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Klean Kanteen Wide Mouth Double Wall Insulated Water Bottle with Loop Cap, Brushed Stainless, 40-Ounce
Durable and High Quality Food Grade 18/8 Stainless Steel ConstructionComes with BPA-free Polypropylene #5 cap with Stainless Steel bottom to create an all-stainless interiorLarge 2.125 inch (54 millimeter) opening fits ice, easy to fill and pour; Compatible with all Klean Kanteen Wide capsEasy to clean electropolished interior doesn't retain or impart flavorsBacked by the Klean Kanteen Strong as Steel Guarantee
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14 Reddit comments about Klean Kanteen Wide Mouth Double Wall Insulated Water Bottle with Loop Cap, Brushed Stainless, 40-Ounce:

u/ihaveplansthatday · 8 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Kanteen - $22.94

Skirt - $19.24

Necklace - $12.67

Cat bed! - $10.29

Stockings - $7.94



All from Highest Priority list.

u/tomcatHoly · 7 pointsr/Bushcraft

Nalgene 38oz Guyot designs, with a nice flat bottom. Amazon Canada, $76 (stupid!),
Amazon US, $30

Kleen Kanteen 40oz, Amazon Canada, $70 (just slightly less stupid!),
Amazon US, $23

There's the best of the best options. Try not to live in Canada for the best deal.

u/pointblankjustice · 7 pointsr/bugout

I mean no disrespect, but I also tend to be rather blunt: There is a lot of work that needs to be done to this bag. It seems really thrown together, out of an amalgamation of random stuff that's vaguely "outdoorsy".

Firstly, the bag itself. There's probably a reason it was in the trash, and my suspicion is that it wasn't because it was well built, durable, and comfortable. Good bags can be had for not much money and there are definitely used options on Craigslist and at outdoor store garage sales if you're on a shoestring budget. Your bag has to be able to take the abuse of multiple days and many miles of rucking.

FOUR knives? And they are all folders to boot? And you're trying to tell me this isn't "bloated"? Come on. Get one good multitool like a Leatherman, or keep the Gerber if you must (you don't need 87 bits for your Gerber in the woods, either). Maaaybe carry a fixed blade, too, if you really think you'll be needing it.

Mess kit: That looks bulky as hell, and aluminum has an incredibly low melting point (something like ~1200F) which is easily attainable in a mature fire. Hello melted mess kit. If you are really just bugging out you shouldn't need to cook anything. Calorie dense food bars, jerky, nuts etc. should be sufficient. Get a super small mess kit like this amazing one from GSI Outdoor and use this very cheap but decent backpacking stove and you have a lightweight, highly functional way to cook, boil water, and drink for under $25.

Blade sharpener? If you somehow manage to dull all four of your knives in a few days you're doing something wrong. Save the blade sharpener for the Zombies-Are-Attacking INCH bag or whatever.

Sunscreen and bug repellent are both great. that said, you are carrying almost as much sunscreen as you are water. Embellishing, of course, but that's a fucking lot of sunscreen.

I would also seriously work on flushing out that medical kit. If you don't have much first aid training, that's fine (though you should get some) but a basic boo-boo kit will be really functional. Gauze, small band-aids, some medium sized non-stick pads, alcohol wipes, burn cream and/or antibiotic cream, tweezers, rubber gloves, pain relievers, anti-diarrheals, generic antihistamines (for regular allergies and allergic reactions), etc. etc. Avoid pre-built medical kits and avoid things you don't know how to use.

The MSR filter is actually fantastic, can't fault you there. That said, something like a Sawyer Mini would be a fair bit lighter, and has integral water storage should you need more.

Metal water bottle: Looks like a thermos, which is great for keeping your coffee warm on the way to work but is single-use and heavy in the backwoods. I'd suggest changing it out for a widemouth single-walled metal container like those from Klean Kanteen because now not only do you have a way to store water, but you also have a way to boil it! And you can cook in it if absolutely necessary. And you can fill it up with hot water and add it to your sleeping bag to stay warm.

Wait...where is your sleeping bag? I know you mentioned having some miscellaneous camping gear in your car, but what if you need to abandon your car? Look at even a simple bivy sack like this one from SOL. Coupled with a lightweight tarp and you have a functional survival sleep system. Throw in a small inflatable pad for insulation from the ground and you can survive in all but the most inclement of weather.

Lose the rat traps and 200(!!!) fishing hooks in exchange for calorie dense food bars and other foods that need little or no preparation. Try to stay above 130 calories/gram and pay attention to things that are high in protein, fiber, and fat. You're bugging out, remember? Not sitting around camp all day with a cold one and your rod in the lake.

Substitute your few cheap (read: heavy and unreliable) flashlights for one good one. Something like a Four Sevens Quark AA2 or something from Fenix, Nitecore, or Olight. It will be reliable, well built, and powered by an efficient driver to produce multiple modes of light and provide for good run time. Get something that takes standard AA or AAA batteries. Avoid CR123As.

Noticeably lacking are things like a map and firestarters. You mentioned a ferrocerium rod. Instead of spending $7.00 on a decent one of those, get three BIC lighters and a pack of waterproof matches in a container. And save a couple bucks in the process. Ever started a fire with a ferro rod? It sucks. I've done it. I do it for fun and honing my skills occasionally. But a simple ass BIC will work 100 times better in almost any situation.

Add a high quality, water resistant topographical map of your region. Do you know how to use that compass? I'm not talking about pointing it north, but for things like triangulation or magnetic declination or navigating to a point on your map by finding a bearing. There are tons of Youtube videos out there that will help you in understanding these techniques if you don't already. A compass by itself is near useless.

How about things that you're more likely to encounter?

Throw in a charger for your phone, or maybe one of those $5 burner flip phones and a $10 minutes card in case yours dies. Take the battery out (should be removable on a cheap pay-as-you-go bog standard phone) and write important numbers on the inside.

How about wiping your ass? Go to your nearest Walmart and hit the toiletries section. You'll find bins of $1.00 miniature travel accessories. I'd recommend a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant bar, personal wet wipes (preferably biodegradable), Chapstick, and some baby powder or Gold Bond. Throw it all in a gallon Ziplock or a small pouch. Now you can survive in the woods AND survive overnight a friend's house after you get too drunk and can't drive.

I see nothing for cold weather gear. I know it's summer but depending on where you are night time can still be cold as hell. Add a beanie, wool gloves, a fleece underlayer, a poncho or rainproof hard shell jacket, and a change of GOOD wool socks.

Lose the 9 million feet of paracord. 50ft should be plenty sufficient (if that) especially considering the inner strands are strong enough for most applications.

I think that covers all my major gripes. Back to drinking and being an ass.

u/zirman · 6 pointsr/france

J'en parle ici des fois que ça vous intéresse :)

Ca fait un moment que l’histoire de l'eau et du problème posé par le plastique me préoccupe. Du coup ça fait plusieurs années maintenant que je me balade avec ceci dans mon sac. C'est une gourde en inox de la marque Klean Kanteen, et à aucun moment l'eau n'est en contact avec le plastique, y compris au niveau du bouchon. Elle me sert également quand je suis à la muscu. En gros depuis que je l'ai j'ai drastiquement diminué mon stock de bouteille. Les seules bouteilles qu'il peut me rester c'est quand j'ai envie de coca, on vit tous avec nos paradoxe ^^

Mais je sais pas si c'est psychologique ou quoi, mais d'avoir un récipient en métal change vraiment le gout de l'eau je trouve. Quand je pars en rando je peux également la mettre sur un réchau quand j'ai besoin de faire bouillir de l'eau :)
J'en ai une deuxième moins grosse, proche de mon lit pour les grosses soifs nocturne ^^

Ça fait peut être petit délire de bobo, mais je n'y vois que des avantages au bout du compte !

A savoir pour trouver de l’eau partout où vous allez, il existe une base de données open qui s’appelle Eaupen et qui référence tous les points d’eau potable. Pratique pour remplir sa gourde.

u/toltecian · 6 pointsr/Bushcraft

What about a [40oz Kleen Kanteen] ( and a 750ml Toaks pot? $90 CAD plus tax for the two together.

*Edit: didn't catch the part about being made in Canada. Guessing both of these are from China...

u/Inigo93 · 5 pointsr/CampingGear

Given how quickly it popped up with a google, I'm guessing Klean Kanteen doesn't fit your criterion. Before I do any further searching... What part of it don't you like?

u/ghostmcspiritwolf · 3 pointsr/Bushcraft

I'd get a wide mouth klean kanteen if you can find one. good for boiling water and much easier to cook in than a narrower mouth if necessary.

I have a 40 oz, and it's big but not unmanageable.

u/ILoveYouSoVeryMuch · 2 pointsr/EDC
  • Water bottle: Klean Kanteen 64 ounce stainless steel - $30
  • Phone: I might buy a cheap MetroPCS phone w/ $25 plan
  • Wallet: Alpine Swiss - $12
  • Watches: I'd be happy with a black and brown Timex Easy Reader - $25 each. Fossil would be my next level, but what are some some even better watches?
  • Flashlight: This is hard because I love my light but it's discontinued. It would have to be a single AAA light with a reversible pocket clip. Maybe a Lenser P2 - $17
  • Protection: Condom case - $5 and Skyn condoms - $17
  • Protection: Glock 19 - $550 and Galco King Tuk - $60
  • More protection: Milt Sparks pocket magazine carrier - $63
  • Belts: Black and Brown Hanks Amish Belts - $36 each. Maybe I'd shop around, but they have been working for me.


  • Leatherman carabiner + bottle opener - $10
  • SOG keyknife - $11
  • Uncle Bill's tweezers - $10 for 2
  • A pill holder from Winn-Dixie... - ~$5
  • Reusable earplugs - $13

    I'm not sure if I want to carry a full-sized knife anymore but I think the Boker Plus Nano ($43) looks cool!

    That's just about my current EDC. I'm planning on eventually buying the carabiner, key knife, tweezers, and I'll probably go with a desantis pocket mag carrier opposed to the 3x more expensive Milt Sparks.
u/Chernoobyl · 2 pointsr/EDC

I EDC a 40 oz Klean Kanteen and absolutely love the bottle, my only complaint was it gets condensation from cold drinks and has zero insulation. I solved this by cutting down a a wine bottle carrier. I used some floss to sew up the carrier so it's a little more snug on the top and so the stitching didn't come undone. Thanks for looking

Here is a link to the water bottle:

and the Wine Bottle Carrier:

u/steamBommer29 · 1 pointr/camping

I was just looking at these

Cheap, can be used to boil water in, and obvously store clean water afterwards. Its single walled and made of stainless steel with no internal coating.

u/imnotmarvin · 1 pointr/EDC

Try it like this: [Canteen] (

Put the word Canteen inside of these [ ] followed by the link inside of these ( ). Looks pretty that way. Just a head's up.

u/Gimli_the_White · 1 pointr/explainlikeimfive
u/cleversobriquet · 1 pointr/saplings

Just put it one of these with your stuff. Completely smell proof.