all overpriced crap that you will still end up spending up to $150 on anyways.

Bostonian and Florsheim used to be good, but now, alongside the rest of the shoes in the list (except for a couple Stacey Adams products), they are shittily made in China, with corrected grain leather, and glued soles, which significantly reduce their durability and longevity, while also reducing their comfort. Not only are the designs ugly, but they are terribly built, with terrible quality control, and terrible materials. And they will still run you over $100-$150 CDN.

Meanwhile, the Johnston & Murphys range from $160 CDN on sale to $230, yet are miles ahead of all those previously mentioned brands. Of course, they are not at AE level, but the Meltons in particular are goodyear welted and made with full-grain Italian calfskin. My pair is beautiful, and is very close in appearance to the $500 Park Avenue. They are leather soled as well, and while they aren't made in the USA like AE, they aren't made in China either (made in India).

If you're willing to pay $200, I'd definitely make the jump up to $230 and get the J&M Meltons. It's a significantly better shoe than any other option in that range, and well well worth the bump up from Bostonian or Kenneth Cole or Aldo. Yet it's a lot cheaper than what it will cost just for you to get second-quality Allen Edmonds. On top of that, unlike the AE shoes on the 5 last, the Melton fits true to size. So you don't have to worry about sizing up or down. If you are sized as 8.5D, then order an 8.5D.

And if you're patient, you might even snag em on sale. Though they aren't at the moment:

u/soup--nazi · 4 pointsr/malefashionadvice
u/WascalyWabbit · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

The J&M Meltons get recommended quite a bit for cheap oxfords. They're expensive at the current $175, but they do drop under $100 and with the 20% coupon (if you have it), you can get it for even lesser. The quality seems to be quite good too

u/SchrodingersCamel · 1 pointr/frugalmalefashion

the meltons in black are currently only $122.50 when sold by amazon for nearly all sizes. they're definitely worth looking at. I have the bordeux color, and they're really quite nice for what they are and their price point.

u/RIP_KING · 1 pointr/frugalmalefashion

Johnston and Murphy Meltons. They're goodyear welted and probably some of the better quality shoes you can find for $100. They are frequently on sale on Amazon for right around that price. They are $175 now but if you're patient they will come down.