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Kelty Salida Camping and Backpacking Tent, 2 Person
Backpack-friendly compact folding poles, Gearloft loops, Color coded clip and fly attachment.Wall material: 68D Polyester, 40D No-See-Um Mesh,Floor material: 68D Nylon, 1800 mmRoll top cube carry bag, Easy set up, Free standing, Fabric/mesh tent wallsKelty hug clip, Easy entry D door, Internal storage pockets, Fully seam taped constructionSeasons: 3, Number of doors: 1, Number of vestibules: 1, Number of poles: 2, Capacity: 2Floor area: 30.5 ft² / 2.83 m², Vestibule area: 10 ft² / .93 m².Wall material: 68D Polyester, 40D No-See-Um Mesh,Floor material: 68D Nylon, 1800 mmThe Salida 2 person backpacking tent is a great all-around, lightweight camping tent, the Salida 2 has over 10 sq. ft. of vestibule space and a spacious interior that offers 2 backpackers a comfortable backcountry escapeKelty backpacking tent 2 person, ideal for your next trip up the trail, 3 season tent.Freestanding design with DAC Pressfit poles and color-coded clip construction 2 pole design for quick and easy setupSeasons: 3, Number of doors: 1, Number of vestibules: 1, Number of poles: 2, Capacity: 2Dimensions: Minimum weight: 3 lb 14 oz, Packaged weight: 4 lb 9 oz, Floor area: 30.5 ft, Vestibule area: 10 ft, Tent Length: 88 in, Width: 55/45 in, Height: 43 in, Packed size: 13 x 15 in
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17 Reddit comments about Kelty Salida Camping and Backpacking Tent, 2 Person:

u/Oreoloveboss · 8 pointsr/CampingGear

Spend the extra $20 on a Kelty tent if only for their customer service. My gf, myself and our dog fit in a Grand Mesa 2 we got for $125 CDN on Amazon. It's 4lbs even and the design is smart, I have nothing but good things to say about it.

There is the Salida 2, I believe the difference between it and the Grand Mesa 2 is that the door on the Mesa is by your head rather than the side, so you can slide out instead of having to crawl over your partner.

For car camping I have a cheap-o $40 Walmart 4-5 person tent that can fit a double air mattress, and a bunch of packs. It's whatever the equivalent to Ozark Trail was 7 or 8 years ago. Super simple design but it's been dry through rainstorms as long as you stake out the fly. We use it several times per year, it takes like 5 minutes to set up.

We wouldn't want to use the backpacking tent (or sleeping pads) when we don't have to, so it's worth it for us to carry around the extra tent and cheap $10 air mattress but YMMV.

u/Raptor01 · 7 pointsr/motocamping

This is a good relatively cheap tent that packs small because of the short pole lengths (short poles are hard to find in a tent): That's the cheapest short-pole tent I was able to find when I was looking.

Any Amazon inflatable sleeping pad will do for Summer camping. For winter camping, if you don't want to freeze, get a good insulated inflatable pad.

Any 'ole pillow.

This stove:

A chair like this one:

The complicated part is the sleeping bag. I spent big bucks on mine because I wanted a zero degree down sleeping bag that packed small but wasn't a mummy bag. For your first kit, just look for something that packs small and is rated for 15 degrees less than what you'll think you'll encounter on your trip.

u/tupperwhatever · 6 pointsr/bicycling

[kelty salida 2 tent](Kelty Salida 2 People, Grey

[kelty cosmic 40 bag](Kelty Cosmic 40 Degree Sleeping Bag, Regular, Smoke/Dark Shadow

re ipad

on this trip i got a friend visiting who is gonna be renting a bike, so gonna be packing some of his stuff too.

u/r_syzygy · 5 pointsr/CampingGear

$100 tent is hard to come by, especially a backpacking size one, especially one that will be used daily for over a month.

I would check REI garage, classifieds/craigslist, /r/geartrade, ebay, etc. Otherwise your money won't go far.

This is about all I can recommend, but I'm not necessarily recommending it.. Kind of the lesser of all evils

I have a Kelty tent and it's fine, but the stitching has come out in places, the fabric can rip more easily than a nicer tent, and it isn't my favorite thing to set up. The price can hardly be beat for a new tent though.

u/Lornesto · 3 pointsr/CampingGear

For that price range, here are a few I’d consider, if I was buying.

Eureka Amari Pass 3 Person Tent Lime/Grey Green One Size

Kelty Salida Camping and Backpacking Tent

Cabelas brand tent.

For a few bucks more, I’d go with:
Eureka Suma 2 Backpacking Tent - 2 Person

u/OhBeardlessOne · 3 pointsr/WildernessBackpacking

I'm a big fan of my Kelty Salida 2 plus the footprint brings it to a little more than $150.

u/matjam · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

I just bought a whole bunch of camping stuff for the bike. Basically, I focused on a two things; Pack size and weight. I'm aiming to fit everything in some hard cases, and I think I have enough space for all of this plus food and clothes for a week quite comfortably.

The thing I realised is that the tent and sleep system will cost the most. The tent you can skimp a little on if you're ok with it wearing out after a few seasons.

So, I was able to save a lot by getting a Kelty tent; they make some great 2-4 man tents that are super portable. The Salida 2 might be the most appropriate for you. I'm able to set up the Salida 4 in about 5 minutes. It's not quite as easy as the "pop-up" tents, but its pretty damn light and packs down into a manageable size. $113 and you'll want the footprint $32

Self inflating mattresses seem to take too much space. So I went for a Therm-a-rest all season mattress. There's a new model coming out I think but the one for $109 seems fine. Yes, expensive but I think it will be worth it - it improves the temperature rating of the bag and will fit inside the sleeping bag I got.

Get a warm sleeping bag. Something like this Big Agnes $179 is good. It will accept the mattress so that you don't fall off it during the night. It will back down tight and unlike a down sleeping bag it will stay dry longer and will perform well for longer. Down is "the best" but unless you need to sleep through sub freezing temps you should be ok. Can always stick one of these underneath $22 to improve things.

This is an awesome stove for $14. Fits on standard camp stove bottles and is very wide and stable. You need to buy the gas at a camping store.

You'll want other stuff:

  • Cook set. Lots of single person/2 person cook sets out there that are great on a small stove.
  • Cutlery and plates. I have a lightweight aluminium plate set and some cutlery for it.
  • A collapsable bucket thing so you can wash your stuff when you're finished, and also so you can carry water from a water source.
  • A water filter if you're counting on drinking water from a water source.
  • A tool kit for your bike.
  • A first aid kit.
  • Paper maps of the areas you will ride through.
  • LED rechargeable lanterns/lights etc so you can find stuff in the dark.
  • A multitool, a nice big camping/hunting knife to cut stuff with when you're bored, a camping axe and a shovel so you can bury your excrement if needed.
  • Some way to start a fire if needed, matches, lighter, etc.
  • Inflatable pillow.
  • This seems to work great for coffee.
  • dry bags/sacks to store stuff in.
  • Something to store food in.

    And you'll want some motorcycle specific luggage that fits to your bike. I'm a fan of Kriega system bags for sports bikes as you can strap a whole bunch of the bags together to store everythign you need nicely. A bit expensive but when you start looking at the options you might find it's hard to fit everything you want on the bike without investing in some good luggage for the bike.

    People may disagree with some of the things I've said, thats cool. I just went through all of this myself so figured it might help. YMMV etc.
u/ficus_deltoidea · 2 pointsr/CampingGear

I came here to post a similar question. I hope you don't mind if I piggyback with my questions since I am looking for very similar specs.

I've been looking at the featherstone, TNH, and the Kelty Salida 2-person tents. I've gone though a lot of the reviews on amazon's site, but I'm hoping reddit can point me in the best direction of these (or if there's another that is superior).

u/AT2017 · 2 pointsr/Ultralight

Here are a couple options. Alps Mountaineering 2P or the Kelty Salida 2P I have a featherlight FL version of the Seirra Designs Lightning 2P and its an awesome tent but the budget version.. maybe not so much at 4.5 lbs. For a little more money you can get nice weights and features.

u/boboctopus · 1 pointr/CampingGear

Of course!

Kelty Salida Camping and Backpacking Tent

I just got mine on amazon

u/cwcoleman · 1 pointr/CampingandHiking

Nice. Those are definitely 2 popular brands that I've seen on more budget friendly lists. I was focusing on weight and quality here more than cost.
Check out this other list for more budget items.

The tent is about $20 more than the Nature Hike one I recommended there.
The cup is about is about $10 cheaper, but smaller.

Kelty Salida 2, $120, link

GSI cup, $12, link

u/Dumpy_Creatures · 1 pointr/Bushcraft

This kelty is great if you are backpacking. If you are car camping and weight isn’t a factor most name brand tent will do.

Like other have said the tent protects you from the elements it doesn’t keep you warm. A warm sleeping bag and pad is what will keep you warm. I usually do 2-4 very cold (0°F to 10°F) trips a year in a hammock and tarp.

u/thomasjordan717 · 1 pointr/CampingGear

Here are a couple options with brands that have a bit better of a reputation. Ultimately it’s your choice, but I would recommend going for a company that has a bit more of a following:

Kelty Salida 2:

Kelty Acadia 2:

Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1 (also has a 2 person available):

I don’t personally own these tents, but I know the quality should be there and the price point is in line with what you were thinking. Hope this helps ✌🏻

u/endlessvoid94 · 1 pointr/CampingGear

I've been using a Kelty Salida 2 for about 7 years now. It's a solid tent that didn't cost an arm and a leg.

I've eyeballed other tents but honestly, I like it because it's not too heavy, and can be set up in a pinch (there are just two poles, and the tent snaps onto them).

I've used it only a couple of times in the rain and it held up well. I've used it in the snow as well and it works just fine.

EDIT: I did immediately buy better stakes (the red MSR ones). It's worth the expense.

u/slainte-mhath · 1 pointr/CampingandHiking

Anyone have experience with these 2 tents, or have any other recommendations? Kelty Salida 2 and ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 2

My gf and I (and our little dog) are looking for a 2 person tent under $200 CDN, and less than 5lbs. It's for 3 season camping in Nova Scotia, more like 2 season because the trees don't turn green until midway through May. Just weekend warrior stuff, our longest hike this year will probably be 4 days/3 nights at Cape Chignecto. It's very humid here but we probably won't go out if the forecast shows a lot of rainfall.

Worried with those 2 that we won't all fit, especially the Kelty one. Our dog is pretty small and we sleep on 2 thermarests (or MEC equivalents). We use a piece of Tyvek as a footprint.

u/oh2ridemore · 1 pointr/motocamping
This is the one I have been using, not as big as my old 3, but the poles are perfect sized. In super hot, could use more mesh, perfect 3 season tent. Enough room for all my gear and vestibule for boots, and drybag.

u/Huskie407 · 1 pointr/CampingGear

I would not recommend this. choices differ between if you are backpacking/hiking to a camp or just driving in/car camping. Gear can be expensive or reasonable but If you are just starting out, I would not recommend buying expensive gear before you know what provides you value. Everyone's different so some questions only you will be able to answer once you go a few times. I would recommend going conservative on cost to start out until you know what you prefer (Checking out other peoples gear on camping trips/ REI browsing sessions are a gold mine)


Sleeping Bag depending on what the night time low temps are (based mostly on how high the elevation youre going to be sleeping at this time of year) you don't need a sleeping bag, I would instead recommend a light packable down quilt like the one from Costco or This cost: $20-$40


pricier sleeping bag option



Sleeping Pad Basic sleeping pad : $35-$40


I personally use the Klymit Static V, You can get them refurbished for very little on Amazon/Ebay


Tent Lots of options here, a few of them good for a low price. Decision is if you're going to be going solo or taking company (Size) and again how light you want to go on the weight. Freestanding tents generally provide more shelter but can be hotter in the summer and generally heavier. Some people choose only a light tarp setup for ultralight backpacking. its a personal choice but I would definitely take some time to think what suits your need on this. A few options.


(requires trekking poles) light


Freestanding option $112


Cheaper $95



For the tent I would recommend spending a little more if you are strictly buying for car camping, itll have more longevity and youll be using it for a few years. This is my car camping tent. $260



I would highly recommend investing in some permethrin/bug spray, a good hat and a Head Net to go along with it.


Happy trails.