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Kamp-Rite Tent Cot Original Size Tent Cot (Green)
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5 Reddit comments about Kamp-Rite Tent Cot Original Size Tent Cot (Green):

u/NVsucksdontmovehere · 3 pointsr/overlanding

It’s one of these:
Kamp-Rite Tent Cot Original Size Tent Cot (Green)

$150. No mount it just sits on the ground. Takes about 2 minutes to setup and is pretty comfortable. I keep it around to use when I bring a friend camping and they don’t have a tent or sometimes if I don’t have my RTT mounted I’ll use it for a quick one or two nighter.

Everyone that uses it loves it. However if given the choice I’ll still take my Autohome.

u/zoba · 2 pointsr/BurningMan
u/1127pilot · 2 pointsr/overlanding

Maybe a tent cot? You'd have to measure to make sure it would fit, since the legs aren't at the ends.

u/unusualmusician · 1 pointr/TinyHouses

This is in no way a home.. it is a poorly designed bike tent trailer. I do not understand why he keeps saying "keeps people safe"? What about a tarp draped over a pvc and ply wood triangle keeps people safe? Something like this on a bike trailer would seem more useful for what he is going for.

I just do not see a practical application. (yes, I get that it could be nice for homeless, but I think a tent that could put put in a backpack would be much more useful, a bike trailer is big and bulky,not something that can be quickly packed up and carried around.

On the side of a person camping, either go with a normal tent, way lighter and compact!)

u/JackPanzer · 1 pointr/motorcycles

Nice! I was looking into the Eureka Solitaire 1-person but I saw those complaints and decided to keep searching. Something that did seem interesting was the Kamp-Rite Tent Cot but then I saw how it folded up.