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LEM Products 5 Pound Stainless Steel Vertical Sausage Stuffer
Stainless steel base; Two clamps to conveniently secure during useAll metal gearsCylinder designed to be removed for filling and cleaningPlastic piston has handy air-release valveThree stuffing tubes: 1/2", 3/4" and 1"; Each with a 1 9/16" base
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9 Reddit comments about LEM Products 5 Pound Stainless Steel Vertical Sausage Stuffer:

u/rockstarmode · 10 pointsr/Charcuterie

LEM makes a great 5 lb stuffer. I use it for relatively small runs, and it cleans up really easily. Some people use it without mounting it to the counter, but I like the extra stability, so I mounted mine to an extra cutting board so I can still move it around.

u/Manrante · 5 pointsr/sausagetalk

It will help to make sure the sausage mix is as cold as possible. However, I consider the Kitchenaid grinder/stuffer to be a lesson in frustration.

I'd say the LEM 5 lb. is the gold standard for an entry level stuffer. It's worth waiting and putting it on a wish list.

u/Cdresden · 3 pointsr/meat

I think the sausage stuffer is at least as important. If you have a Kitchenaid, I think your best bet is to go for the grinder/stuffer combo set, about $90.

I like LEM products, and I don't mind using a manual grinder, so the LEM manual grinder works great for me. About $80. But I'd even go for a cheaper manual grinder as long as it was cast metal.

As far as stuffers go, the LEM 5# stuffer costs about $130, but I wouldn't advise going for a cheaper model. The older "horn" style stuffers make stuffing a 2 person job, and are notorious for letting meat squish out.

u/ohnovix · 2 pointsr/food

looks great!

spices look fine though i'd probably grind up the mustard/caraway since they are annoying to chew through. also a little more meat/little less fat. I like 80/20 for smoked sausage. note that the cure in the recipe isnt "needed" but it does keep the sausages nice and pink when cooked, offers a slightly different texture, and makes them shelf stable for days.

try 1 tsp of salt or even better weigh the meat/salt and try to shoot for 8 grams of salt per pound of meat. include the cure in this since it's 90-94% salt already.

the kitchenaid stuffer is terrible try to get something like it will last a long time and your end product will be 10x better

as for the actual stuffing it was a good first attempt! you likely had a blowout twisting that sausage in the middle because it was slightly overstuffed.. what you can do if you feel it happening again is try to squeeze the meat up through the casing like toothpaste so you can have enough room to safely twist. or don't and enjoy another meatball!

and try some hog casings! I find 32/34 casings work the best for the kitchen aid since the stuffing tube is a little big and likes to grip the casings.

good luck

u/MennoniteDan · 2 pointsr/Charcuterie

Getting a dedicated stuffer makes a world of difference in the quality of your product, and the ease of making the product.

This meat grinder is on sale right now, and while it runs a bit loud, it is a quality product.

Lem 5lb stuffer is a little on sale as well.

Get both, and you're sitting around the 300$ budget mark!

u/kit58 · 2 pointsr/sausagetalk

For your purpose it is easy to find a grinder below $100. #8 or #5 (size of the tube) should be fine e.g.. You can get a good stuffer for $150. It will make your life much easier.

u/phauwn · 1 pointr/Charcuterie

frankfurters are usually sheep, yes.

That westin will be way better than stuffing with the kitchen aid, and I have one but no longer use it because I upgraded to this which super awesome but not lower in price.

u/Occasionally_Correct · 1 pointr/Charcuterie

I had some texture issues with my first sausage too. I got a bunch of suggestions from the thread noted below. I tried two things in my next batch to fix it. First I paddle mixed the grind a little longer to get the primary bind to set, yours looks good from the pics. Next I bought a new stuffer. The kitchenaid grinder is fine but I really really over worked the meat trying to stuff it using that attachment. I bought the stuffer noted below and it was so much easier.

Texture suggestions


u/awkwardsoul · 1 pointr/Cooking

If you have a Kitchenaid stand mixer - the meat grinder attachment is AMAZING if you are starting out (I doubt you are going to make 25lb batches, seriously). Others here I read disagree with the kitchenaid, but I make usually 10lb batches and have had no issues. My husband has killed 2 dedicated meat grinders, his friends have killed theirs, but the kitchenaid still going strong and we all use it for our meat grinding. The stuffer sucks though, you'll want something else.

Stuffer - get something like this it is really easy to use, can be used solo, very little effort needed to make sausage.

Our last stuffer was a bent fat tube you pressed a lever down on and it took 1 person to hold the machine, another to push (and use all their weight on) and another to feed the sausage. It was horrible.

1 big tip I gotta say is sous vide cooking sausage is the best. That is the only way I'll cook sausage now as the flavor comes out great. edit: clarity