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Kitty Cot Original World's Best Cat Perch (Large)
Mounts to Windows using Giant PATENTED USA Suction CupsHumane Society Approved and Easy to Clean with Soap and WaterMade with Super Tough 3/4" PVC Plastic Pipe and FittingsWe use only the BEST Outdoor and Rugged FabricOur Support Cables are 1/8" Steel to last Forever
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12 Reddit comments about Kitty Cot Original World's Best Cat Perch (Large):

u/[deleted] · 43 pointsr/gifs

I purchased the Kitty Cot. I personally would say it's overpriced for what it is (PVC piping and plastic mesh), but it's held up to my kitty's weight and I'm too lazy to build my own.

u/sleepykitten12 · 20 pointsr/brushybrushy

I got it off Amazon! It had the best reviews and seems super sturdy. Apparently each suction cup is rated to hold 15lbs! It’s called Original Kitty Cot “World’s BEST Cat Perch” .

u/NYCmusician · 5 pointsr/torties

It’s called Kitty Cot and runs about $45. Holds both of my cats at once (20+ lbs) and they love it. All suction, but it’s sturdy.

Kitty Cot Original World's BEST Cat Perch (Large)

u/Hab1b1 · 2 pointsr/aww

Oh boy, this might be a little late for you considering you just screwed in 3 shelves into your wall, but look at this product. i have two and i can personally vouch for how kickass they are

u/clumsyotter · 2 pointsr/cats

I recommend this to make him more comfortable: Original KITTY COT "World's BEST Cat Perch"
I have two in my front window that I put blankets on for my princesses. They love sunning on them.

u/sweep_27 · 2 pointsr/cats

You know what? I hear ya. But kitty cot stays put, for real.

You do have to clean the cups and the window before you put them up. The only time it has fallen is when I ignored that advice. It does not require frequent re-sticks.

u/strangewoops · 1 pointr/blackcats

Yes of course! I got the window perch bed on amazon (here's a link!) and then put a soft cat bed-type pad on top. He spends hours in it every day. :)

u/FunkyRutabaga · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

How about a Kitty Cot? Couldn't find them on the Australian site, though...

I think every cat should have a tunnel, because they're so cute when they take a running leap straight through them!

The kitties at my local shelter love this sort of thing, but UGH money. This one isn't as fancy, but it's cheaper!

Since you said rent friendly, I'm assuming these are a bit out of price range, but Funky Cat has some of the cutest scratching posts I've seen.

u/LadyVanya · 1 pointr/PetBehavior

The cat sounds like it's bored and has pent up energy. Pets are like little toddlers: If you dont entertain them, they will do it themselves and it can be destructive at times. Here are some things you can help redirect and expand say energy:


Perches/things to climb/scratch

These are just some ideas. Also go to your local pet store. If the cat doesn't like the new toy, usually they will let you return the toy for a full refund.

u/weffey · 1 pointr/blog

I do! They are kitty cots. Both my cats have wrestled on a single one and it stayed attached no problem. I think the beige things they are laying on are standing pads or something like that to make it a little less static-ee (not that that's really possible here, but I can try).

I should note that on a "fat" day Willow comes in at just over 7lbs, and Milo's usually around 10.5lbs. They're not exactly chubby kitties.