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Life Extension Melatonin 6 Hour Time Released Vegetarian, 300 mcg 100 Vegetarian Tablets
Restores optimal sleep.Balances immune function.Promotes a balanced circadian rhythm.Protects cellular DNA by inhibiting oxidative stress and free radicals.Melatonin also has strong antioxidant propertiesProtecting cellular dna against peroxynitrite damageMelatonin increases the speed of falling asleep and adds to the quality of sleep
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10 Reddit comments about Life Extension Melatonin 6 Hour Time Released Vegetarian, 300 mcg 100 Vegetarian Tablets:

u/cantsleepwontsleep4A · 3 pointsr/DSPD

Hi there. Have been using melatonin since 1994 so I am the master of it lol.

Right now I use Solgar 3mg nuggets, super tiny pills that will absorb really quickly. I take 9mg, non-timed release, can take a 1-3 hours to fall asleep.

If you need microdosing and/or time release, head on over to Amazon and check out Life Extension. They should have a 300mcg time release dose. Every few weeks, some nights still fail so I'm all night again lol. Doesn't matter the brand just the way I'm personally built. Don't let that discourage you though.

  • Time release
  • Non time release

    Not sure why the time release one is $10 right now so you might be able to find other sources for a better price. You can get the non-time release ones for $4-6.

    I used to swear by Schiff brand, but doesn't look like they sell pure melatonin anymore (they put b6 and theanine in their formulas), and also they don't have a low dose size either (used to have 1mg).

    Finally you can check Labdoor if you want a scientific analysis of how much of the product actually meets the label.

    Also you can put them under your tongue and let them dissolve, the idea is for alot of it to bypass the stomach and go directly into the bloodstream.

    This Reddit forum is surprisingly quiet. If you know of any other forums let me know as I need some help myself locating a new specialist for some testing.
u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/arabs

Check out /r/leaves if you're trying to quit for good. /r/petioles if you're trying to moderate. If you're the type that smokes nonstop, you should invest in a vaporizer (a dry herb vape, not a hash or oil pen). You can keep the dosages super low, and I find that vaporizers make you less fuzzy/dehydrated/tired than smoking.


I recommend time-release melatonin if you don't already use it. 0.5 milligrams is great for falling asleep. I see that you live in Canada, I recommend you try this brand if you can get it.


Also, lift heavy weights. Like do 6 sets to failure for 2-3 exercises. You'll definitely crash at night.

u/GetHimABodyBagYeahhh · 2 pointsr/Nootropics

1mg of melatonin is still too much. 300mcg is what you want, in a timed-release formula.

u/StormSpirit92 · 2 pointsr/Petioles

Have you tried time release melatonin? I use this brand. I use to have a lot of trouble with insomnia (no more than 5 hours a night for months on end), but if I take one or two of these pills I sleep fantastically. Regular melatonin isn't helpful for me since my problem was waking up in the middle of the night (not falling asleep). The time release helps with that specific problem.

u/Roi1989 · 2 pointsr/Supplements

I think 300mcg is enough for extended release. I purchased this one before

For me, it is too strong. I wake up groggier than normal. but it has good reviews. I still have to experiment with a lot of supplements including melatonin. I have bought more than I can test without confounding factors. For now, I prefer normal melatonin and I take less than 100mcg (I have it in powder form).

Two more supplements worth trying- Magnolia extract from Liftmode. Baicalin (ingredient from Skullcap) from Powder City or where you can get it.

Maybe add zinc before bed, I think it can help a little.

The best one is Phenibut, but it has addiction potential so it's not a smart idea to take it every day (I take it every 2-3 days around 500mg).

Edit: Now that I think about it, maybe there is a supplement that disrupts your sleep and you are unaware of it. For me Ashwagandha really disrupts my sleep, although it helps with sleep for so many people.

u/Pixaritdidnthappen · 2 pointsr/Nootropics

I also have sleep issues, the time release melatonin has been amazing, this is what I've been using. I was getting symptoms of anhedonia from larger doses.

u/Kokkoooo · 1 pointr/Nootropics

Hello! great to hear that melatonin has worked for you. As far as 300mcg and time release, please look here! I found one yesterday! :D

As far as the dreams go, i havent taken anything over 300mcg yet, so I may never experience them- they sound cool though :)

u/Majalisk · 0 pointsr/Supplements

Try this if you want to stay asleep and not wake up throughout the night:

Might help with that.