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Easy on your eyes--touchscreen display that reads like real paperNo screen glare, even in bright sunlightSingle battery charge lasts weeksLighter than a paperback, holds thousands of booksTry Kindle Unlimited free for 30 days--choose from over 1 million titlesKindle doesn't distract you with social media, emails, and text messagesMassive selection, lowest prices—over a million titles at $2.99 or less
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26 Reddit comments about Kindle E-reader, 6" Glare-Free Touchscreen Display, Wi-Fi - Includes Special Offers (Previous Generation – 7th):

u/puddingbear · 7 pointsr/kindle

A new basic touchscreen Kindle is up and taking pre-orders as well!

u/Rostin · 7 pointsr/funny

Amazon still sells e-ink readers with the Kindle name. Many people (me included) prefer them over tablets for reading.

u/gameld · 6 pointsr/talesfromtechsupport

I think troublesome naming is the real culprit here:

  1. You have the Kindle which has a paperwhite display and is basically just an ereader.

  2. You have the Kindle Fire often simply called "Kindle" by its users which is an Android tablet focused on the Kindle store with its own UI.
u/bobthegoat2001 · 6 pointsr/HitDeals

Referral link, warning!

Here's a link without the referral:

u/rotll · 5 pointsr/kindle

When my Kindle 3g keyboard broke, I replaced it with the just introduced entry level model, touch screen, no light, $79.

No regrets, didn't need the other features. I have a Nexus tablet, so I've never been in the market for a Fire, and the other kindle models (paperwhite, Voyage) didn't have features that interested me for the extra money it would have cost.

u/TeaRex- · 4 pointsr/declutter

Spend a weekend and scan all your finished notebooks into a text searchable pdf.

There some amazing websites where you can get digital copies of your books for free. I recommend getting them in .epub format because it's supported by the most different devices (and works really well with Apple's iBooks). However if your getting a kindle then .mobi is a better supported format.

Grab a cheap e-paper reader and load all your books onto there. If you have comics or some extra pocket money than I suggested getting a color tablet or wait for the new color e-paper technology to hit he market.

I'm suggesting e-paper because it's easy on the eyes, kinda looks like paper, and it doesn't require battery to keep the display on only to change the display (the technology is pretty cool).

I did this, donated 90% of my books and only kept one or two series.

u/Kocrachon · 4 pointsr/standupshots

A kindle is as cheap as 60 bucks right now...

I own books that cost roughly half that. Not to mention its tiny, lasts weeks on a single charge, its tiny and light, and easy to read.

Not to mention, if someone DOES steal your kindle, you can buy a new one, and since its linked to your Amazon account, you can download all your books back onto it instantly. So your risk of loss is actually just the 60 bucks into the device since the books are stored online.

I admit I still keep a lot of physical copies of some books I already owned, buy rarely, if ever, buy a physical copy anymore.

u/akashik · 2 pointsr/kindle

Bearing in mind this one's probably the lower screen resolution model without a back-light. If you're okay with that going in and have a Fry's nearby, that's a good deal.

Bestbuy shows it as out of stock, and Amazon is selling it used for almost $40.

u/gyrferret · 2 pointsr/hardwareswap

Kindle Touch for $60. It's basically the old paperwhite, sans the backlight.

I love my paperwhite.... sorry to hear your kindle bit the dust.

u/lainzee · 2 pointsr/relationship_advice

Just going with stuff I would like.

Cool chocolates. Like these guys that were mentioned on the front page yesterday. Or these chocolate covered fruits - the chocolatier that makes these was down the street from one of my old jobs and we loved it when somebody would get some delivered.

Live plants. I hate cut flowers because I think it's sad that they're dead. But I love live plants. Orchids are gorgeous and always seem kind of luxe to me. A bonsai tree would be cool, too, though!

You could use Taskrabbit or a similar service to bring her a meal from her favorite restaurant for lunch, or a nice dessert, or something.

A gourmet tea or coffee gift basket.

A cool surprise gift - getting a box and not knowing what was inside and opening it to find a Kindle would be neat. Or jewelry. And any office I've been in, people were nosy enough that everyone would know that I had gotten a gift and what I had gotten no matter what it was.

u/timn8r · 2 pointsr/Mistborn

E-paper is a type of display where rather than using a lcd monitor (light emitting), it electronically moves and displays ink to emulate the look of ink on paper (light reflecting). I find e-paper to be pretty indistinguishable from paper as far as glare/eyestrain is concerned. Most e-readers, such as nook or kindle use it. Things like the kindle fire or the nook color/hd are the exceptions. Personally I use the nook.

This is the one I have and it continues to serve me well. It seems to have been replaced by this newer model however. If you want the kindle equivalent, this is what you want with and without backlight.

Wow... I honestly didn't mean for this to become a sales pitch, but those are examples of e-paper based devices. Personally, as a poor college student, I prefer digital just to save space but, it doesn't have to come at the cost of eyestrain. I hope you enjoy the book, however you read it :).

u/bobbleheadRob · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Why do you want a tablet? If you can't quantify the reason for wanting a tablet, it is just going into a junk drawer. You mentioned reading. For optimal reading, I would recommend a Kindle. It's got an E-ink display which is much easier on the eyes as staring at a lit display like on computers and smartphones can be tiring after a while. It is made specifically for reading. You can buy books on amazon that fit the format.

Tablet sales have stagnated this year. You have lots of companies churning out cheap poorly made tablets (the sub-$100 tablets on sale on black friday came completely unsecure and dangerous!). Personally, I go to my smartphone for convenience, but my laptop for longer casual browsing. The tablet just doesn't get much use.

u/audreyality · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Stuff Gifts

  • A signed art piece from one of her favorite artists. If you cannot get one, frame a reprint or poster nicely.

  • Pendleton Wool Blanket - beautiful, artful, well made, warm. An expensive but beautiful present.

  • Kindle E-Ink Reader (if she doesn't have one) - seems less BIFL than some items, but e-ink is somewhat of a staple now. It's less influenced by changing technology than other items.

    Experience Gifts

    Take her somewhere or arrange a special activity that will create a lasting memory.

  • Find out if any of her favorite authors are on book signing tours. Order a copy of the book and let her know your plan to go to the signing with her.

  • Take her to a museum or art gallery. Research the collection before you go. Being knowledgable of the history or development of the items and collection will make the experience better for you. Showing that you care about and understand her interests is the best gift. Spend a lot of time on this; use it as a way to connect on something she loves.

  • Go to a wine, beer, cheese, vodka, chocolate, [whatever] tasting. Have her pick out a bottle/package to take home at the end, but let her know that is the intention going in. So she can consider in a very real way what she may like most during the event.
u/darkx1731 · 2 pointsr/tablets
u/NicoC72 · 1 pointr/kindle

Here is a price tracker on the current Paperwhite. It drops every so often. The current $90 price isn't shown because it's not a price change, but a one time use discount. The current base model Kindle doesn't really have a price history as it just came out, so here is the previous one just for reference.

As far as Paperwhite vs base model goes, you have to think of your use case. Like I read more at night and want to have some manga style stuff on it, so the built in light and higher resolution are big pluses. If the added features of the Paperwhite are things that you want and believe are worth the step up in price, I would save up until the next sale. You might also be able to borrow an ereader from somewhere in the mean time. I think colleges library rents them out in two week intervals, maybe your public library offers something similar? Most lend out ebooks now too.

u/leanstotheleftabit · 1 pointr/minimalism
u/pezdeath · 1 pointr/hardwareswap

It is this kindle:

I got 3 for fairly cheap through an Amazon promo. They were bought directly from amazon and are set to be delivered to me tomorrow.

u/zvengenz · 1 pointr/kindle

Here it is. I was looking for this model because of the price, the Paperwhite is quite expensive.

u/narutouz · 1 pointr/kindle

Third Generation Kindle
Touch is $35.

u/annaleiia · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

The first thing on my wishlist that I'd really like is this aromatherapy inhaler! I've recently come across a lot of stress in my life, and I've heard these are amazing at helping minimize that.

I also have a kindle on my lists, because I spend so much money on books and I'm running out of places to put them, so it'd be nice to be able to carry this around. I bought one for my mom for Christmas last year, and she loves it.

The final thing on my lists that I really want, is this book safe! I have over 300 books, so having a book safe makes a lot of sense for me. It'll be able to hide in plain site, and as an added bonus, this particular one is one of my favorite books that I collect separately!

u/Guepardita · 1 pointr/GiftIdeas

I think your niece might enjoy a Kindle. For your nephew, I think a toy drone would be an epic gift!

u/ballen11 · 1 pointr/RandomActsOfChristmas

That is the one that needs to be added lol, you added a cover!
sorry for inconvience but i cant get it to you if its not on your list lol

u/IpumplikeaMachine · 1 pointr/redpillbooks

suggestion: i am the same, i can't read pdfs, but honestly if you want to read more, and better this is what you do, you get a kindle, honestly you wont regret ever buying one, mainly because you can read technically anything from pdfs, to txt, files to pretty much anything out there, also download a sofware called caliber for your computer man, this sofware allows you to convert book file to readable files on kindle, like, pdfs, epubs, and other formats into a azw or mobi files, aka the best versions book files to read on a kindle.

I recommend buying a kindle right now because of the black friday special man, FUCK!! even make a sticked post to that offers, because is so much better to buy really right at this second, i personally have the 'shittiest version' of a kindle which is a paper white with no backlight built in, which helps my eyes and not fuck up my sleep later, which is bomb because with a kindle you can put any pdfs in there and read them like they were books, instead of that uncomfortable reading on a screen, i undertand m8 been there done that. anything is technically a tablet, aka the fucking fire hd, or whatever and really open the possibility for me to be a chump and instead of actually reading books, aka the primary purpose of the kindle device, they make me prone to spend my time in facebook and watch porn which entirely defeats the purpose, MAKE IT HAPPEN DUDE

the special offer is probably like fucking 50 bucks, or 70 bucks if you don't want those fucking annoying ads,(for the cheapest kindle aka what i got and recommend),and is 50 bucks even with a 2 year guarantee, which is bomb!!, i know i am being a fucking fanatic of a kindle right now and giving amazon a fallatio but really you can't go wrong buying one of those fuckers, fuck even a 30 dollar kindle, old version aka a kindle touch, will do, lets make this happen dude. I promise you wont regret the purchase of a kindle, because although its technically 50 bucks right now, or a black friday special/cyber monday,

JUST checked it, and the offer is over SORRY BUD, but DON't DREAD!!! even at its regular price 79 plus tax about, 100 buck with guarantee and everything, which is by the way the price i paid when i didn't know they were going to have a black friday special and buying it pre-black friday, so even if you buy it at regular price of about 100 bucks, with ads, which can be made more clearly but not entirely get rid of those fucking ads if you follow, this video and get semi rid of those shit ads, anyaway i know you missed the deal BUT even then is still a good deal because say you buy the cheapest version of the kindle, the paper white, by downloading, aka stealing i mean permanently borrowing a pdf, the content itself worth about ranging from 10-17 dollars, in about 5-10 pdfs you permanently keep, and read you technically keep your money in in reading pdfs, which you permanently borrowed from the internet, in about ten to five, pdfs or ^^orbooksyoudidn'tpaidfor the kindle would of paid with itself no problem, in other words is an investment on you, because you want knowledge to make yourself better person, and that in itself is fucking priceless man, trust me, Okay if you don't believe me that a kindle is a good purchase, i will give you permission to bitchslap me and ban me or whatever you want man, i don't speak right out of my ass specially on recommending shit, and i have provided enough evidence for that if i say so myself, and even if you feel guilt from toreenting or stealing books, even just from the free legal kindle books from /r/FreeEBOOKS itself you get pretty good books that in it of itself you are very well set off, and the kindle pays for itself, in around ten books read flat, make it happen SE17!! i swear of god.

u/OSUTechie · 1 pointr/comicbooks

A kindle is $50 (with ads as a screensaver) or $70 (without ads). It isn't that expensive.

On top of that, a lot of ebooks are cheaper than print books.

u/ScottIPease · 1 pointr/kindle

It is a Kindle 6" Basic from 2014 or 15.
It is most likely this one; or the previous one to this.

If you are jsut going to use this for bedtime reading, then there is little to no reason to spend money on a special case unless it has functionality you want. If you are going to carry it about, then you may want the neoprene case /u/smokeyjoey8 linked or similar.

u/Azuretower · 1 pointr/kindle

this page lists the UPC which is what you're looking for