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Kirkland Signature Kirkland Fiber Capsules, 2 Pack (360 Capsules Each)
Bulk forming laxativeCompare to Metamucil capsulesKirkland Signature Fiber capsules 100% natural psyllium Husk fiber 360 capsules (Pack of 2). each capsule contains approximately .52 g of psyllium Husk.
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3 Reddit comments about Kirkland Signature Kirkland Fiber Capsules, 2 Pack (360 Capsules Each):

u/oogognon · 2 pointsr/Ultralight

kirkland or just eating half cup of almonds per day (same grams of fiber per serving, iirc). makes pooping easy, regular, and clean!

u/notthatbigbrother · 2 pointsr/AnalFissures

I am not a doctor, just a patient.

Stay hydrated. Figure out why you are straining and start making changes to your diet as soon as possible. Not enough fiber? Get some psyllium husk tablets. Hard stool? Colace(stool softener) I recommend both. It is extremely important to stay hydrated. Dehydration while on any of those will make bowel movements worse. Try to take a shower after every bowel movement, but avoid soap. You do not want to make the same mistake as me and let your skin dry out. If you do use soap I recommend vaseline or a&d ointment after a wash. Cold water may feel relaxing and numb the pain, but remember to do warm water sitz baths as well. The key to healing is increasing blood flow. The blood flow is low in the rectum so healing can take quite some time. Despite how much blood you might see after a bowel movement. Applying heat will increase blood flow. Unfortunately for you the pain from the fissure comes from your sphincter spasming and it will be hard to stop that without prescription medication. You might have some success with lidocaine, but that can be costly(see Dr. Butlers cream). Over the counter pain medicine will help as well. Avoid opioids(can cause constipation). True pain relief comes with the nitroglycerin ointment. Which also increases blood flow to the area and relaxes the muscle. Yes get the baby wipes, but I would avoid the neosporin and get the dr. butlers cream while you wait for an appointment to get the nitroglycerin. I highly recommend getting the nitro. Also look into lifting your legs while on the toilet into a squatting position. Don't wait on getting treatment for this. Although not life threatening if you wait and it gets worse you will regret it, trust me. Make an appointment to see a doctor/specialist if you can afford it. Maybe look into fasting for a day or two, or even intermittent fasting. Give your fissure some time to start healing before irritating it again with another bowel movement. You can't stop pooping, but you can limit how much you do it. If you do fast do some research on keeping your electrolytes in check. Like I said you do not want to become dehydrated. Good luck and stay hydrated!

u/kasittig · 1 pointr/xxfitness

I take 5 of these with every meal - I don't really aim for a particular goal but this really helps my high protein / low carb diet not be murder on my intestines!