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LOOK Delta Road Cleats - Red
The memory positioner allows you to replace your cleats without losing your exact foot positionAll you need to do is unscrew the old cleat - leaving the positioner in place - and clip the new cleat on, using the positioner for referencePolyacetal & PTFE materials4 mm lateral adjustmentBlack - 0 degree, Red - 4.5 degree
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5 Reddit comments about LOOK Delta Road Cleats - Red:

u/Tonydb11 · 3 pointsr/pelotoncycle

Peloton uses look delta pedals and therefore you need to get Look Delta cleats.

I got these off amazon to solve a squeaky cleat issue I was having with the peloton cleat:
Look Delta Bi Material Cleat, Red

As far as the shoe you can get any cycling shoe that supports a 3 hole cleat.

u/blink2blink07 · 3 pointsr/cycling

looks like you need look delta cleats . the red version offers the most float. hope i was able to help

u/ClipIn · 1 pointr/pelotoncycle

The float - 9 degrees - is the same on the bi-material (new) cleats vs older pairs. These are the replacement cleats:

"Float" - measured in degrees - is how much your foot can twist side-to-side before releasing from the pedal. Gif demonstration.

A good 3min clip on setting up your cleats:

Here's Look Delta's color/float pairings

Color|Float (degrees|

Note: Color/degree-pairing isn't the same with other cleat styles. For example, Shimano's red = 0, blue = 2, yellow = 6.

u/mrandyclark · 1 pointr/pelotoncycle

Sounds like you got the bimaterial cleats instead of the standard plastic.

Look Delta Bi Material Cleat, Red