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Kaytee FerreTrail Flex-E Fun-nels, Colors Vary
Flex-E Fun-nel stretches to 8-foot to create plenty of hiding places and tunneling space for your petEasily connectable to various ferretrail products, by using a ferretrail connectore ring (sold separately) so you can build your own playground systemEncourages exercise and hours of fun and healthy playtime for your petIdeal for ferrets, guinea pigs, pet rats, chinchillas, and other small animalsCompact tube expands to a full 8-foot long tunnel for play
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2 Reddit comments about Kaytee FerreTrail Flex-E Fun-nels, Colors Vary:

u/csmith2019 · 5 pointsr/ferrets


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just disclaimer some of these toys should only be played with under your supervision so use your best judgement. Check any rubber or stuffed/fabric toys daily for wear and if you see it starting to come apart throw it away as any loose pieces can be swallowed and cause a blockage. My ferrets aren’t chewers they just like to have toys to stash so I’m not as worried but everyone’s ferrets are different so be careful. Also you could make a dig box with rice (never instant) or dried pasta which is a lot of fun for them. They love tunnels, they love to dig, and they love to steal and stash small objects so the toys meet that criteria they’ll be happy lol