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Kool Stop Tire Bead Jack
Country Of Origin : United StatesThe Package Height Of The Product Is 0.6 InchesThe Package Length Of The Product Is 11.4 InchesThe Package Width Of The Product Is 2.1 Inches
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47 Reddit comments about Kool Stop Tire Bead Jack:

u/roburrito · 14 pointsr/bicycling

Bead Jack changed my life, bro. You can't afford not to buy it.

u/jugglist · 6 pointsr/bicycling

This tire bead jack has saved me so much effort.

u/SavingHawaii · 6 pointsr/bicycling

I had a Conti/CR-18 pairing that was truly awful. It ate tire levers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Thankfully it rarely flatted. Sometimes I'd take it to a shop to get flats fixed just so I didn't have to deal with it. I'd service the bearings but somebody else can fix the flat at their usual rate thankyouverymuch. Mechanics complained. We got into discussions about rim sizes. It was all labeled 622. Anyway, that jack makes it easy. You'll have the tire back on in under a minute.

Some bike shops will have them for sale.

Just don't let the velominati see it.

u/i_love_pencils · 6 pointsr/cycling

My bead jack. Ever struggle to get a tire on or off? This is magic.

u/mindeyesight · 5 pointsr/bicycling

I love this tire bead jack. It only gets used about 3-5 times a year for changing flats and switching from snow tires to summer tires, but with super tight beads on my Schwalbes, it is a necessity.

u/RichardStinks · 4 pointsr/bicycling

Are you sure the wheels are larger? Some tire manufacturers tend to make their beads a little tighter. Those tend to loosen a little bit with lots of riding.

I once got a set of new Vittorias that left blisters on both thumbs from my trying to get them on to my Mavics. The mechanic showed me a variation of one of these: that he swore by.

u/claimed4all · 4 pointsr/bikewrench

Steel Tire Lever or the Kool Stop Tire Jack.

Kool Stop Tire Bead Jack by Kool Stop

The tire jack will less likely scratch your wheel.

u/giantnakedrei · 4 pointsr/bicycling

Obligatory get a bead jack post.

(I use nylon levers on my alloy rims.)

u/dummey · 3 pointsr/bicycletouring

These guys:

They are basically a portable version of the Kool Stop Tire Jack which allows you to get tight fitting tires such as the Schwalbe Marathon Plus or anything tubeless on without frustrations.

u/sylvaing · 3 pointsr/bikecommuting

Or if at home or touring (where it make sense to carry extra tools), use a tool like the Kool Stop Tire Bead Jack. Works very well.

u/p4lm3r · 3 pointsr/bikewrench

This right here was the answer to all of my prayers. You can mount anything on earth with this. Once you get used to it, it is even effortless.

u/steryereo · 3 pointsr/cycling

Oh man I know that frustration so well. You SHOULD be able to install a tire without levers, but I’ve gotten to the point where I’m covered in sweat and feeling like existence is hopeless trying to get that last little bit on. No need to get to that point if you don’t have to. this tool has been a lifesaver for me on those really tough ones

u/AimForTheAce · 3 pointsr/bikecommuting

This video is a good one.

BTW, you need the levers. Just go out and buy. It's not an expensive thing and very useful thing you can carry.

I suggest you to try without metal things to mount tires. If not careful, you end up cutting the tube. I've done pinch flatting the tubes a few times so this is from my experience.

If you must, try the bead jack.

When I use the tire lever while mounting, I do double check the lever is not pinching the tube.

u/willis77 · 3 pointsr/bicycling

Specialized tires do run small. They are the right size, just really tight. Kool stop makes a nice tool to help get these stubborn tires on.

u/CapnScrunch · 3 pointsr/bikewrench

This video helped me with my technique: .

Also, the bead jack is supposed to help. Haven't tried it myself:

u/aherstein · 2 pointsr/cycling

I've got a set of Pedro's tire levers, plus a tire jack to help get the tire back on. It's still an incredibly daunting task. I'm sure I'll get faster with practice, but I still hate doing it.

u/way2funni · 2 pointsr/cycling

I recently bought that tire in a 28 and a 32. No problem on size going from a 28 to a 32 you should be able to use the same tubes as well.

Just a heads up though - they are HELL to get on the rim. Have a shop do it or invest in a dedicated INSTALL tool like this - not just a set of levers

Watch some youtube videos so you get the basic gist if this is not your first rodeo but I suggest the tool I linked to - or else you better buy a couple of patch kits or extra tubes for when you pinch the tube while trying to lever the tire bead over the rim.

PRO TIPS Throw the tire outside in the hot sun for a couple hours to expand/soften the compound and use liquid soap to lube the contact areas. Hope this helps.

u/offlines · 2 pointsr/FixedGearBicycle

Kool stop tire jack lever

I run wire bead gatorskins.. nuff said

u/snowboardracer · 2 pointsr/bikewrench

You need a kool-stop bead jack. It will make any tire installation a breeze.

Kool Stop Tire Bead Jack

On mobile, sorry for the formatting.

u/FSprocketooth · 2 pointsr/bikewrench

Kool Stop Tire Bead Jack

I have those same marathons and I’ve had that same problem. I just bought one of those cool stop tools- I Highly recommend it.

u/Dark-Fx · 2 pointsr/bikewrench

This is good advice, if you still have issues, deflate the tube a bit. If that still doesn't work, one of these are totally a lifesaver for the extremely stubborn combinations: Kool Stop Tire Bead Jack

u/squiresuzuki · 2 pointsr/bicycling

Consider buying a tire jack instead of a tire lever:

Otherwise, I do second the support for Pedros levers, they're way better than most others.

u/kopsis · 2 pointsr/bikewrench

This is the "nuclear option" for really difficult tires:

I've never found soapy water to be much help, but talcum powder is sometimes effective.

u/vhalros · 2 pointsr/bicycling

Some tires go on some rims easily, its much more difficult on others.

There are tire bead jack tools like this one: They work pretty well, but I do not usually find them necessary.

One thing that can help is to go around the tire and push the already mounted parts into the rim as far as they will go. This can create just a little more slack to get the remaining portion on.

u/UpTheDownEscalator · 2 pointsr/bicycling

A tire bead jack will do the job. It uses leverage to stretch the tire and a plastic lip to protect the rim.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/bicycling

For getting difficult tires back onto the rim, this tool is great.

u/hadakaty · 2 pointsr/bicycling

EDIT: try using one of these, before you use heat. I'm surprised your LBS didn't have one, though.
I didn't realize they were carbon. I was going to suggest hitting it with a heat gun and then attempting to just press tire down and out of the bead like you would on a car or motorcycle, before trying to get up under it with the lever. But heat gun is likely too aggressive for the carbon, i would hit it with a blowdryer though for sure.

u/syngltrkmnd · 2 pointsr/bicycling

I've got Marathons on two bikes - work great, no punctures, roll fast, easy to mount, and the casing is relatively compliant (vs Specialized Armadillos - yikes!)
With regard to mounting issues, I've often found that mounting up high quality (read $$$) tires to low quality (inexpensive) rims usually yields sore thumbs. For instance, running Schwalbe DH tires on my Mavic 521s is a snap. OP's bike is on the lower end of the dollar spectrum, so I might suggest a tire mounting tool like this. I have had one for years - it's never failed to help with stubborn tires!

u/charlz2121 · 2 pointsr/cycling

If you come across a tire that you can't put on with your hands, use one of these: (check your LBS first though)

Best $15 I ever spent

u/BRINGtheCANNOLI · 1 pointr/MTB

I had a similar issue recently, I rage quit, went online and ordered one of these, a tire bead jack.

Of course 5 minutes after I ordered it, I went out and managed to finally get the tire on, so still haven't needed to use it yet....

u/Sumpm · 1 pointr/bikewrench

If they're absolutely impossible to install, get a Tire Bead Jack. It's often the only thing that will work, and you'll save your thumbs in the process.

u/ITriedToResistFailed · 1 pointr/bikecommuting

My hobby whenever someone is about to mention the Marathon Plus is always to warn the what a nightmare they are to put on, especially the 25 mm version:)

That being said, I run Marathon Plus on both my commuter bikes (currently testing out Gator Skins on my racer). I usually go around 3.500-4.000 km before the first flat at which point I often just replace it.

It's a very rough ride on those tyres, but I really appreciate the no flats aspect.

I have this tool in my arsenal to help me put the tyres back on.

u/CatDerpAndSlurp · 1 pointr/bicycling

I've had these tires before, and they are quite a pain due to geting that tight wire bead over the lip of the rim. I have had at least minor success with either leaving stubborn tires in the sunlight or using a blow-dryer to heat up the rubber to get it to slightly expand and make it easier to convince.

I've also used the Kool-Stop tire jack to great success.

I wouldn't use the levers as a way to continue getting the tire on by this point, because it'll likely pinch-flat the tube.

u/starwarsyeah · 1 pointr/MTB

I've always used really wide MTB tires, so I've never had much of a problem. But when I tried to put 28c tires on my Cross Check, I had so much trouble that I broke several things in my house in rage at not being able to get it on. [Then I bought this] ( It is just as amazing as it looks.

u/Paavo_Nurmi · 1 pointr/cycling

Kool Stop bead jack

Cut part of the handle off and it fits in a saddle bag.

u/PedalinGardener · 1 pointr/bikewrench

If it has to do with puncturing the tube during tire install this will help. The problem with tight tires, is they are hard to work with when you're out on the road.

u/tepidviolet · 1 pointr/bikecommuting

Just order it now. I don't have a lot of hand strength. I literally carry one in my bike bag with the rest of my flat repair tools.

The thing is, if you're going to start buying extremely puncture-resistant tires from Schwalbe . . . well, those are about the bitchiest tires to get on, period. Like Greenguards (Marathons), Marathon Plus, Mondials, and most of the really puncture resistant Schwalbe tires can be a nightmare to get on.

This is a dumb question, but you've checked to make sure these aren't pinch flats, right?

u/speedboat · 1 pointr/bicycling

Obtain this item:

Made mounting a Gatorskin and a GP4000s on Velocity Deep-V rims humanly possible. Before, I was doing it with some Park Tool levers until my fingers couldn't move anymore. Some tire/rim combinations are just impossible to install/remove any other way!

Edit: My bad! The Kool Stop one is just for installation, try the Crank Bros one for enhanced leverage during both removal and installation:

My friend got the same wheelset and tire combo as I did, but he used the Crank Bros lever instead of the Kool-Stop to install his Continentals. I believe he's removed a tight tire with it too, so it's been working for him.

u/defhjkl · 1 pointr/bicycletouring

This tool makes mounting tires much easier:

u/Ijustride · 1 pointr/bikewrench
u/LukeWarmCage · -1 pointsr/cycling


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