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JVC HARX700 Precision Sound Full Size Headphones - Black
Deep bass sound reproduction with 50mm Neodymium driver unit and ring port structure. Connectivity Technology: WiredRing port structure provides high-quality dynamic soundWide head pad for optimum comfort6.3mm plug adapter included11.48ft(3.5m)cord with gold-plated plug
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u/mmmm_goldfish · 6 pointsr/pcgaming

Sorry, it's over budget but here is my setup:

Headphones (Really quite amazing for the price):

Clip on Mic:

If you shop around, you may be able to find them cheaper. I wouldn't have bothered mentioning my setup knowing it's over budget but I researched and scrutinized for a solid month when I made these purchases and these seemed to be as good as it gets under $50

Looks like there are cheaper mics with good ratings here:

u/MOOSiEMAyNE · 5 pointsr/headphones

It's because they are absolutely 0 options on the market right now that have a microphone suitable for gaming without them being a low quality/way over priced. If you do want a headset style check out a product called Antlion Modmic. It's rather expensive for a microphone, I paid $30 for mine. Very clear, works perfectly. I think they are having supply issues but if you can be patient, it's a great product. Or you could use a cheap desktop mic in the mean time.

Now, to your original question. Based off the headphones in your OP, you don't have a very big budget. I would recommend the ATH-M50s or ATH-AD700s depending on your preferences, but those are in the $100-$200 range. Since those are likely out of question, I think these would be perfect. I was floored with them, and most people seem to agree these are amazing headphones for the price, people over at even love them, and they are picky (but what do you expect from such a specific community). I don't own them, but have used them.. and I almost ordered a pair for myself. There really is a big difference in anything you'll get that's called "gaming" headphones, and a number of high quality headphones.. I know it sounds snobby, but it's the truth.. I really would love for there to be a decent quality in any gaming headphones that doesn't cost $250+

u/starcraftlolz · 5 pointsr/gaming

I agree with HeavenSix post, do not buy the gaming headset.

If you're looking for good sound on the cheap this is what I have.

My brother just got the razer carcharias and has owned turtle beach; I compared them to mine, and mine blows them out of the water. A much fuller sound and better bass. They are really big though and kind of heavy.

u/Xpariah · 3 pointsr/headphones

I snagged these for a cheapo pair after doing a fair bit of research here and at Head-Fi.


Here's an article about it on Head-Fi:

u/nathris · 3 pointsr/buildapc

Absolutely. If you must get a gaming headset then go with a Razer Carcharias, but you'd be better off keeping your mic and better headphones, eg

u/SearingPhoenix · 3 pointsr/buildapc

40 dollar headphones are actually... not that bad... if you buy right.

Now, I would put segmentation of headphones like so:

0-20 dollars: The "I'm probably going to break these, so I'm not going to spend much money," segment. If you're not buying them for risky usage scenarios, spend more money.

$30-50: Here's where you'll start seeing your money doing some work. Sony makes some fantastic headphones in this range. Something like the Sony MDR7506, Sony MDR-V55/BRs, JVC HARX700s, HARX 900s, or Audio Technica ATH-M30s.

$100-200: You aren't going to see significant gains over $50 cans until you break the $100 dollar mark. For instance, the ATH-M50s or Sennheiser 558s are (supposedly) fantastic. I personally have a pair of V-Moda Crossfade LP2s that give me fantastic audio quality to my ears.

Above that, I haven't done a whole lot of research. I believe segmentation hits again and you won't see a good gain until you start spending around 250-300 for studio-grade stuff, then another step up to 500+ for high-end studio and audiophile-grade equipment, but that's just kind of what I remember seeing.

u/xdoo675 · 3 pointsr/pcgaming
u/TenchiZero · 3 pointsr/headphones

CALs are solid choices, but from personal experience, the Zalman clip-on is only useable if you're in a silent room 24/7, and even then (I used them in my dorm as well), friends on the other side never liked my mic quality. Once-upon-a-time, I would have recommended (good pair of headphones)+an Antlion ModMic, but since the ModMic 4.0 is a bit pricier than it's predecessors, I don't blame people for going the clip-on mic route. If you check out the link for those interested in gaming gear in the OP, you'll find a link to MadLustEnvy's guide, and there he links another clip-on that he (and I) have had much better success with. Again, this is personal experience, so YMMV. Also, definitely look into desktop mics as another alternative.

And if you are interested in going the ModMic route, and want to remain under $100, check out the Superlux HD681 EVOs or JVC's HARX700, both a budget headphones for under $40.

Few final notes, if you're looking for surround sound, Razer has a nice, free software called Razer Surround, and even has a pro-version if you need more features. Pair that with the EVOs/JVCs/CALs, and you'll have superior sound to either of the Logitech stuff, and the "surround sound" feature without having to pay extra.

u/conquer69 · 2 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

I have been building gaming PCs for a few years and this is what I would change.

I would change the fx6300 + hyper 212 for an fx8320. The 8320 is better for gaming and you can survive a few weeks without overclocking it. It has better performance at stock speeds than the fx6300 does when overclocked.

You can find cheaper ram that performs the same or even better. Like this

Not sure if you really need 2tb but I guess you do. If you don't switch back to 1TB and get another hard drive when you need it.

You NEED a better power supply. A 8320 when overclocked can reach 300w, the gtx 660 uses at least 120w. That's 420W for a 430w PSU. Too close in my opinion.

I would suggest this as least

If possible, get this

Now, about the "other" stuff. I have a sidewinder keyboard and it's ok but you want to get a mechanical keyboard. I only bought mine because it was really cheap. I got it for like $15.

Getting the mechanical keyboard right now would go over your budget so get a cheap one and get this later

About the mice. As far as I know, only the g400, razer deathadder and the zowie evo2 and FK have no acceleration sensors. I would get any of those.

g400 for palm grip, razer deathadder black edition for palm grip, deathadder 2013 edition for semi-palm / semi-claw grip, Zowie mouses for claw grip.

About the headset, people that know about headphones recommend headphones instead of headsets for gaming. Headsets have overall lower sound quality and it doesn't give you any advantage at all to your performance in gaming.

I would get this headphones with a PCIe asus xonar dg soundcard. You can get the soundcard later if you want, so you can feel the difference better.

I think that's it. If you have any doubt, let me know.

Edit: forgot about the case. That rosewill case is fine but it only has 1 frontal intake, no bottom intakes and no 3.0 usb ports. I like this nzxt case a lot because it is very cheap and has everything you could need from a mid tower case. If you can afford the extra $20, get it.

u/reps_for_satan · 2 pointsr/audio

I own all these, solid choices

JVC HARX700 Precision Sound Full Size Headphones - Black

Sennheiser HD 202 II Professional Headphones (Black)

Audio-Technica ATH-M20x Professional Headphones

u/muskrateer · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

Are you looking for active noise cancelling or just something that doesn't bleed sound? I've had a set of JVC HARX700s for the last 4ish years and they seem to contain things pretty well and they sound nice. They also have a really long 11' cord which I find convenient, but might be annoying if you don't want to bundle it up or get bothered by having a pile of cord next to you.

u/Kootsiak · 2 pointsr/gadgets

If you don't mind a big bulky headset, JVC RX700's are a great bargain. They sound better than every set of Beats headphones I've ever tried and cost less than $40.

u/hobofats · 2 pointsr/gaming

how "serious" of a gamer are you? if you are really into FPS games you might want to look into getting a nice headset instead. a good headset blows a 2.1 system out of the water in terms of helping you hear someone sneaking up behind you and helping you immerse yourself into the gameplay by blocking outside noise. I use some mid range JVC HARX700s with a zalman clip on mic as my gaming headset and have been absolutely thrilled with it. I would only go back to speakers if i were using a 5.1 or 7.1 system, and i dont have the money or the right space to do that right now.

u/joelmartinez6 · 2 pointsr/starcraft

It all depends on if you need the mic or not, if you don't need the mic it's probably not worth it to spend the money on "gaming headsets." You can get the JVC RX700 for $33 on amazon Even if you do need a mic you can actually purchase a standalone mic. The RX700 is a very good headphone with a huge soundstage and great balanced tone after burn-in.

u/hcranomythgim · 2 pointsr/MECoOp

Just get decent headphones and a cheap mic. Can cost less then $50. This mic and these headphones are good. I play TF2 competitively, and headphones+mic are pretty much always recommended over a headset. Plus, you can use the headphones as headphones to listen to music, whereas most headsets are USB only, locking the headset use into just being a headset.

u/darkscout · 2 pointsr/Purdue

AND since Purdue lets you change your e-mail address when ever you want, as long as they have 6 months free amazon prime you can always have it while at Purdue.

Just create a new Amazon account, create a new purdue e-mail address, sign up and tada: another 6 months of Amazon Prime.

That said, I HIGHLY recommend the JVC HA-RX700.

I'm not an audiophile. I've dealt with cheap ear buds all the time because I lose them and use them to work out, etc. These are at my work desk and the difference is night and day. Amazing bass response, everything is crisp. They even have some hard core head phone modders:

u/Xenderwind · 2 pointsr/gaming

While I agree with you, he does only have a $50 budget. So with that in mind your best bet would be a HARX700 with a zalman clip on.

u/Jhar · 2 pointsr/hardware


Not sure if you needed a headset (with an attached mic), but these seem to be a good option without a mic.

u/SatansF4TE · 2 pointsr/techsupport

Out of the three you've picked, the Gamecom 780 is hands-down the best.

However, you'd get far better sound quality from a pair of Panasonic HTF-600^1 or JVC HAR-X700^2 headphones and a clip-on microphone such as the Zalman ZM1^3.

Of course, using a clip-on mic is slightly less simple than an all in one headset so you'll have to decide if you'd rather the utility or sound quality.

u/neK231 · 2 pointsr/headphones

I'm trying to get into the wonderful world of HQ sound (very entry level). After skimming through the subreddit for the past hour or so I figured I should post. Top priorities are just listening to music and gaming. I wouldn't mind buying an amp if it came to it, I would just appreciate some suggestions if the headphones should require them.

  • Budget: $100 - $150 (I would possibly go a max of 20-30 over if it's really worth it)

  • Source: Mostly sitting at my computer desk

  • Isolation: If it's there, I'll gladly take it. Not a big priority though.

  • Type: I prefer closed over anything else.

  • Balance: Overall, more balanced than anything. A little extra bass would be a big plus, but not needed.

  • Past Headphones: Nothing special, just the JVC HARX700

  • Music: Mainly a lot of metal and electronica, some post-rock, indie. Everything else isn't a main concern.

  • Location: US

    I've been staring at the Beyerdynamic DT-990-Pro-250 and ATH-M50S more than anything so far. Would either of those do me fine and are they good for the price they're at now...?
    Thanks in advance!
u/career_whatcareer · 2 pointsr/headphones

Thank you.

I looked it up, but still don't know what "Nuetral", "warm" etc. means in the context of music, without hearing it at least. Basically I just want to get something that "Brings the boom" like the MDR XB500's

To give an example, this is the "type" of bass I listen to. and would like a pair of headphones that really bring out the bass:

[Tyga-Faded] ('t care for the song, but like the bass)

Tech N9ne- On the Bible

Kutt Calhoun-Self Preservation

With that in mind, are the headphones you listed the best kind for the job?

Any of these good for the job?




Thanks again

u/symsymsym · 1 pointr/headphones

I'm looking at the JVC HA RX700 right now. It's supposed to be magnificent for under $40. It's called the "poor man's A700".

u/MNProtest · 1 pointr/gaming

Well this is my setup for under $50. Head phones and mic I've ever had for gaming.

Headphones. Big and ugly, but very comfy and sound wonderful.

Clip on mic.

u/soggit · 1 pointr/Games

I hear good things about the sennheiser 558, and 598s. I tried a pair of hte 555s once and they were not for me. Those were the lower quality ones though so the opinion may not be valid compared to the 8 series.

I have also heard good things about AKG (with a warning about the headband) and apparently these are really good for their cheap price.

However if I were choosing a pair I would probably go with these (actually...i havent price checked these in quite a while. I'm going to buy them right now)

if you're purely gaming then the astro a40s are really nice, albeit overpriced because of their branding. they come with what is actually pretty damn impressive amp. if you dont have a soundcard then i recommend these as an excellent choice. they also work with xbox 360 if you fancy that.

u/thearkive · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

These guys
Damn good for the price.

u/das7002 · 1 pointr/buildapc

JVC HARX700 sound absolutely outstanding and for their price you can't beat them. Hell, even $100+ ones have a hard time.

For a mic, there is also the Zalman ZM-1. Sounds superb, quality is very nice for voice recording/chat/what have you.

u/blu3ness · 1 pointr/headphones
u/GokuDude · 1 pointr/gamingpc

This is an easy choice, for me at least. The RX700's with the Zalman ZM1 Mic. Nothing in your price range can even compete. That's a total of 40.

If you want to spend 20, I would say the RX500's and Cheap Clip-on Mic.

u/PapaNoodlestockens · 1 pointr/headphones

These look silly as heck, but the JVC HARX700 is a nice pair for that price.

EDIT: Creative Aurvana L!VE may be a better option.

u/aydiosmio_eseldiablo · 1 pointr/headphones

Apologies for wall of text, and thank you so much to whoever helps me out!

Budget: <$300 (can hover around/slightly above $300)

Source: HTC One, Macbook. I have a FiiO model E06 amp I lost the charger to (can you point me to a charging cable that will work? The amp looks like this).

Isolation/Noise Canceling: I want to use these out and about, so noise isolation (not canceling) is a requirement.

Preferred Type of Headphone: Full Size, Over Ear (Closed), Reasonably Portable. For examples, I'm looking at the [Sennheiser Momentum]
( and VMODA M100. Anything like these.

Importance of aesthetics: Sound is paramount, but I don't want hideous cans on my head. As long as it looks reasonably cool I won't mind. Aim for this, or any of the above examples.

Owned headphones:

  • ATH-M50: loved these but they broke a while back.
  • JVC HA-RX700: nice, inexpensive over ear stereo headphones but are 1.) too bulky and cumbersome for listening outside the home 2.) are open eared.
  • VMODA Crossfade M80: really enjoyed how these sounded. Only problem is I prefer over-ear sets.

    The other pairs I've owned are some inconsequential earbuds.

    Primary Genres: Priority #1 Sorry if I'm assigning these bands to the wrong genres

  • Indie Folk/Pop/Alternative. I guess another example is Phoenix.

  • Pop Punk. A Part of Me by Neck Deep is another song indicative of what I like.

  • Acoustic/Indie Rock/Folk (?) See City and Colour, Hozier, Mumford and Sons, Noah and the Whale, Shakey Graves, Keenan O'Meara, The Head and the Heart, Florence + the Machine, George Ezra, Ben Howard, Lewis Watson, Eric Hutchinson, The Old Hello's, Walk Off the Earth, Noah Guthrie, and more. Kind of a jumbled bunch of artists but I don't know how to differentiate between these. Here's another example.

  • "Singer-Songwriter:" some of the above artists kinda fall in here.
  • Modern Soul/Funk. Also see St. Paul and the Broken Bones.

  • Alternative/Indie Alternative(?): See We Were Promised Jetpacks, Two Door Cinema Club, Bastille...

    Other Genres: These aren't the types of music I listen to very often, and when I do it's usually when I'm working out; therefore, I probably won't be using these headphones anyway.

  • Hip-Hop See Chiddy Bang, Kid Cudi, Lupe Fiasco.

  • Electronic. Pretty much just any chill, synth pop/indie electronic like this. Passion Pit, The XX

    Tonal Balance/Sound Preferences: The takeaway from the genres: not sure. I want a versatile, balanced headphone. No overpowering Bass.

    Thanks a ton for any recommendations you share!
u/drewba · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

I stopped buying gaming headsets because they almost always break after 2 years not to mention the audio/mic quality is completely average.

Instead I bought a real headset and a clip on mic which puts you at $53.00. The sound & comfort is fantastic for a $35.00 headset, the clip on mic is great and reviews extremely high.

u/Reoisasa · 1 pointr/DotA2

JVC Harx700 + Zalman mic. Runs about $45, and much better quality than any "gaming headset".
There is a more expensive ($60) JVC Harx900 headset if you want to get something a little more pricey.

If you want to get fancy you can get some snakeskin cabling, some heatshrink, and a lighter and semi-permanently combine the mic cable to the headphone cable.

While you are at it a decent soundcard will do wonders if you are using an onboard card. You can get a decent entry level card for about $40. Just like a standalone mic is better than a headset mic. A standalone sound card is miles ahead of an onboard card in the vast majority of cases.

u/ForPoopAndCountry · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

I use a crappy Sharkk mouse I got for 15 dollars from EBay. It may feel flimsy and I may have to super glue the scroll wheel to the actually wheel every couple weeks but hey it works. I mainly bought this because A) It was on sale for 15 dollars B) It has two extra buttons and C) It got dem lights.

For my keyboard I'm using a flips keyboard over [KB-0325]($(KGrHqF,!jkFD1HN61hYBROMdIB!d!~~60_1.JPG) (Not my image). I actually really like this keyboard even if it is ancient. It gets the job done and while the 4 key on the number pad messes up occasionally and types multiple 4's, I'm not sure if I would enjoy anything better. I've had it since I built my computer and its always stuck by my side through thick and thin.

Headphone wise I'm using JVC HARX700's. I actually really like these headphones and I got them as a gift so I'm happy.

I don't know if it counts but I borrowed a Blue Yeti Mic from for almost four months before returning it last month. I mainly used the Blue to record. no not another crappy lets play video, but I'm currently working on some heavier vocal stuff.

So as you see a big factor in my purchases is price. I'm not proud of my gear, but I am willing to go out on a limb and buy a cheaper rip off version and save a few bucks toward a car and the likes then spend 100 dollars on a mouse so I can feel cool. Not that expensive parts are bad, I just personally find I can get by with cheaper things and save money for other things be it cars, school, food, or my PC innards (GTX 660, 8gig Corsair RAM, 2+1tb Western Digital and Seagate HDD, AMD Phenom II x4, cheap Cooler Master Case, MSI Military Class mother board that I cant remember). I may be a penny pincher and I do know that cheap things don't last quite as long, but in my current situation cheap will get me buy.

Good luck to everyone else and thanks for the giveaway OP!

u/PharisaicalJesus · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace
u/Bigevilmegacorp · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

If you're on a budget, the JVC RX700's are great headphones for only $30 on amazon. Pair that with this clip-on mic and you now have a great headset for under $40.

I've been using this setup for about half a year now, and it works great for me. I had to crank the mic sensitivity all the way up, and the headphones are a solid-but-cheap feeling plastic. Other than that though, they really do sound amazing for only $30 (and the cord on both these products are easily long enough to reach around to the back of your PC).

u/-GheeButtersnaps- · 1 pointr/headphones


I've never cared much about headphones... Until recently. I've gotten into searching for the best deals I can find on Amazon, and so far have been looking at some pairs like these and these.

  • Budget - 40 at the max. I know, it's a challenge, but I've seen some 200+ headphones on sale on amazon for prices like that.

  • Source - Mostly my MBP, but occasionally on my iOS devices

  • Requirements for Isolation - I'm not really focused on isolation.
    I don't want to sacrifice anything else for isolation, but if it's there, I don't mind.

  • Preferred Type of Headphone - Circumaural. I want to stress that I am really focused on comfort. As comfortable as possible, even at the cost of sound quality. Also, if possible, I would like bluetooth, but if it takes away from the quality, then I'm fine with wired.

  • Preferred tonal balance - Are you a basshead, particularly fond of a smooth midrange, strong highs, or do you want an overall balanced pair of headphones?

  • Past headphones - I have owned nothing but crap. Some Apple earbuds. Some Sony MDRZX100s. Some Logitech Bluetooth H800s. Most anything would be an improvement.
u/SmoothWD40 · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Extremely confortable, great for gaming and watching movies. For music it needs a bit of burn in but they sound really good for the price. JVC HA-RX700

Extremely confortable, great for gaming and watching movies. For music it needs a bit of burn in but they sound really good for the price. JVC HA-RX900

Clip on headphones. They sound great. Might hurt ear after a while. Koss-KSC75

u/vi3tmix · 1 pointr/buildapc

I'm still breaking in my HA-RX700s, but man, they can get really uncomfortable after an hour or so. The quality is good, no doubt, but it brings this sort of heat that somehow just irritates the skin. Could be just me.

I still love high-quality head sets, though, and it's far from a component I would cheap out on. As I said, I used to use HA-RX700 (now more or less just used for my electric guitar at night), and in the future plan on grabbing some Grado SR-60i when they go back on sale for $60 on Amazon. One of the highest rated headphones under $200. Or maybe Alessandro MS-1...

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/buildapc

You're better off get a decent pair of headphones and a separate microphone. You'll get much more bang for your buck because you'll be getting amazing sound quality over some "gaming" headset. I went from a Gamecom 377 to a pair of JVC HA-RX900 and the difference (especially with respect to bass) was phenomenal.

For your budget, I'd recommend going with a pair of JVC HA-RX700s and getting either a Zalman clip-on mic or a USB input desktop mic.

Note: JVC's HA-RX series has great sound, but they can get hot on your ears after a few hours. Also, if you plan on going with the desktop mic I linked to, expect it to take up to 3 weeks to get to you.

u/Staggvillainy · 1 pointr/Music

Thanks for all the info! I think the JVC HA-RX700s would be a good choice. Make sure you try this mod (which I've personally done on my HA-RX900s and found extremely beneficial) or this mod. Both apply to the RX700 and will likely improve the sound quality tenfold if done correctly. They're really, really nice when it comes to bass heavy music - the extension of the bass is nice and shakes your head, but never affects or colors other parts of the spectrum. The soundstage is also very very nice for a closed headphone, very spatial and good for gaming as well.

Take these headphones seriously - they are honestly on par with $150 studio monitor headphones, for a fraction of the price. I wish my RX900s still worked :(

Hope I helped.

u/homerr · 1 pointr/AskReddit

I don't know if your only looking for ear bud styled headphones, but if not I would highly recommend JVC HARX700's. They are easily the best cheap headphones below $100 dollars. They are highly recommended from all of those audiophile forums. Only thing is you can't wear them in public, they are huge!

u/Vormoso · 1 pointr/hardware

I own the JVC RX 700 headphones and have been really enjoying them. They have been a big hit with the audiophiles at Head-fi for a few years. I game with them all the time, but wouldn't blame you if you buy a headset w/ mic. Also at $30 it doesn't hurt the wallet like like steam just did mine. :)

u/imag1ne · 1 pointr/audiophile

Nope. Try these, or perhaps this. Not too much more than the monoprice ones. However if you want the best value for your dollar spent, you can't get any better than these.

u/Aquix · 1 pointr/headphones

Budget: $40usd hard limit

Source: PC (board specs) and occasionally via my phone.

Requirements for Isolation: At home, don't wanna disturb parents sleeping upstairs though.

Will you be using these Headphones in Public?: Rarely, if ever.

Preferred Type of Headphone: Full-Sized, Circumaural, wired, active.

Past headphones: SteelSeries Siberia V2 - I don't game anymore however, and my interests have shifted more towards higher audio quality (without a need for a mic for example).

Preferred tonal balance: Not sure about this one..I'm guessing neutral/balanced?

Preferred Music: Vocal/progressive trance, alternative rock, hard rock, and occasionally classical.

What would you like to improve on from your set-up: I'd like a taste of the audiophile life, and if possible, detachable cables :)

Thinking about:

u/Andsc2 · 1 pointr/headphones

It's probably not worth it just for the 7.1. Tho i have heard the 780 is more comfortable. A pair of headphones and a clipon mic would give 3x sound quality tho. Go for it if you want, just seems stupid imo.

You could also look after used headphones. I found a pair of [Sennheiser 518] ( for about 50$~

Finding a used pair of 555 or 558and doing the [foam mod] ( is by FAAAR the best value ~~

u/Roboham_LIncoln · 1 pointr/funny

I have a pair of those and a pair of HD202s and they are both great! I prefer the way hd202s sound (the 201s don't have much base by comparison) but the hd201s are much more comfortable (the 202s hurt my ears if I wear them too long but I can wear the 201s for hours). I also have some JVC HA-RX 700s and they are a good mix of both and don't cost much more, they sound a lot like the 202s but are as comfortable as the 201s.

Also the Panasonic HTF-600 sound great and fit great out of the box but they aren't very durable so I wouldn't recommend them. The HTF-600 seem to have a week point around a pivot area on either side, each side can fall off if a .75mm 1.5mm-2mm think plastic clip thing breaks (For me that was after 4 months of almost daily use and I could not repair with epoxy and metal strips)... I should have stopped buying cheap headphones and just gotten some nicer ones, I'm an idiot.

Edit: Found HTF-600s and measured broken part, it was covered in epoxy so it's just a rough measurement (I had kept them to remind myself not to buy more cheap headphones).

u/derangedTypist · 1 pointr/headphones

Budget - $140

Source - PC/Sound Blaster Z sound card. iPad mini.

Isolation - Not necessary, but preferred for public commuting.

Type of Headphones - Full sized.

Preferred tonal balance - Neutral preferred.

Past Headphones - This is my first "expensive" headphone purchase. Looking to upgrade from JVC HARX700s.

Preferred Music - Electrohouse/progressive house mostly. I don't want my ears blown from bass. I enjoy orchestral and older classical music as well.

Location - US.

Other Info - I am considering buying the Brainwavz HM5s. I stumbled upon this link for a rebranded version, while searching this subreddit. Has anyone had experience with this rebranded version? Is it reputable still?

u/HalfBurntToast · 1 pointr/MyLittleSupportGroup

I'm sorry to hear that. Don't feel like you gotta keep it in though if you want to talk about it.

If you're in the market for a pair or replacement phones, I've had pretty good luck with this set (if you don't mind how goofy-large they are). My pair have lasted daily use for years now.

Otherwise, maybe stop by /r/mylittledaww? That subreddit always helps me feel better.

u/Audioheiser · 1 pointr/headphones

My Sennheiser HD180's broke after 4 years of use and now only outputs from the left side without any tension on the wire. Now I'm looking to upgrade with a budget of $100 CAD, tax-in. I'm trying to find something with similar but more refined characteristics however I'm having trouble finding what I need/want. I'm only going to plug them into my laptop or phone for home use 95% of the time. I watch a lot of movies and listen to a lot of hip-hop, so looking for all-round headphones with good bass.

Basically what I'm looking for is:

  • Over-ear cups
  • 3m+ length cord
  • Better audio quality than HD180, more clear, better bass
  • Light and comfy (Good for 4+ hours)
  • Very durable (3+ years use)
  • Under $100 CAD with tax

    I've found these so far:

  • Superlux HD 681
  • JVC HARX700
  • Sennheiser HD 449
  • Sennheiser HD 205 II
  • Koss Ur40
  • JVC HA-MR60X
  • Monoprice 8323 (No Amazon Prime or other retailer in Canada that sells it for under $50 so it's kinda out)
  • Samson SR850

    Not really sure which ones I should get or just go the safe route and buy the HD201's. If you guys have used any of these, let me know :)

    Edit: Trying to decide between the Samson SR850's or the Superlux HD681 Evo.
u/fourarmedturtle · 1 pointr/headphones
  • Budget: <$50

  • Source: Computer, Nexus 7, iPhone

  • Isolation: Best I can get for the money

  • Type: Over ear

  • Tonal Balance: Unknown

  • Preferred Music: Jazz, Instrumental, Classic, Progressive Rock.

    I have no previous headphones and I am looking to get something cheap until I can save to get something in the $200~300 range.

    I found these in Amazon:

u/banjaxe · 1 pointr/audiophile

Headphones I like:

Superlux 681s


IEMs I like:

Monoprice 8320

u/CaptainFishSticks · 0 pointsr/pcmasterrace

It's not important to me at all, but even though I say that most of my headsets have had surround sound. The first Headset I started with was a GameCom 777 (I think that's what it was called?), and I loved it mainly because it was surround sound. For a while I felt like I really couldn't game without SS, so I went from the GameCom to the Corsair Vengeance 1500, and then it started faulting out on me so I then went and bought a Logitech G35. I still have that, and it works perfectly, but after a while I decided to go for something a little less expensive.

So I bought these headphones and this microphone. I, to this day, do not regret this purchase, but to fill out the general Razer aesthetic of my "battlestation" I replaced both of them (saved some desk-space as well) and bought the Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma.