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Lenovo Multimedia Remote Keyboard N5902 (Non-Backlit) 0C51503
Device Type: KeyboardConnectivity Type: WirelessOn/Off Button on Device. Set to On for Automatic Battery Saver
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15 Reddit comments about Lenovo Multimedia Remote Keyboard N5902 (Non-Backlit) 0C51503:

u/pocketfool · 2 pointsr/buildapc

I actually started using a remote a while back for my first HTPC, and haven't really been able to consider any of my builds as complete until I have a remote to accompany it. While I can't really tell you what would be best, since every situation, PC, user, and budget may require something a little bit different, my two current HTPCs use the Lenovo N5902, and the Logitech Wireless MiniController.

Even something simple like the HP WMC media remote works wonders, and offers all of the functionality (albeit for compatible systems) of a higher priced device for a fraction of the cost.

u/HasBenThere · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

I had one of those, but a column of buttons stopped working. I ended up getting one of these Lenovo multimedia keyboards.

u/tronbrain · 2 pointsr/boxee

I am very partial to this media remote from Lenovo. It should work, though it is one of the more expensive options.

You can connect the new remote dongle to the USB port. For the time being, you can just connect a mouse and keyboard just so you can use the device.

You may wish to check eBay for a Boxee remote, though I have not seen one on there for quite some time.

u/Mephiska · 2 pointsr/htpc

This Lenovo Multimedia Remote is my favorite for a nondescript keyboard/mouse combo that's perfectly at home on a coffee table. It's extremely comfortable in your hand and is a nice, compact all-in-one controller for an HTPC. If you keep your eye out you occasionally see it go on sale for around $30. It's back-lit and works quite well, though the range leaves some to be desired. Get a USB extension and locate the receiver somewhere in the open for best results.

Also, the Logitech Dinovo Mini is quite popular but I don't have personal experience with it. I'd like to pick one up if it ever drops below $40 or so but I've been content enough with my Lenovo remote to not have a need to pay more to replace it.

With any HTPC, however, I strongly recommend having a cheap wireless KB+M combo hidden behind your couch or in a drawer for times when you need to spend time on the PC side. Doing extensive install/configuration or troubleshooting with just a basic HTPC remote will drive you nuts otherwise.

u/o0turdburglar0o · 2 pointsr/electronic_cigarette

I highly recommend one of these.

u/eks91 · 1 pointr/raspberry_pi

I have one of these but back lit version. Here is a cheap non back lit lenovo usb remote.

Runs on xbmc flawlessly. Almost the same size as an xbox 360 controller.

u/TweetPoster · 1 pointr/blackfriday

>2014-11-19 14:28:27 UTC

>Lenovo Multimedia Remote Keyboard N5902 (Non-backlit)-$26.85 &FREE Shipping. (62% off - original price $69.99.)Amazon


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u/leif777 · 1 pointr/cordcutters

I've got an Asus Ideacenter (It was on sale for 300$) in the living room with extra storage. It can with one of these.

I've also got an ATV that the wife uses and my playstation streams Plex.

u/Eightball007 · 1 pointr/htpc

I have a Logitech K400 for the family room and a K830 for my bedroom.

Everyone in my house loves the K400 and it handles being treated like a remote (tossed on the couch, falling on the rug etc) very well.

Only thing is this: I personally turn off tap to click, tap to drag and a bunch of other stuff to keep me from accidentally clicking and dragging and zooming whenever I touch the touchpad. But the K400's software (SetPoint) doesn't retain its settings very well and I find myself doing all that crap anyway and having to re-apply my settings quite often.

So if you're considering the K400, I suggest focusing on the K400 Plus which is basically the same thing but uses newer software that actually retains whatever settings you want.

The K830 is very nice but it's pricey and was a bit of a splurge. The backlight is great, the software (Logitech Options) retains its settings and it has a premium feel to it. Honestly though, its a very close experience to the K400/K400 plus so I wouldn't spring for anything besides a 50 dollar refurbished one.

Just for reference, I've also used a Lenovo N5902. Although backlit, the sensor thingy was pretty awkward to use so I upgraded to this Iogear Multimedia Keyboard. It was comfortable to use but the trackball didn't survive long being used my my gf's kids. The keycaps would pop off as well. I've also used just a wireless keyboard and mouse which was a pain.

u/teedoe · 1 pointr/cordcutters

Yeah, I agree. I use a [] ( USB receiver for my harmony remote and then [this remote] ( when I need the full keyboard. Not perfect but gets the job done. I have also been using this [MeLE] ( remote in the bedroom and it works pretty good as an all in one.

u/LocalAmazonBot · 1 pointr/Teachers

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Link: $36 @ Amazon


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u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Teachers

OK. One thing that I LOVE because it is so easy to use is the Lenovo Multimedia Remote (unless you remote desktop in from a wireless device, then carry on.) It allows you to be mobile while presenting and typing and I use it for game show style review games. $36 @ Amazon

u/Clutch987 · 1 pointr/buildapc

Here is my setup. I have a wired keyboard and mouse that I keep on my TV stand. I have them both on 6' USB extensions cables, so when I want to play a keyboard/mouse only game I pull them out and set them on a small table. I have a wired Xbox 360 controller I use for any other games. For streaming and wireless controlling from the couch, I use a Lenovo Keyboard/Mouse combo

u/bizzy11 · 1 pointr/emulation

Yea no regrets with this remote so far. I use this as my keyboard/mouse, the backlit version though:

I was using this before getting the harmony and now it's my backup remote or when I need to type anything. Pretty decent all-around keyboard/mouse combo imo.