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Lansky Diamond Ceramic Turn Box TB-2D2C
Stable and compactTwo pre-set knife sharpening angles in the wood block 20 degree and 25 degreeTwo 5" long medium diamond rods (600 grit), and two 5" long fine ceramic rods (1000 grit)Two Pre-Set Knife Sharpening Angles In The Wood Block 20 Degree And 25 Degree25 Degrees-This Is Used For Most Kitchen Knives And Provides A Sharp, Durable Edge20 Degrees-This Is Used For Those Desiring A Very Sharp EdgeTwo 5-Inch Long Medium Diamond Rods, And Two 5-Inch Long Fine Ceramic Rods
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17 Reddit comments about Lansky Diamond Ceramic Turn Box TB-2D2C:

u/Stormrider001 · 16 pointsr/BudgetBlades

The Spyderco Sharpmaker is a great knife sharpener to use. I believe it has 15 and 20 degree angles.

There is an alternative(and cheaper) Lansky Turnbox That sharpens at 20 and 25 degree angles. These two systems are great to travel with.


If you want a beginner sharpening system you could get a Lansky System but if you ever get higher end steels you will need to upgrade to Diamond system. You will also need to get a Lansky mount or clamp. It also has a wide variety of accessories and stones.


You can also get Fixed angle knife shapener that is like an apex edge. If uses the same stone size so you could order upgraded plate sets at a cheap price.

The system that I have been using is the 5th Gen Sharpener. It uses the same stones and plate size as an Apex as well. The only downside is the that it takes forever to arrive from china.

u/ARKnife · 4 pointsr/knives

You could take a look at the Lansky TurnBox, one of the most affordable and easy to use sharpeners on the market.

It could take out those chips, but it will take up some time to do that.

u/EggMcSausage · 3 pointsr/knives

Is this the one? Lansky Diamond Ceramic Turn Box TB-2D2C

u/Paulmunkotv · 2 pointsr/knifeclub

Nope even more simple!! Haha

Lansky Diamond Ceramic Turn Box TB-2D2C

u/firite · 2 pointsr/knifeclub

I defer to /u/atomedge for sharpening expertise, but what has worked for my elmax and s35vn knives is this - I put a micro-bevel (I think that's what its called), over and above the secondary grind. Stays sharp, requires minimal touchup.

u/vexis170 · 1 pointr/balisong

only took 45 mins to get it to where it can cut regular letter paper ;_;

The existing grind was pretty asymmetric so that added a lot to the time. Im thinking of picking up some of these ive heard good things about them.

So far the stones have been doing a good job on my edc folders (vg10 and sandvik 14c28n) but no knife i own has ever been this blunt :/

u/toxiclimeade · 1 pointr/preppers

If you have some really dull edges that havent been sharpened in a long time, pretty much any coarse stone will do, harbor freight has some well priced diamond stones that work well. As far as maintaining edges go, you're gonna want something finer, the bottom of a cermic mug can work well with practice.

As far as stuff you can buy goes, here's some links

worksharp field sharpener: for if you just want to buy one simple tool that can do everything

knock off Spyderco sharp maker: for maintaining undamaged edges, very easy to use, great compliment to a coarse stone for edge repair

Diamond bench stone: these are wonderful for repairing edges, but they remove a ton of metal so they're really useful for reprofiling and repairing, not so much for keeping a kinda sharp edge sharp

Sharpening can be a lot of fun, and there's a million ways to do it. Find some YouTube tutorials (virtuovice is someone I definitely recommend, sweet old Japanese deer Hunter with an enormous wealth of knowledge on water stones). Knowing what you're doing with sandpaper is way better than buying a $80 knife sharpener you don't know how to use well, or don't feel like setting up and putting together.

u/xtremepado · 1 pointr/knives

You can't go wrong with the Spyderco Tenacious. Only $35 but it performs like a $100 knife. When I got mine I was very impressed by the quality. The handle has good ergonomics and the blade is a decent steel. It is a great slicer and workhorse!

A good entry-level sharpening kit is the Lansky TurnBox. It was my first sharpening system and it will keep your knife razor sharp. It only has medium and fine grit ceramic rods, but as long as you don't let your knife get too dull you can easily maintain it. There is a slightly more expensive turnbox that has coarse diamond rods that would be better for bringing very dull knives back to life.

u/blurryfacedfugue · 1 pointr/knives

Aww man, your knives deserve to be used. And then they deserve to be sharpened! If you suck at sharpening like I do and don't want to/have time to develop the right angles on a flat stone, try this:


Its like 20 bucks, and it takes away the human error. Plus its easier to use than those ones where you have to adjust the angle--the angle is already set, with a choice of 20 or 25 degrees.

u/test18258 · 1 pointr/knives

If [this] ( is the one your talking about then I would not recommend it. Those kind of sharpener are in general very poor at sharpening your knife and wear out the blade much faster than a regular sharpening system. They function by pinching off chunks of metal and leaving a wavy stressed edge that will dull quickly and require sharpening again.

Instead for a similar price, at least here in the US its a similar price. I would recommend the

[spyderco sharpmaker] (

It holds the ceramic rods at pre set angles but doesnt have only a single angle to it and you can even take out the rods and use them individually or tilt the sharpener to make up for some smaller variations in the factory grind angle.
Also very importantly you can clean the ceramic rods in the sharpmaker awhile in that device you really cant.
The one draw back that the sharpmaker has is that the brown ceramic "Medium" grit rods are very fine and do not do good at sharpening a knife that is very dull (its very slow at it)

Alternatively I would also recommend this

[Lansky diamond ceramic turnbox] (

Its similar to the sharpmaker but cheaper, has shorter ceramic rods which can make it a little less ideal for longer knives like kitchen knives. But it also comes with some diamond rods that are much courser than the rods on the sharpmaker.
The sharpmaker does come with diamond or CBN rods but they cost almost as much as the whole sharpener, though a great addition if you do a lot of dull knives.

u/Dag3n0 · 1 pointr/knives

If it is only for regular maintenance i.e. that the edge is only slightly dull the sharpmaker as is is ok. But if it ever gets really dull or a chip it will take forever and a day with s110v to get the edge back.

A cheaper alternative but with more obtuse angle options that works the same way is available here from lansky

And I have just seen there is also a diamond version

u/yesiambear · 1 pointr/knives

I got this for christmas. Is it good? Will this suffice for sharpening?

u/revolution09 · 1 pointr/knifeclub

Would this be the one you're referring to? It has two medium diamond rods and two fine ceramic rods:

What's the advantage of the diamond rods over the set with two different ceramic rods?