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KONG - Cloud Collar - Inflatable Collar - For Injuries, Rashes and Post Surgery Recovery - For Large Dogs
Comfortable to wear while recovering from surgeryTough fabric will not rip or tearMachine washableWill not mark or scratch furniture13" - 18" Neck Size
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21 Reddit comments about KONG - Cloud Collar - Inflatable Collar - For Injuries, Rashes and Post Surgery Recovery - For Large Dogs:

u/tennisplayer789 · 5 pointsr/WiggleButts

I've used one that is like a pillow you bring on a flight; my dog wore it for months 24/7 and didn't mind at all - he had a built-in pillow at all times (although he's always been a world-class napper). It's an inflatable pillow with a washable soft cover, all secured by Velcro (which wears down easily, but it's so inexpensive, I would just replace it).

u/MurphRat · 5 pointsr/Maltese

Here is the link to the exact one. I think Wilson used an x small but now he would definitely be a small.

u/MutterOfPearl · 4 pointsr/LifePupperTips

We got one of these inflatable Elizabethan collars for our pup. It worked perfectly and we could still snuggle comfortably. He could eat easier and he didn't knock as much stuff off the table.

KONG Cloud E-Collar, Dog Collar, Large

u/manatee1010 · 4 pointsr/AskVet

I agree with all of this.

The neck donut collars are tolerated SO much better than the cones. Most dogs get overwhelmed by the cone and will shut down. The donut is more like a travel pillow that conveniently prevents licking.

You want to find a veterinary behaviorist, NOT a regular trainer. This is past what a trainer is educated for and is a medical issue.

u/PunchyPractitioner · 3 pointsr/Boxer

My girl did the same thing. We got her one of these and it seemed to work just fine. We didn’t use that brand, but the idea is pretty straight forward.

u/adagrl · 3 pointsr/Boxer

I bought this pillow version and it's been awesome. After surgery my pup already doesn't feel good so the cone of shame just made it worse. This actually seems comfy too.

u/lurkynic · 2 pointsr/aww

Poor pup! That breaks my heart. I'm glad he has good fur-parents. It sounds like he's a strong little dude.

This is what I had to eventually get for my yellow lab:

u/MATTDAYYYYMON · 2 pointsr/labrador

You can look into getting a kong brand donut that goes around their neck instead, I used it for my pup and he hated it but it worked like a charm and it looks just like those travel pillows you use on planes.

KONG Cloud E-Collar, Dog Collar, Large

u/TwoNewfies · 2 pointsr/Newfoundlander

We've had newfs eat entire large batches of chocolate chip cookies with absolutely no Ill effects ...
But I do recommend the Kong doughnut--type cone Much easier for them to eat and maneuver - plus makes a sweet pillow!

u/QueenOfDragon · 2 pointsr/dogs

Vets don't provide the best equipment when it comes to that, but I really recommend the cloud collar that is around 15 bucks. A lot of dogs like that collar because their sight isn't inhibited.

Could you do gauze pad soaked in Epsom salt and water and quickly tape it around him? If not, get a doggy diaper, place the cloth in there, and put it on your dog. At that point, your only job is to keep him still as opposed to holding him down. You'll have to get a female diaper, but it would be fairly easy to put a cloth in there and place on your dog. You can get disposable diapers or a cloth diaper with disposable liners. You could even soak the liners/diapers in the solution as they are meant to hold liquid. Not sure how well that would work, but I do suggest trying the diaper and cloth thing.

Is he getting antibiotics? If not, ask your vet about that. Cream, which is good, can be horrible to apply and antibiotics sometimes can replace the cream.

Edit: Also, whenever you apply anything, I highly suggest giving treats or something to occupy him. A kong with peanut butter works amazingly. Anything to associate that routine with something positive and fun for him.

u/moon_watcher77 · 2 pointsr/germanshepherds

This is the one we used after we had our gsd spayed at 6 months. It worked really well. It was a lot more comfortable then the cone. Plus she was still able to get around without banging into everything and fit comfortably in her crate.

My mom has older dog that was doing the same thing on his back leg. What's hard is once there's a sore there the only want to lick it more. She ended put him in a cone and wrapping the leg. Thankfully once it was healed he finally left it alone.

Good luck! Stay strong! It will get better!

KONG Cloud E-Collar, Dog Collar, Large

u/Cyt6000 · 1 pointr/puppy101

I would leave the cone on but you might be able to 'upgrade' to the inflatable cone. But ask your vet before you do anything.

My pup had Staples when he was 4 months and it sucked. Training went out the window during those two weeks. I don't know what happened to make him brake those bones but if it was anything that might be traumatizing it'll be rough getting him back to normal. My pup that got the staples didn't have much emotional damage, but our other dog did.

u/Z_as_in_Zebra · 1 pointr/Greyhounds

I haven't had to deal with anything like this so I can't give any advice, sorry. I'd be worried with the hard muzzle aggravating the wound more if he was trying to get at it. Have you tried one of those blow up rings instead of the cone? Like this: KONG Cloud E-Collar, Dog Collar, Large
I've heard good things about them.

u/dustinpdx · 1 pointr/lifehacks

You can actually buy a similar product, we have one for our small dog and it works great.

u/enjolique · 1 pointr/dogs

If you're able to get to a pet store in today, there are inflatable donut collars that we've used with my dog that are really great.

They look like airline sleeping pillows. They make it impossible for the dog to lick but easier to be in confined spaces:

King Comfy Cone:

u/jerf_mayne · 1 pointr/Dogtraining

Alternatively, if you're okay with spending more money, there are inflatable oversized "donuts" that can go around your dog's neck which are normally used to prevent licking, but might prevent the dog from being able to scratch it's ears too. They have full peripheral vision and their nose can still hit the ground. Here's an example:

u/FirosAhoge · 1 pointr/aww

Cones are horrible. Most dogs hate them, including my own. Get yourself the soft, pillowy kind.

u/LilKaylie · 1 pointr/goldenretrievers

While Clifford is displeased, he’s still adorable. May I ask if he’s tolerating the donut on his neck well, and if he is what kind is it?

Edit: I see the Kong label. Not sure if it’s from the donut or it went with something else originally 🙂

Edit 2: Found it!

u/bynL · 1 pointr/BorderCollie

When my older BC had surgery to remove a wee lump, the vet didn't give her a cone, but a neck pillow - kind of like you see people use on airplanes. It was great! Worked really well, and it didn't seem to humiliate her that much. (

u/ColourfulConundrum · 0 pointsr/AskVet

They've finally started to modify collars for post-surgery, I used this Kong collar, but make sure she has the right size. Pet stores near me sell them, or similar styled ones. Can you call your vet and discuss the howling, possibly a trial run of pain meds to see if it helps - honestly I'm careful not to assume that my dog letting me touch something means it doesn't hurt, the pain may be further in, or i may not be applying the right pressure. If the medication helps, then you know there was pain, potentially inflammation, and as you wean her off them ensure the howling doesn't return. Aftercare should be a part of her surgery - when are you due for a wound check? Ideally you could trial the meds and discuss results then.

Sorry for all that - it comes down to, is she eating well, drinking well? For the howling call your vet and see if a trial of pain meds is possible, or if they think it's behavioural. Does one of the nurses know if she was howling in the kennels? Given she is also limited with walks and such at the moment that may play a part. Either way, call the vet, discuss eating and drinking habits and make sure you feel right about their response. And check your check up date :)