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Kaytee Stoneware Hamster Bowl, 3-Inch
These absolutely chew proof dishes feature wide profiles that lend stabilityThe heavyweight design makes these dishes tip resistant.Eliminate messes and promote healthy pets with Stoneware Dishes,
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5 Reddit comments about Kaytee Stoneware Hamster Bowl, 3-Inch:

u/mayoinajar · 8 pointsr/snails

Get a container, small enough not to lose track of them but big enough for a small food bowl. I guess tupperware or something similar? I'd normally suggest a kritter keeper, but they look a bit too small for one lol. I'd get one of those square, semi flat containers, like this, so that it's small but still has enough floor space. A taller but less wide one would be better, but I couldn't find any solid options.

Poke some holes in the top for air, put some pesticide free dirt in the bottom, get a small bowl to put their food in, though I'm not sure where you'd get something small enough. It still needs to be heavy so the snail can't lift it, so small plastic containers are out, but nothing too big. Seems a lot of people use bowls like this one, though usually it's for larger snails.

Make sure you spray them with water near daily. Keep the walls and floor moist (but don't flood it), feed them pesticide free/organic veggies (and some fruits, but it's said that citrus can hurt snails in large doses, so just be wary, especially because of your snail's size), get them a cuttlefish bone (found in the bird section of pet stores) for calcium to help keep their shell strong. You'll likely only need one as they're pretty big. I'd snap it in half and just put one half in at a time, preferably on top of something so that it isn't dirtied up from the, well, dirt.

I think that's mostly it?? Honestly this may be too much info lol, you only asked for where to put them.

Good luck with them! What're you gonna name them?

u/LonesomeObserver · 6 pointsr/Hedgehog

Another male? Aspen is ok though carefresh or better yet (and certainly cheaper in the long run) fleece. You can just go to a Joann's or walmart or any hobby/sewing store and buy some fleece. Toss it in the wash as needed with an extra set in reserve. Cat food is what you should transition him to, high quality. I do blue buffalo cat food personally. It will last you a VERY long time. Hedgehog food is never as good for them as it should be. I will provide some amazon links for things you should probably get, the main one that you should but not quite have to if you have a room in the proper temp range is 72-80 degrees. Please come over to Hedgehogs Anonymous on Facebook request to join, then once you are in simply go to the files and take a look at them. I am a college student myself so I do my best to keep costs low though obviously start up costs will be high but after that its really quite cheap mostly (aside from possible vet visits).

Modular shelving can be the cage and gives him plenty of open room to roam and play around. This is the shelving I personally use and can vouch for. I have a 3x3 grid so 9 sq ft.

Here is the food I get for my Sophie.

Heating set up, again this is only if you need it and can keep the temp in the right range naturally. I dont know where you live so I do not know what your winters are like but if you get temps in the 50s or lower I do recommend it. Another preventative measure is to put the cage a foot or so off the ground, will actually keep your temps a few degrees higher than on the ground. Ceramic Heat Emitter - Use this and NOT a heat light or something for reptiles, they need to have a period of darkness to be naturally awake 12/12 light on/off schedule All that the CHE does is emit heat, no light. Thermostat with a temp probe. Plug the CHE lamp into this and it automatically turns the CHE on and off to keep the temp in the right range. The lamp part to plug the CHE bulb into.

Hide -

Mint Stick (it seems all hedgies love these things lol)

food dishes

These are all the bare essentials aside from a wheel. I and most other people will recommend the Volcano View Hedgehogs bucket wheel or Carolina Storm bucket wheel.

I was just trying to be a thorough as possible without really leaving out anything. Again please join us over at Hedgehogs Anonymous on facebook. Everyone in the group absolutely loves helping everyone with a hedge. Any question that you may have can and will be answered fairly quickly. Most if not all members would recommend getting from a USDA certified breeder just so you know the full medical history of your baby and his parents. Its also generally cheaper as the cost from a breeder is generally around $200 though that depends on the coloring. I am by no means saying do not get him from your pet store you played with him at. I dont like pet stores having hedgehogs just because they are a more sensitive exotic animal that doesnt do well in a retail setting when you have to take care of hundreds of animals at once with high overhead. But if he is behaves well with you now then absolutely get him from there. He looks on the smaller side so hes pretty young.

Again please join us over at Hedgehogs Anonymous. Cant wait to see you and your baby on there. You could potentially take him home today with a cheap bin, simple fleece bolts and food and water dishs from what you have in your house and thatll last until the rest of your supplies are acquired.

u/StargateGuy · 3 pointsr/RATS

MidWest Critter Nation Single Level, two level optional depending on budget.

u/rkenglish · 2 pointsr/parrots

Ugh! My lovies did that all. the. time! It drove me nuts! I first got a water dispenser like this one. Since it clips into the cage, the little squirts couldn't tip it over. Refilling and cleaning it are kind of a pain, though, because you end up spilling water when you take it out of the cage.

I'd recommend a bowl like this one. This is the one I'm using now, and I love it. It's heavy, so the bird can't turn it over, even if the bird stands on the edge of the bowl. And it's so much easier to clean! I put it on the floor of the cage (away from the perches) it works great!

u/Cadder-12 · 1 pointr/leopardgeckos

Go to petco or petsmart. Sometimes they have them in the reptile area and other times in the hamster/gerbil area. I've seen them in brown, blue, green, grey, pink, and a few other colors.