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Kingston Digital DataTraveler SE9 16GB USB 2.0 DTSE9H/16GBZ
Convenient - small, capless and pocket-sized for easy transportabilityDurable - metal casing with sturdy ringUSB Specification: USB 2.0,Guaranteed - five-year warrantySupports Windows 7, Vista, XP and Mac
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35 Reddit comments about Kingston Digital DataTraveler SE9 16GB USB 2.0 DTSE9H/16GBZ:

u/Xuis · 9 pointsr/EDC

I would recommend a flashlight, and small multitool.


I would recommend the Fenix E05 | [Amazon Link] $20.13 for a very small light.


The Leatherman Style | [Amazon Link] $16.79 is my most used item on my keychain because of the great scissors and minimal toolset. It has none of the tools I don't ever use. If you're looking for a more versitile toolset, look through the remainder of Leatherman's great micro-multi-tool lineup. Try to stay away from Gerber products if at all possible.


A flash-drive can be useful as well, but it's hard to find one that is both small and durable. I did a lot of research on which option to buy for quite a while. The grail of USB flash drives is the PQI Tiffy because of its incredible speed and durable housing. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to find for sale, and it's also super expensive. I went for the Kingston Datatraveler | [Amazon Link] $10.40, and it's working very well for me.


I've rarely needed one, but many folks want to carry a fire-starter with them, and there are some small options for your keychain. The Exotac NanoStriker $23.50 is a ferrocerium-based striker, and the True Utility FireStash [Amazon Link] $16.23 is a simple, tiny lighter.


Finally, it's nice to have your keys hanging in a comfortable place in your pocket, and not in a bunched-up heap at the bottom. Definitly consider grabbing a P-7 suspension clip $12+shipping. I waited a while to pull the trigger on mine, but I don't regret it.
Another option would be the Obstructures Pry/Open tool $32. It serves as a pry-bar, which you don't yet understand how much you might use after you start carrying one.

Additional Information

Here's my setup today.

Here is a great post by /u/goretsky about where to buy one-handed multi-tools like Atwood, etc.


P.S. It's great to have a color-scheme for your keychain. It looks fantastic.

u/LOLLOLOOLOL · 5 pointsr/EDC
  1. Keys, with 16 GB flash drive
  2. Sigg 1 L water bottle
  3. Benchmade 710 with M390 steel
  4. Stainless Steel pen (Kickstarter project), with Pilot Hi-Tec-C insert
  5. Saddleback Leather ID Wallet
  6. Galaxy Nexus phone
  7. Red Wing Iron Ranger boots
  8. Maxpedition pouch:

  • Spare pen

  • Red pen

  • Stainless Steel Sharpie

  • Burts Bees chapstick

  • Dongle for programming activation for work

  • Leatherman Wave

  • Nail clippers

  • Fenix E21 flashlight
u/therct · 5 pointsr/EDC

First post here.

From left to right:

u/Broken_S_Key · 3 pointsr/EDC

list of gear:

16gb flash drive, car key, 128mb Ipod shuffle (takes turns with a 2gb 1st gen white nano and 6th gen nano), Bustin Boombox (caliber 50s, 80a 73mm speed vents), Triple 8 Sweat saver, and a Metra commuter train pass sleeve containing the pass, debit card, license, student ID and CTA u-pass.

oh and a zbra z-grip

u/definitelynotaspy · 3 pointsr/EDC

I recommend this flash drive. Super small, durable, easy to carry. Plus it looks great.

For a knife, a Spyderco Ladybug or Dragonfly would be good places to start. The Ladybug is really small but it takes and holds an edge well and I've used mine for all sorts of shit. Very much a keychain knife. The Dragonfly is bigger and has a clip, so there are more carry options, but it also takes up more space. If space isn't a concern, I'd opt for a Spyderco Delica or Endura. All these knives have VG-10 steel, which offers the best bang for your buck (in my opinion) until you start getting into the higher-end knives. You could also opt for a multi-tool, in which case I'd suggest a Leatherman Juice or Squirt.

As for a watch, it really depends on your needs. Are you looking for stylish or practical?

Get an A&P ring for all your gadgets. I use a bunch of size .5 Nite-Ize s-biners to attach all of my stuff to my ring, which is nice because it makes it really easy to remove/add things as you need to. An alternative to the A&P ring would be a Lucky Line ring.

Also, one unsolicited recommendation: get a Gerber Shard. They're five bucks and incredibly useful. One of the best purchases I've ever made.

u/Daolpu · 3 pointsr/EDC

Nah, I'd say flashdrive still. I have one of these. Full metal body, tiny, decent storage size, cheap, essentially indestructible.

u/crasyphreak · 3 pointsr/sysadmin

I use YUMI for a multiboot usb drive on my keychain. I keep Hirens on it along with several antivirus boot disks, some linux distros, and a copy of MalwareBytes.

u/super_octopus · 2 pointsr/EDC
u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/sysadmin

This. I have 4 USB devices on my key rings. These ones blend in very well, are small, and don't weigh down my set of keys. Speeds aren't crazy good, but good enough.

u/sysadminchris · 2 pointsr/linuxmasterrace

You can, but it's not worth the effort. Just get a new cheap flash disk. Here's a 16GB one for $5.

u/usblover101 · 2 pointsr/EDC

I have a Kingston DTSE9H 16GB with Google Chrome portable version, Sumatra PDF portable, a .txt file wth my contact info on it, all of my class work, and some useful AutoIT and MATLAB scripts that I use for my class work.

u/FantasticMikey · 2 pointsr/EDC

This has been my keychain of choice for a couple years. I love it. It's simple, functional, and rugged looking. I keep my car key and a [Kingston Data Traveler] ( thumb drive on it.

u/x65537 · 2 pointsr/YouShouldKnow

Except on my Kingston DataTraveler which has no USB logo on it.

On side A is a barely readable "DTSE9" print, on side B is the "Kingston" logo embossed in the metal.

Every time I try to stick it in I feel the embossed side B and stick it in the wrong way, because the sides are actually reversed >:(

u/bagofwisdom · 2 pointsr/Ubiquiti

Not too difficult to do the change. I had the same thing happen to my Edgerouter Lite. However, the real problem is loading the OS image to the flash drive. The ERL's OS image was easier to locate. I've never seen the USG's available for download.

As to the USB drive, I'd recommend [these]
( My company provides one of those with each of our Embedded Linux systems. They're very reliable and you shouldn't have issues even with it being USB 3.0 (our equipment isn't 3.0).

u/vdmsr · 1 pointr/EDC

If you carry keys, get yourself a Kingston flash drive. This thing is awesome. Combine it with a Flat Gate Clip and you have win.

u/massacre3000 · 1 pointr/EDC

Titainum Spork

Tiny (near perfect) 16gb USB Flash Drive

Fenix E05 Flashlight

Pull-Apart Key Ring

Key Organizer

I wasn't blown away by the organizer thing, but the rest are good.

u/greath · 1 pointr/EDC

<3 the "gent's" folder. However, if you ever feel the need to upgrade, let me introduce you to what's next on my list: Chris Reeve's Mnandi


Something else you may or may not be interested in: Kingston Datatravler. I love mine (small, metal, sturdy, fits on keychain).

Glad to see a girl carrying useful tools instead of just makeup/mirror!

u/Sopps · 1 pointr/pics

This one is a perfect size for a key chain. I have linux installed on mine, google drive doesn't let you do that just yet.

u/SilverGhost93 · 1 pointr/EDC

Links for the stuff:


Phone Case.





Flash Drive.


I honestly have no idea what specific wallet that is, I just know it's a fossil.

u/DankNugington · 1 pointr/EDC

Save an item and put that flash drive on your key chain!

u/Sinasis · 1 pointr/EDC
u/EvrythingISayIsRight · 1 pointr/gaming

>Your benchmarks show that running games from Flash drives is quicker but installation is slower.

If you read the benchmark you would know that it directly contradicts your second statement. None of them have even half of that speed that supposedly "most" flash drives have.

>Most flash drives have ~40 MB/s read

High performance flash drives are around there, but not common flash drives. If you don't believe me, look at the reviews from amazon. Find any cheap, common flash drive and look at its performance.

>* For read speeds, I averaged 16.1 MB/s (ranged from 10 MB/s to 18 MB/s).

u/hello-everything · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Oh my gosh, best contest ever! I start sophomore year in two weeks and I'm terrified. I'm transferring to James Madison University as a Psychology major, and though I'm excited, the size of the school (18,000) kind of scares me.

I really, really need this flash drive as I don't have one right now, and that was a problem several times last semester, and this pepper spray. Our campus is pretty big and apparently sexual harrassment is quite the problem. :/ It's about $18 for both of 'em.

Thank you so much for hosting this contest! You're awesome. :) Can I ask where you're going to school?

u/deletecode · 1 pointr/crypto

That sounds very cool, for sure. It looks like the payment stuff is already being put on phones (google wallet). While a phone is nice, it is far from being tamper proof given that it can execute foreign code.

The screen would be a nice thing to have on a device like this - like a direct interface. Another thing you could use the screen for is to receive a private message to the device, so it could act like a pager/text messenger.

Credit card size seems possible - either right now, or soon. The processor would definitely fit, and a metal back could act as a heat sink. The batteries would be hard to fit. For some crypto operations, it may be necessary to be plugged into power.

If this has a USB interface, it seems the device would be at least as thick as the USB port, just so the USB port doesn't break off. Something like this.

This made me think of another idea: have a little card you plug into your phone (like a SIM card) which can do public key crypto, and stores its own key. The phone could provide power and a screen. The device would ensure it is unique and do two-factor authentication.

I'm not totally sure the payment stuff would be necessary any time soon, if you have a normal bank with fraud detection (I think this works fairly well). However, it could be immensely useful for Bitcoin transactions: it could store the wallet's private key and sign the transactions. That appears to be 512 bit ECC. There might be a lot of interest there as well - they are definitely into this sort of thing. The device would have to be extremely reliable, though, since if you lose your key, you lose money.

u/Telluride12 · 1 pointr/DealsReddit

Price is good but these are not made well.

Much better

u/themickeynick · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I am extremely grateful for my caring family. They are always there to support me when I do sports or try my best to be a seminormal high schooler. I'm grateful for their understanding. They understand that I'm a high schooler and have to treat me differently from my brothers.
I'm also very grateful for the kind people of RAOA for doing these awesome giveaways


u/Scott_Paladin · 1 pointr/EDC

It was a gift from years ago so cant look up the exact model, but it's similar to this one

u/Routa · 1 pointr/EDC

Online? Amazon