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LOOK Keo Road Cleats - Black 0
Three float options are available to fit the needs of every cyclist: 0 ° black / 4.5 ° grey / 9 ° red.The position of your cleats can be customized with the KEO FIT system.The Keo standard was developed in order to minimize the weight and size of the cleat/pedal ensemble, while remaining compatible with all shoes available on the current market. The entry and the release are secure and work well.The position memory LOOK patent easily allows the adjustment of your cleats when you need to change them. In order to use this system, the sole of your shoes must have a central oblong where the memory position part will be screwed.
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u/Kraphtyone · 5 pointsr/pelotoncycle

This is called “FLOAT”. It is not actually your cleat being loose from your shoe. It is your cleat having a little wiggle room in the pedal. It is normal. The factory cleats from Peloton have ZERO float, even though I believe they claim they do. The replacement cleats they send out for squeaking have 9 degrees, I believe.

If you don’t like the float, I would suggest purchasing a pair of bi-metal cleats with less float. These:

They have options for 0, 4.5, or 9 degrees float. If you really liked how solid the factory pedals were, I would suggest zero.