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Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot
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7 Reddit comments about Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot:

u/coasty163 · 4 pointsr/bonnaroo

Various deals I've come across while browsing during this slow work day:

8-person Tent
20% off Air Mattresses

u/ExDrIt · 3 pointsr/CampingGear
u/GoneToMarsKenji · 3 pointsr/army
u/AnticitizenPrime · 3 pointsr/overlanding

Fellow FJ driver here. Couldn't justify the cash for an RTT, so I picked up an oversized model Kamp-Rite tent cot:

Folded, it fits perfectly in the cargo area. Tent pops up when you open it, and it's as comfy as sleeping on, well, a cot (comfy). Not as roomy of course, but it's tall enough to sit up in. I like that you can set up camp and then go wheelin'.

u/deckyon · 2 pointsr/CampingGear

There are plenty of backpacking cots out there, but they are as low to the ground as the inflatable mats. They are also quite expensive, and you sill might need a mat on the cot anyway because there is little to no insulation with the cots.

I tried one for motorcycle camping, after my inflatable mat blew out (was quite old) and sent it back. It didn't offer me any extra comfort for the bulk and weight it added. Even on a motorcycle, I worry about weight and bulk, though not as much as with backpacking. I sent it back when I got home.

Backpacking cots - quick search

Others may have had different experiences.

If I am in a car and just camping at a campsite, I use a tent-cot quite often. I will use a mat in it as well, for insulation when it drops below 70 deg. They have the same cold-butt-syndrome as with a hammock. It works well when you are just there and can let the car do the work. Most are for single occupant. But this may also be something to look into, but not for backpacking.

Tent Cot - example (I have Cabella version of this one)

Had a friend who was trailering his bike bring this to an event this July. He was able to help me out as there was not any good trees in our area for my hammock.


u/stacksmasher · 1 pointr/camping

Easy! The best cot solution in the world!

Takes about 5 min's to setup and is solid as a rock. I use it for weekend dirtbike trips and its perfect. They even make a "Double" wide for you and your wife to sleep together.

u/rraak · 1 pointr/phish

These things take a minute to set up and tear down, keep you dry and off the ground, and are super comfortable:

Much cheaper than the rental tent and you can set it up in a very small space next to your car. Only disadvantage is they're heavy as hell, but they're made for car camping so you aren't losing anything in this situation.