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Kitchen Safe: Time Locking Container (Blue Lid + White Base) - 5.5
BUILD GOOD HABITS - Creating or changing a habit requires significant willpower. Kitchen Safe is a powerful tool to build good habits. Put any temptation in the container and set the timer. The safe will remain locked until the timer reaches zero.SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN - Kitchen Safe uses methodology backed by M.I.T., Princeton, Harvard, Stanford, and Yale to turn healthy habits into a lifestyle. Their research shows that precommitment is the ultimate way to beat temptation.HOW IT WORKS - The interface takes seconds to learn. Simply place the item in the container, turn the dial for your desired lock time (between 1 minute to 10 days), and press the dial down to lock the lid. Batteries last up to 6 monthsLOCK AWAY TEMPTATIONS - Our Medium size is the most popular, perfect to lock away temptations such as snacks, cell phones (iPhone XS, XS Max, XR & Galaxy S10, S10e, S10+) cigarettes, keys, and more. It measures at 5.5" tall with a base of 5.5" x 5.5"RAVE REVIEWS - Kitchen Safe is the original habit-building time locking container as seen on Shark Tank, USA Today, TIME magazine, The Today Show, Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, HGTV, and more. The results from our customers have been amazing
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7 Reddit comments about Kitchen Safe: Time Locking Container (Blue Lid + White Base) - 5.5" Height:

u/chemo92 · 16 pointsr/CasualUK

Perhaps you just need some more secure tupperware

u/JesseBrown447 · 11 pointsr/adderall

Hello! May I suggest time sensitive lock boxes such as this as an example. Though there are versions for medication you can look into as well.

You got this man. You are recognizing the problem and that is the hardest part.

u/Secksiignurd · 2 pointsr/eldertrees

> ...after a couple of months started smoking daily

On the weekends I’ll often smoke all day.

> I’m currently on a moderation break ... It’s harder than I thought it would be.

My habits are nearly identical to yours, and due to the fact you sound like how I do regarding my habit, it is best you get a hold of your habit before your habit grabs a hold of you.

For me, (to which I'll emphasize), smoking "all day," on any particular day, is the quickest way to build tolerance. By the end of that particular day I'll smoke back a third bowl for only a short marijuana intoxication. For me, I found simply waiting until the early afternoon to toke up helps reduce m-j tolerance. Also, speaking from personal experience, and having read similar accounts on several "trees" related sub-rs, smoking at night directly before bed is yet another way to boost tolerance quickly.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to get high, but please be aware body tolerance is your body's way of telling you "You're smoking too much." Due to the fact I'd be completely irresponsible with my own habit I had to buy myself a kitchen safe. [] A kitchen safe is a fail-safe electronic self-locking container. If you can't control your habit, control your access to your vice. With a kitchen safe I can stretch my stash of weed from six weeks to thirteen! It worked for me.

I'd also suggest
not* smoking every day. Yes, getting high is fun. You're highs will be more potent if you spread out your habit and regulate yourself.

u/Antroproneur · 1 pointr/Petioles
u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Stims

Be nice to yourself. You fucked up, but that is a very human thing to do. Buy one of these or these for next time. Leave out only what you intend to use. Lock up the rest. For a long time.

u/AlexandrinaIsHere · 1 pointr/loseit

Either lock up your phone, or delete all your credit cards from the phone and lock up your cards at night.