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Logitech K830 Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard with Built-in Touchpad – Easy-access Media Keys and Shortcut Keys for Windows or Android
Easy typing, even in the dark - Type effortlessly in all lighting conditions. A sensor detects the amount of light in the room and automatically dims or brightens the back-light to suit your needsKeyboard and mouse all in one -The K830 streamlines navigation in the living room by combining these two devices into one. The touch-pad is smooth and responsive with accurate cursor control and enhanced gesture functions.10 meter (33 feet) wireless range - Lean back and browse from your couch or bed with Logitech Unifying or Bluetooth Smart technology. Compatible : Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or later Android 5.0 or later Chrome OS USB port or Bluetooth Smart enabled computer.Easy-access controls - The keyboard layout is optimized for a seamless, lean-back navigation. It has media hot keys like mute, volume up or down for quick entertainment control. Shortcut keys simplify navigation with Windows or Android.Cable Length (Power/Charging) 51.18 inchWorthy of the living room - designed to complement the modern living room with a combination of premium textures, metal-like finish and a unique key design crafted into a compact, solid form.Typing noise: within 55 dBA for all keysNOTE: Refer user manual before use
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40 Reddit comments about Logitech K830 Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard with Built-in Touchpad – Easy-access Media Keys and Shortcut Keys for Windows or Android:

u/sativa_got_me_down · 6 pointsr/buildapcsales
u/CyberSoldier8 · 5 pointsr/buildapcsales

If you are going to be using it a lot I highly recommend stepping it up to the K830. The backlighting is super nice for use in the dark, which most home theaters probably are most of the time while watching.

u/Formula_Mike · 5 pointsr/oculus

Repost, imgur ate the first image album.

I just finished a second crash cart for my SO, and this time I kept track of the parts I used during assembly. So as a gift to the VR subreddits I tend to follow here's some assembly photos and a full parts list should you want to build your own.

Parts list:

(1x) HF / USG Rolling Toolcart $99 with coupon -

(1x) Asus VP239H-P Monitor -

(1x) VESA mount -

(6x) Rubber Grommets (requires 1 1/2" bi-metal hole saw) -

(1x) PRIME Power Strip -

(1x) Best Buy - 9' VR Cable Extension -
Additional parts required:

(4x) 1/4" x 3/8" steel rivets (requires rivet gun) -

(2x) 1/4 x 20 Rivet Nut for attaching the power strip. (Requires nut setting tool)

(2x) 1/4 x 20 x 3/4 button cap hex screws -
1 x 1 cable tie mounts for dressing the wiring inside the toolchest -

4" cable ties, black -

And lots of blue loctite for all the fasteners during assembly.

Optional but makes life easy:

Logitech K830 wireless keyboard -

The last 7 photos are from the first VR Crash Cart I built to help illustrate some of the assembly steps involved.

u/tomgabriele · 4 pointsr/htpc

It's the K830 that's backlit with the built in touchpad.

I have it, whaddya want to know?

u/IceyGames56 · 3 pointsr/samsung

Check out the K830, it's on sale on amazon right now:

u/goodhur · 3 pointsr/AndroidTV

I don't have a Sony tv but if it has a USB port for accessories I'd look at the Logitech k400 plus. There is a more expensive Bluetooth and USB model called the Logitech k830.

Edit links

K400 plus


u/Capt_BrickBeard · 3 pointsr/RetroPie

it's about twice as much but the [[logitech K830]]
( is the one i went with. mainly the illuminated keys was was sold me. i got it to use with my retropi and projector so i knew i'd be using it in a dark room.

a very subtle addition also makes this stand out. on the top left corner (above the esc key but not on the front surface...the 'top' surface) is a button for the left mouse click. at first i didn't see myself using it, but if you hold the keyboard in both hands like you might a controller, you can use your thumb on the trackpad and the 'shoulder' button mouse click with the other. it's a very comfortable way to use it.

my only gripe about it is that the Fn keys are red which doesn't contrast well at all with the black keys and they're also not backlit like the rest of the key. but considering that i really don't use them i consider that negligible.

u/pixelcowboy · 3 pointsr/bapcsalescanada

Same price on

u/baconhead · 3 pointsr/ElitePS

Voice can be handled by any mic that works with the PS4. Any USB keyboard will work with the PS4, I use this one currently but there's cheaper options too.

u/hotpocketdeath · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I have this NUC:

And I have it in this case:

The CPU has an HD6000 GPU which has partial h.265 hardware support. So playback of h.265 is practically effortless. The fanless case is amazing and keeps the whole thing nice and cool while being absolutely silent (thanks to SSD as well). The case also maintains the built in IR port so it lets me use my Logitech remote. Though it helps to use EventGhost to translate IR commands to direct Kodi commands.

Even during full playback, the whole thing draws less than 20watts.

Edit: oh, and if anyone wants to do the same, I suggest getting these as well.
That way you can attach external antennas if you want to use the NUC's wifi.

I also use this keyboard which uses the built in Bluetooth of the NUC. So the only things actually plugged into the NUC is the power cable and HDMI cable.

u/LORD_STABULON · 2 pointsr/intelnuc

If you want wireless because you're using a non-desk setup (i.e. some sort of living room/couch scenario) then I'd recommend a combination keyboard/trackpad. Sure, you can buy a wireless mouse to go along with a wireless keyboard, but unless you're trying to play a shooter game from the couch without a gamepad, one device is better than two.

I use a Logitech K830 and it's really great. I also own the cheaper K400 for another setup and the K830 is infinitely better. Even though I also have a nice wired mechanical keyboard for when I'm using the NUC as a desktop PC, I'll occasionally find myself using this keyboard along with a regular mouse, just for the sake of convenience.

u/mrteapoon · 2 pointsr/techsupport

You could either use a 3rd party program like Key Tweak or you can use the Logitech SetPoint software.

Feel free to comment or shoot me a PM if you need more help. :)

Edit: If you still have the option of returning the k400, and you don't mind spending a little more, the K830 is a great option. The backlit keys are a godsend, and the keyboard layout is much less blasphemous.

u/phylogenik · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

personally I use a Logitech K830 for that very reason, after using a K400 for ages. Scrambling around when you want to check something in a dark room was too inconvenient. Plus it charges via microusb and feels sexier lol

They get down to $50ish on sale with decent regularity, so still a fair bit pricier than the K400. There are some refurbs and like news going on amazon in the mid $40s w/ no tax atm though if anyone here's interested but doesn't want to wait (and wants to save a few $)

u/BrainFizzVR · 2 pointsr/oculus

This is what I spec'ed for our demo cart and I have to say I actually really like it.

Wireless, backlit, built in touchpad, USB charging.

u/BluePotato00 · 2 pointsr/simracing

Sim Racing Hardware:

u/EeK09 · 2 pointsr/aoe

Thanks to the other people who replied to this thread, I found out that the game does, in fact, have a slider to adjust the scaling! I glossed over the settings because I assumed that all sliders were related to audio. However, Classic mode is still impossible to play, due to everything else remaining small and the zoom being disabled.

As for the lapboard, I'm actually using something that I'd purchased for my laptop a while back: a "laptop lap desk with pillow cushion", by Cooler Master (that particular model seems to be discontinued, though, and this is the one currently available - same size, different color).

It's not ideal. I can barely fit my Logitech wireless keyboard (K830) and mousepad (by Evoluent) on top of it. But I did some research last year, when I built my PC (I had been primarily a console gamer for the last decade), and all "true" lapboard options had terrible reviews. What seemed to be the better one - the Lapdog, by Corsair - is wired, which kinda defeats the purpose

So, I decided to wait and use what I already had as a temporary solution. Now, I'm considering getting this... thing, also by Corsair. The lapboard is available separately, but since it's made for that specific Corsair keyboard (the K63), it's not worth it if you already have your own device that you enjoy. The mousepad is integrated, so you also have to take that into consideration.

Paul (from Paul's Hardware YouTube channel) has a good video showing that product (and a few others). He starts using the setup at the 16:40 mark.

u/outbound · 2 pointsr/chromeos

The best bluetooth keyboard with integrated touchpad I've used is the Logitech K830. It rates as a 'just ok' typing experience - they're not fantastic keys with just the right travel with a good click - but they're fine for casual typing.

For portability, I've got a Lindon-Tech Foldable. No dedicated left/right-click buttons (so you've gotta one-finger or two-finger tap). The fold throws off the keyboard layout a wee bit. The typing experience is kinda meh. But, its very compact and great for when I'm away from home.

u/timcookytech · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

some people tried that but with leather and they said it barely did anything i recommend you do what forgotten fox says but also clean the dust

if nothing works buy a new laptop, if you cant afford that use external keyboard and mouse

some are very portable like this one

u/dissapeare · 1 pointr/raspberry_pi

Found one guys, thanks though!

Edit: shit, just realized its bluetooth. Back to the drawing board

u/TheLoCoRaven · 1 pointr/Steam_Link

I'd also recommend this keyboard and getting wake on lan to work. If your pc isn't on wireless.

u/Orangematz · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

What about an Intel NUC along with a wireless keyboard?

u/dandantheman8 · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

A friend of mine uses one of those logitech keyboards with a trackpad on it

This one is good because it is illuminated, and of course he uses a controller for gaming

u/kneehowguys · 1 pointr/DIY

OP here, alternatively, I have figured out two different, pretty retarded, janky solution but are very easy and should work.



Extra Retarded Solution #1:

  1. Buy TWO of these

  2. Heavily duct tape them at the bottom and in between, maybe even hot glue them in between as well

  3. Then connect both of them to the computer and then use the left keyboard's touchpad + mute/volume keys with the left hand and the keys on the right hand.




    Somewhat Less Retarded Solution #2:

    Alternatively, if I can just find a good touchpad + wireless volume + wireless mute button, I can duct tape them + maybe hotglue them onto the left of my existing keyboard.




    However, I'm still interested in your thoughts on the original post as well, which would produce the smallest final object compared to these two new solutions
u/AlphaleteAthletics · 1 pointr/AndroidTV

Logitech K830 Illuminated Living-Room Wireless Touchpad Keyboard for Internet-Connected TVs (Bluetooth & Wireless USB Keyboard)

To turn the TV on/off you just push the Fn key + Ins key. It also has a return and home key, as well as volume control.

u/shakajumbo · 1 pointr/ShieldAndroidTV

I use this logitech it's backlit, and chargeable with a micro usb. It's great!

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u/Keiceleria · 1 pointr/Surface

I use this for my NUC attached to my TV and find it excellent for that. Not sure I would want to write War and Peace on it though.

u/ShawnDex · 1 pointr/Addons4Kodi

These are the Keyboards mouse combo that I use.

Rii i8+ 2.4GHz Mini Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad Mouse,LED Backlit,Rechargable Li-ion Battery this also comes in Bluetooth.

Logitech K830 Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard with Built-in Touchpad – Easy-access Media Keys and Shortcut Keys for Windows or Android

u/illuminati229 · 1 pointr/androidtablets

Something like this?

Logitech K830 Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard with Built-in Touchpad – Easy-access Media Keys and Shortcut Keys for Windows or Android

u/FatalDosesOfOsmosis · 1 pointr/bapcsalescanada

Hows the battery life?

Amazon says it's 10 days for the K830 vs 12 months for the K400

u/clee290 · 0 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

I'm not aware of anything that has a mechanical keyboard and touchpad built together (assuming that is what you want). I have seen membrane keyboards like that, for example the Logitech K400 or K830. There is also the Tex Yoda II, which is a mechanical keyboard but it has one of those rubber mouse nipples instead of a touchpad.

Edit: Another option is to get a fully programmable keyboard then program a layer with mouse controls.