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Kala KA-15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele
Kala’s KA-15S came into the world in 2005 as the answer to a high-quality, affordable, entry-level ukulele and still remains the unrivaled ukulele in its class.The KA-15S is well-suited for classroom use, practicing, and acoustic performance. It is the instrument of choice for schools - More people learn to play on a Kala than any other ukulele brandA very traditional Mahogany Soprano Ukulele in a satin finish with a bright, warm, full-bodied tone.Comes with a beautiful Walnut Fingerboard and Bridge, Mahogany Neck, 12 Brass Frets, GraphTech NuBone and Aquila Super Nylgut Strings from Italy and distinguished by its etched Polynesian-style Shark Teeth rosetteKala ukuleles are played by some of the most renowned players around the world including: twenty one pilots, Vance Joy, dodie, EatMyUke, The Ukulele Teacher, and Zac Brown.SOPRANO UKULELE – This is the most common size of ukulele, and the smallest, with the shortest scale length and tightest fret spacing – tuned G C E A
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21 Reddit comments about Kala KA-15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele:

u/cnelsonsic · 4 pointsr/ukulele

If you follow this simple regimen, you will be prepared to play ukulele in no time at all:

  1. Put on multi-colored, flower-patterned shirt.
  2. Put on fringed straw hat.
  3. Pour yourself a pina colada. (Ideally served in a coconut.)
  4. Play "My Dog Has Fleas".
  5. Appreciate that you bought a decent uke and strings and don't have to tune it all the time.
  6. Play C, G, Am, F, while humming "What A Wonderful World".

    You are now ready to play.
u/[deleted] · 4 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This is awesome! :D

Item1: Ukelele. I want to start to learn how to play.

item 2: Guitar string


I bet you both look lovely today. I saw /u/186394s video yesterday and it was hilarious especially when he said that he installed the app slice the fruit.

I saw rasta's video earlier. :)

u/quince23 · 4 pointsr/ukulele

Just buy the uke. Kala has several models for $55 or less on Amazon with free shipping. Ukulele is much easier to learn than guitar, and there's not really that much that carries directly over. Both are fretted instruments, but they have totally different fingering patterns and chords. Some strumming patterns are similar but the actual technique is different. You hold them differently due to the vast size difference. Etc.

u/Squidessential · 3 pointsr/ukulele

Let me suggest the Kala KA-15S. I bought one of these 4 years ago when I was in your shoes (no musical background at all). I currently have 4 ukes, but often pick this one up to this day when I want to jam on a soprano.

I am definitely happy that I used the ukulele as a way to get into music. It has been a fun and rewarding learning experience.

u/giantstonegoat · 2 pointsr/ukulele

If you really want to buy from Amazon this is better for not much more I have two different Kalas and love them, although I didn't buy them from Amazon so they would have been checked before I ever even saw them.

u/foodparsed · 2 pointsr/ukulele

I can tell you a bit about the ukuleles I've owned. My first ukulele was this Kala soprano ukulele, which was a laminate model. My second ukulele was this Kala concert ukulele, which was solid spruce. Now, I definitely prefer the sound of solid wood to laminate, but the difference is pretty subtle.

By the way, it might be hard to find a ukulele in that particular price range. I've found that laminate ukes are generally around $50-70 and solid wood goes up to $200.

u/Nephthyzz · 2 pointsr/ukulele

Kala KA-15S

u/gr_ybones · 2 pointsr/ukulele

Hm, well if you want to perform with it, you're not likely to find anything that sounds pro-quality for $30-40 dollars. The biggest problem you'll run into with these cheaper ukes is poor quality control. So maybe some frets are a little too high and that will create buzzing. Or it's not constructed quite right and the sound is muted and dead. Or it doesn't stay in tune up the neck. Fine for someone learning, but not ideal for performing.

But, in that price range I recommend checking out the lower end Kala ukuleles. Amazon link. The dolphin / shark ukes are plastic and look like toys but are actually really good beater ukes. Even though I have much nicer ukes, I still use my Makala Dolphin when I go camping or to the beach or whatever. You also don't have to worry about leaving them in a hot car. They have a surprisingly full sound and are SUPER durable, and cost about $45. If you don't like the look of the colorful plastic ukes, a laminate wood Kala like this is fine too, but may not be as tolerant of heat or excessive moisture.

Being a bigger guy with (I assume) larger-than-average hands, you'll likely be most comfortable on a Tenor sized ukulele, but those may be out of your price range for a half-decent one. (The ones I linked above are Soprano, the smallest size, which you may find cramped). But here's a $99 tenor you might be interested in. And here are some performance-quality tenors starting at $184.

Whatever you choose, you absolutely must replace the stock stings with decent ones – it makes a big difference on these cheap ukes. I recommend Aquila strings. Make sure you buy the right size (i.e. Soprano or Tenor).

I'm not sure about the left-handed aspect. It seems to me that it'd be easier to just play it in the normal style (fretting with your left hand, strumming with your right). Otherwise you'll have to flip your strings and all chord charts and tabs will be backwards for you. And on some ukes (likely not $40 ones though) you'd have to flip the bridge to get the strings to lie right. Seems like a pain. Or I guess you can just play it upside-down, but all your down-strums would sound like up-strums. But I'm right-handed so take with a pinch of salt!

u/SovietSputnik · 2 pointsr/ukulele

I got my Kala K-15s about 3 years ago. Best starter ukelele I could find back then for my price range (I think it was more expensive then). And the mahogany finish is very nice. I still play with it today, it has been through a lot and has been my companion in hard times.

Lone $55

Bundle $75

u/goodnight-everybody · 2 pointsr/teenagers

Just so I know, have you ever played any other stringed instruments? (Guitar, bass, etc.)

A lot of cheap ukuleles aren't great, yes. But this uke is pretty cheap, and it's fantastic. It's my first uke, I have it sitting next to me right now :) I've had it for about a year and a half now, and I've never had any problems regarding it getting scratched, dented, or any pieces coming loose or anything. This is fantastic, considering I definitely don't treat it as gently as I should.

Now, that's a soprano ukulele, so if you want a deeper richer tone, or if your body/hands are bigger (which isn't really a problem, though some people like a uke to match their size), you can go with a concert or tenor. Bass gets really deep, so unless you're looking for that specific sound I wouldn't look for a bass.

I have yet to find any cheap concerts that are decent quality. I'm probably going to be getting a concert as my second uke, so I've been looking into them a lot. If you want a nice concert, it's going to be upwards of 100, probably 200. You could probably get one cheaper, but the quality wouldn't really be worth it. Not only will the build be worse, but the sound is most of the concern. (This is the concert I want to buy. If you can afford any ukes from luna, I highly recommend them. Beautiful instruments)

Like most stringed instruments, you want to try to get a solid top. They sound much richer and the solid wood reverberates sounds much nicer. Some people like linoleum top, but the general consensus is solid tops are better. The Kala I linked to above is a solid top, to my knowledge.

Best case scenario, try to find a music store nearby that has a wide range of ukuleles and test some out. They should be able to provide you with a tuner if you know how to tune a ukulele (GCEA), of they can tune it for you so you can test it out. Before you go, I would try to memorize a few basic chords (C, G, Am, and F are good ones) so you can see how they sound. Once you find one you like, buy it online. The markup price in stores is ridiculous.

If you can't go into a nearby store, just buy online, and try to find a youtube vid of it being played before you purchase :)

I'd be happy to answer any more question you have about anything regarding ukes, or you can hop on over to /r/ukulele !

u/pixiepurls · 2 pointsr/ukulele

Makala Dolphin. The internet agrees its the best cheap uke out there, even better if you can have it properly "setup" or buy it form someone who sets them up.

Other best bet rom my personal internet research, --> Kala. Reliable. Super reliable. Again, find someone who will set it up for you.


u/CombTheDessert · 2 pointsr/ukulele
u/eu-guy · 1 pointr/ukulele

I am also a beginner and considering buying this $50 one:

It has a lot of positive reviews despite being 'cheap'. But I dont know anything about music instruments, so I am not sure yet. People here tell I should spend at least $100. Maybe I'll buy the $50 one. If it turns out I cant keep myself motivated enough to play, I will not have wasted that much money. But then again, maybe the cheap one will sound bad enough for me to think it is my playing that is bad. Oh well.

u/ihaveplansthatday · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Ooh, that's great! I hope you're able to get it soon. :D I got this one. It's so pretty, now I just need to learn to play it!

u/fmpundit · 1 pointr/ukulele

I bought this one when I seen someone else on her asking a question about Uke’s as an entry level. Kala is was very popular in the thread. I was not disappointed. After playing a poorly made cheap uke that was lent to me. This was totally different and boosted my enjoyment and learning.

u/antiquesparrow · 1 pointr/teenagers

I got a ukulele for Christmas, and I love it! It was super easy to learn using YouTube videos, although I already had music experience with piano.

I would recommend the Kala KA-15S if you're looking for a soprano uke. The Kala Makala is a little cheaper, but I think the extra dollars in the Kala KA-15S are worth its better quality. Ukes are one of the cheapest instruments out there anyway.

I went with a soprano uke bc my hands are pretty small, but you could go for a concert size if you prefer a deeper tone.

u/TribalDancer · 1 pointr/ukulele

Kaka literally means poop. And it's less than a Happy Meal. No way is it going to ever be good.

I understand not wanting to throw money at something you're not sure you're gonna like in the long run. But as a teacher who works with instruments (in my case, percussion, but it applies to any instrument) let me give you some important advice:

Your pleasure and success with an instrument relies somewhat on the quality of the instrument. When you are struggling to learn something new and the strings won't stay in tune, the sound is hollow and tinny, you get buzzing on the frets, or any other number of issues a cheap ukulele will present you with, you will get discouraged. You will believe you are the problem, but you may not be. The instrument becomes a barrier to your ability to learn.

Now look, a pro can make a "cheap" ukulele sound good, but even they have limitations on a ukulele that is $6. Even then, you're not a pro, I'm not a pro, and a cheap ukulele is just gonna sound terrible. You won't be able to figure out if it's something you've done wrong or the shitty instrument, and may just give up.

Instead, invest a bit more up front. If it doesn't work out, at least you have a re-sellable instrument! If you buy garbage like this, you'll barely be able to give it away...

This article gives a good rundown of your options at entry-level.

I 100% recommend the Makala Dolphin and Shark series. They are around $50, sometimes a bit less, and they make great beginner ukes. Sturdy, good sound, and that plucky, joyful tone that you want from a soprano uke. If the candy-like colors or plastic body options in that line are a turnoff, for a little more you can get a Kala that appears a little more refined. Kala makes the Makala line as well, and they are a good manufacturer you can trust. You will want to get new strings ASAP if it doesn't come with Aquilla or comparable good quality strings.

Also, hilariously, not one of the people pictured with the Kaka ukuleles is actually playing the ukulele it is advertising. Different bodies, wood and inlays, bridge shape, etc. China doesn't try very hard with this crap...

u/brokenpaul · -1 pointsr/ukulele

Kala KA-15S. $53 and it's pretty good quality as well. Try looking for second hand if you want a cheaper one