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Kensington Orbit 72337 Trackball with Scroll Ring
Sold as 1 Each.Hand-friendly design.Precise tracking.Includes detachable wrist rest.
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3 Reddit comments about Kensington Orbit 72337 Trackball with Scroll Ring:

u/Fish-E · 2 pointsr/pcgaming

Based on the name I'm going to guess that's where the tube goes through... well, down there. I felt disgusted enough having a tube in my arm, so I'm shuddering just thinking about that.


I've been thinking this through some more - would something like this be of use? I don't know a lot about carpal tunnel, but presumably you could still play turn based games using this - I suspect you could roll it, somewhat accurately, with your other hand or, if necessary, nudge it along with your elbow and use your elbow to click the big buttons. It would hardly be ideal, but it's better than sitting around being bored.

u/Ulnor · 1 pointr/MAME

Understand why you like the model you posed since it's external use, but like many here said to MAME it's a mouse. So why not consider an actual trackball mouse like this: ?

u/Enignite · 1 pointr/starcitizen

Thought about using my Bamboo Pen but I think the lack of buttons would be an issue. I have a Warthog stick (no throttle) plus CH Pedals so I might just have to rebind stuff but I dislike using the 'brakes' for much because it's uncomfortable as a throttle while still using the pedals for roll and without a keyboard I'm not sure how much room I'll have left on the stick.

Has anyone tried a trackball though? Something like this, it still lacks buttons but at least has two + scroll, I'm just not sure if trackballs are responsive/accurate enough for gaming.