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LG Optimus Exceed 2 (Verizon Prepaid)
4.5 inch WVGA Display with Gorilla Glass touch screen. Andriod 4.4.2 KitKat5 Megapixel autofocus cameraVideo player with touch lock, Play on Screen FunctionPrepaid phones cannot be migrated to postpay accounts until after six months of prepaid serviceThis product will not supports a Micro SIM card.
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u/SeaberryPIe · 8 pointsr/pcmasterrace

My idea for the cheapest ghetto shield.

LG Optimus Exceed 2 (you gotta bypass activation)


MOGA controller

In all it comes out to $22.7 not counting tax or shipping. Plus both are prime for shipping.

u/siggysiggy · 7 pointsr/beermoney

If you find a particular phone on Amazon, you can track said-phone on the following site:

It is a great site! You set a price for what you are willing to pay and once the price drops to that threshold, it will alert you via email.


-Forgot to add a phone for you to track that is a great phone (I have 10 of them -- and all have held up great). It is the "LG Optimus Exceed 2" ( ... Over Christmas, the phone dropped to a great deal of $11.99. More than likely, however, wont see that price for awhile... Track it with camelcamelcamel and you can let it tell you once it gets below $15.00; at that price, it is a good value.

u/Phawks · 6 pointsr/SwagBucks

The best for your money is gonna be the Optimus Exceed 2 IMO. I have 4 and love them. You can get them from amazon for $15 right now:

u/macswell · 4 pointsr/beermoney

You can find all this info if you dig, but it's pretty confusing at first.

If you only have 3 hours a day you want to start by maximizing your passive earners.

  1. The PerkTV app running on 5 cheap android phones, $15 LG Exceed 2's are my personal favorite currently.
  2. Root them using towelroot
  3. Install perktv and beermoney assist
  4. Make an account on perk and use beer money assist to keep the screen always on.
  5. Start perk and play app videos. I recommend placing the phones next to your bathroom or computer. Some place you visit regularly so that your time/brain investment is minimal.
  6. Profit - This setup earns me $60-80 a month (US). Earning is better right now due to holidays throwing more money at advertisers.

    That's a little more than a month to break even and start making a profit, you can start with your existing phone/tablet etc as well.

    From there you can look into growing your farm, supposedly you can have up to 5 devices running each perk app. But you run the risk of getting flagged/banned if earn too quickly, which will then require you to contact perk support etc etc.

    You can look into other passive paid ad-viewing apps. Checkpoints and Charger pay are the noteworthy ones. But they're not worth it if you're not already maxing out perk.

    I only do passive earning so you'll need to chat with others about active earners. Swagbucks is pretty popular and reliable for surveys and similar activities.
u/quadrplax · 3 pointsr/SwagBucks

I don't know if that phone could run the Swagbucks apps or not. I would recommend the LG Optimus Exceed 2. It has a newer version of Android, runs the apps fine from my experience, and is rootable. It's been as cheap as $12 in the past.

u/bingana · 3 pointsr/beermoney

Started 2 days ago with two phones (an old iPhone 4S and a $15USD LG Optimus Exceed 2). I'm currently at about 920 videos.

Planning to buy this phone for $10 soon, and my earnings should definitely go up.

u/Weavingknitter · 2 pointsr/kindlefire

I use an old LG Optimus somethingorother as my pocket ereader. Several years ago, Amazon offered this little bitty thing for something like $15, and I jumped on that sale. It has been a complete joy. I disabled everything except the kindle app, and the google books app, and it is the best little ereader! If I keep wifi turned off, the battery will easily last two days of vacation reading - meaning - several hours on the plane or bus or car or whatever. Like you, I don't want to drain my phone. Best $15 I've ever spent!

edited to add - just out of curiosity, I looked it up. Optimus Exceed 2. My order indicates that I spent $14.99, yet Amazon will sell you one, today, for $90. What a riot!

u/sbonds · 2 pointsr/diabetes


Give mySugar support an E-mail. They set me up so that my kid's info shows up on my account seconds after he enters it from school-- complete with photos of his glucometer and his lunch!

We got him a cheap Verizon Prepaid Motorola Moto G and skipped the activation to use it as WiFi-only. I set it up on the school WiFi so the data gets sent to me immediately. The supplies on this specific phone seem to be drying up, but this one looks very similar and is about the same price ($30-50):

Supply Costs

The best way to save money is to get your insurance formulary (also known as a prescription drug list) and be sure that you're using the lowest-cost insulins available (both the once-daily "basal" and with-meal "bolus" types.) I aggressively worked my way into a one month buffer of insulin, then switched to a mail order pharmacy so I get 90 days at once versus 30 days.

Work with your doctor to get an appropriately high number for maximum units per day so you can build up that buffer quickly. This might help:


To help get your mind wrapped around all this new stuff, the book "A First Book for Understanding Diabetes" is the best place to start. You can read the prior version for free online:

The prior version is fine for starting out. The next version added some good info on pumps and continuous glucose monitors-- but you won't need to worry about those for a while.

I was exactly where you were maybe 5 months ago. Take things as you go. It's OK to make lots of mistakes; don't beat yourself up for being human. Call the doctor for advice specific to your situation any time there's a question. The mySugr data will be great for spotting trends.

u/kyerkes98 · 2 pointsr/SwagBucks

Wait for this phone to drop around the $20 range again, and buy it. It will pay itself off and its a nice way to help alleviate the hassle of reaching that first daily goal.

u/senorchip · 2 pointsr/perktv
u/Eduguy1 · 2 pointsr/perktv

LG exceed from amazon always top of people's list. $15 from amazon new (sold out right now

never used it personally though because amazon won't ship to canada

u/Ornery_Ra · 1 pointr/PuzzleAndDragons

I like your goal then reward system. I will try it!

I play on separate devices. I originally played my alt account on my old smartphone, but then it broke so I bought a cheap replacement for $15. The price dropped down to $10 so I bought another one and started a second alt account. All you have to do is skip the registration and set it on WiFi mode and you have another device for almost nothing!

Edit: The price on it is not quite as good as when I bought it, but I'm sure you can find an adequate device for $10-20. Usually it is the prepaid devices that are cheap to buy. Just make sure there is a way to bypass registering the device and use WiFi only :)

u/Daisatsu · 1 pointr/perktv
u/LateralThinkerer · 1 pointr/flying

I've used a no-contract Android phone (was $20, now about $30) with the setup bypassed to run Avare with no trouble at all and it has a built in GPS.