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LavaLock® 12 Grey High Performance BBQ Gasket Smoker Seal SELF Stick
EASY SELF ADHESIVE. Grey color & NomexⓇ Fiber premium blended materialULTRA HIGH TEMP. LavalockⓇ Ultra temp gasket Model # LL-NL1215 FOOT LONG ROLL. High temp self stick adhesive 1/2" x 1/8" x 15 feetEASY INSTALLATION. Our best quality self adhesive smoker gasket.HIGH QUAILITY USA MATERIAL. Guaranteed Performance, MADE IN USA
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24 Reddit comments about LavaLock® 12 Grey High Performance BBQ Gasket Smoker Seal SELF Stick:

u/Khal___Brogo · 20 pointsr/DiWHY

If they purchased the proper gasket tape its fine. Its called fireblack or lavalock depending on the company you purchase it from. It's used to seal smokers and grills. With Charcoal or stick burner grill/smokers you don't want any additional air getting in from cracks that could fluctuate your temperature. If you are trying to smoke a brisket you want to keep the temp even, steady, and low and the additional air will cause your fuel to burn hotter and produce black acrid smoke that will make it taste poorly. If the gasket tape isn't directly in the flame it shouldn't burn. The ambient heat shouldn't cause it to off gas chemicals.


u/servo386 · 9 pointsr/smoking

Lavalock/fireblack self adhering gasket

Edit: this LavaLock 12 GREY High Performance BBQ gasket smoker seal SELF STICK

u/TexasWhiskey_ · 4 pointsr/webergrills
  1. Learn how to use a chimney starter. Not needed, but very nice, are the weber starting cubes.

  2. Learn how to use 2 zone cooking. is a great starter.

  3. If you want to upgrade your getup: Slow N Sear by Adrenaline BBQ Co is amazing and worth every dollar. Buy some bbq insulation for the lid as well, super cheap and prevents leaking.

    With this you can cook everything from amazing tuna steaks, to slow cook brisket.
u/tampon_whistle · 4 pointsr/Traeger

Also look into a nomex gasket for the lid, it will help with heat retention.

LavaLock 12 GREY High Performance BBQ gasket smoker seal SELF STICK

u/StaticR0ute · 3 pointsr/smoking

I have the same grill, just got it at Christmas and I really like it. Here are some of the accessories I got to go with mine:


Thermal Blanket (for those cold/windy winter days)


Cover (protection from rain/snow)


GMG G-Mats (work well with wings and probably other stuff I haven't tried yet)


Grease Tray Liners (easy cleanup)


ThermoPro T20 (I like to have two probes in the meat and one for smoker internal temp)


Lavalock (I haven't installed this yet, but I plan on sealing the cover so no smoke escapes)


Magnetic Lights (for night smoking)


Hellfire BBQ Gloves / Claws


Happy smoking!

u/TheSnideOne · 3 pointsr/smoking

Don't brine a butterball. It's been factory brined. No need to inject it either. Look at its salt content on the wrappings. If you want to play in that arena, get a fresh turkey from a local butcher, not a frozen one from the super market. I run my temps by the thigh of the turkey as it will take the longest to come to temp. For poultry, you are almost always going to achieve a better result by cooking it at 325 degrees or higher. You can do an hour at 225 for more smoke, or even lower if your smoker can do it and then kick the heat up.

Dry rubs are personal preference. I used cajun last year but this year I'm probably going with an herb butter. I've spatchcocked and I also have a turkey cannon. Again, it's all preference.

I've used this to help seal up my smoker.

u/berntout · 2 pointsr/BBQ

Lava lock gasket from the looks of his other lava lock equipment. Link

u/heybroooody · 2 pointsr/pelletgrills

I put this on the lid (rather around the barrel where the lid closes) on my Pit Boss and am thrilled with the difference in smoke going out of the chimney rather than the lid.


u/Bacun · 2 pointsr/OklahomaJoe

For those interested, here's a pic of the inside.

Here's a list of my mods.

  • Grommet on the side for probe access: So handy! The most useful mod. I used this titanium drill bit to create a hole large enough. It took me about an hour of sweating my butt off with the drill to make the hole. I feel like this mod is a must because if you use any kind of probe this will be a lifesaver. Constantly closing and opening the lid of the smoker with the wire in the way will eventually damage the wire. With this grommet bypassing the door entirely, you don't risk damaging the wire anytime you open or close the lid. If your hand slips when opening the lid and the lid slams down, it can CUT the probe wire! Lifesaver indeed.
  • Lavalock Thermometers x2: I bought two of these for both sides. Tested them for accuracy with boiling water and they work pretty great.
  • Lavalock Gaskets: I used these to seal the lid of the main chamber. It helps create a seal for lower smoke leakage.
  • Clamps: These make 100% sure you are airtight when smoking. When used together with the gaskets, I get virtually no leakage from the main chamber. One annoying thing though is that the clamp installed on the side of the fire chamber can get in the way of you opening and closing the fire chamber lid. But, overall I'm happy with them, especially for longer cooks.
  • High Temp Silicone Caulk: This is a MUST. The areas around the smoke chamber leak smoke SO MUCH. I've used it to seal around every nook and cranny of the fire chamber and it's done wonders.
  • Water pan: Not sure if this counts as a mod, but it's just a simple steel water pan.
  • Oklahoma Joe Firebox Basket: The reverse flow smoker came included with this. I think the regular Highland Smoker does not have it. In my opinion, it is extremely helpful in maintaining heat throughout your cook and makes the temperature fluctuate less.
u/Semper_Fidelity · 2 pointsr/Traeger

Get a roll of gasket sealing foam and put it all around the edge of the opening of the door:


u/Wangus · 2 pointsr/smoking

Something like this is what i would traditionally use to seal a fireplace or smoker. There's cording out there too, but the flat sealer would probably work better if you have an offset with a curved lid.

u/StickPuppet · 2 pointsr/BBQ

Some comments and suggestions to the others with the same smoker. Its a Dynaglo and it comes in two sizes, the one pictured is the small one. I have the larger size, and it would probably accommodate 2 turkeys... I don't have to cut my rib slabs or briskets or anything down to size with the large one, it all fits - the smaller ones you might have to cut up your larger pieces of meat to make it fit.

The inside right side is all a hot spot, even heat distribution is difficult. I added these things across the bottom shelf that helps with heat distribution:
I've also seen people make heat shields/baffles to try and get the heat moving to the other side. This is probably a much bigger problem with the large version though.

As OP stated, get some food grade RTV and seal it up real well, large version comes with oven door rope style seal on main door and 2 buckles to close it up tight, so it seals well. You may also want some heat seal like this for the doors on the smaller version

Im also assuming OP added his own water pan, as I dont believe either size comes with one - the large one does not however.

u/johndoe60610 · 2 pointsr/pelletgrills

Congrats! Something I wish I'd done sooner is add some insulation around the lid. Cheap and effective way to keep smoke (and heat) from billowing out the sides. Helps reduce pellet use and lessen temperature fluctuations.

u/chrisbrl88 · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

Shouldn't, once it's mortared in. If there's seepage around the hatch, it's nothing a little grill gasket can't handle.

u/tonedef85 · 1 pointr/smoking

I have the same model and absolutely agree with everybody that said seal it first. Use the high temp rtv on the mating surface between the firebox and the smoker and the two pieces of the firebox. Then use the gasketing tape on both doors. I even went a step further and prep the surface with the flap disc on my grinder first. Lastly and I highly highly recommend start a large very hot fire in the firebox before you do any cooking and burn off the coating of paint on the firebox. You don't have to get it all off but most of it otherwise there will be a very noxious smoke coming off while you cook. I used a block of wood and scraped it off when it gets all melted to speed up the process a little bit.
Links to the two products I used

u/buymywayout · 1 pointr/BBQ

Buy some thermal tape (example) and seal up the door and other joints. It's crazy how much heat and smoke can escape on some units.

u/Jewish_Doctor · 1 pointr/Traeger

I recently purchased a welding blanket that perfects goes around my Pro 34 that helps insulate and WAY cheaper;
3' X 3' Tillman Panoxidized Felt...

They make high strength magnets that will help keep the blanket attached.

Also felt lined the lid so no smoke escapes but also obviously insulates it;

LavaLock 12 GREY High Performance...

Lastly and really the first mod was I got a handfull of firebricks and put them at the bottom of the drum. Help fill dead space and reflect heat upwards (while also a heatsponge). Found some for cheap at a local tractor supply. Think home depot sells a 6 pack for $30 or something free in store pickup otherwise. 6 would be more than enough.

I did this stuff to help maximize my smoke but also reduce pellet use. I figure if you help the drum keep heat with less auger feeding you're going to get MORE smoke as a side effect as it isn't burning them up.

u/SpeclalK · 1 pointr/smoking

I bought a second hand smoker that didn't line up too well and leaked heat/smoke everywhere until I found a sealant.

I used that on the lid (on the smoker and the lid) along with some latches that locked the lid down to keep it sealed up real good.


If my explanation doesn't make sense, let me know and I will make a quick video.

u/qovneob · 1 pointr/BBQ

As long as its a smooth-ish surface it should work. I think this stuff is what I used but figure out how wide it needs to be since the rolls come in diff widths

u/TheFoft · 1 pointr/smoking

Yep! These are all good tips. Also you might think about some Lavalock to seal up the door and lid a bit better.

u/charisma1 · 1 pointr/smoking

Nice report and looking forward to the pictures of smoked meat. If you see smoke leaking from other then the vents on the lid, an inexpensive enchantment is to put [smoker seal tape] ( around the top lid, bottom coal bowl and the door. Some interesting article can be found virtual weber bullet. Enjoy the WSM experience.

u/DJDomTom · 1 pointr/smoking

I'm speechless, what a serious wealth of knowledge. I have some coins left over to give you gold but I'm not sure how, I'll have to do it at a computer I think. You definitely earned it. Thank you so much!!!!!

I will probably have a few questions for you soon but for now I just wanted to say thank you for assisting a random stranger from the internet. Gonna break her in with a large amount of atomic buffalo turds and a pork shoulder!!!

Edit: LavaLock 12 GREY High Performance BBQ gasket smoker seal SELF STICK

Was this the seal you bought?