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Mack's Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs, 50 Pair - 33dB Highest NRR, Comfortable Ear Plugs for Sleeping, Snoring, Travel, Concerts, Studying, Loud Noise, Work
ULTRA COMFORTABLE - Made with super low-pressure, slow release, Comfy Cush Comfort Foam. Their user preferred color is as easy on your eyes as they are on your ears.ULTRA NOISE BLOCKERS – With a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 33 decibels, these versatile, noise blocking earplugs are great for sleeping, studying, work, travel, concerts, relaxation, motorcycling, loud events, etc.#1 BRAND FOR SNORING, SLEEPING AND TO PROTECT HEARING - Mack’s is the #1 doctor recommended brand of foam earplugs to protect hearing and to get a good night’s sleep when sleeping with a snoring spouse.#1 BRAND USED BY DOCTORS - Mack’s is the #1 brand of foam earplugs personally used by doctors. Trust the brand that doctors trust.MADE IN THE USA – Proudly made in the USA with safe, high performance, noise reducing foam. Satisfaction guaranteed. The plastic jar is safety-sealed and features a convenient flip-open top for easy dispensing.
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100 Reddit comments about Mack's Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs, 50 Pair - 33dB Highest NRR, Comfortable Ear Plugs for Sleeping, Snoring, Travel, Concerts, Studying, Loud Noise, Work:

u/pagnoodle · 4641 pointsr/politics

New plan. Constantly blow whistles outside the White House and at all trump speaking events from now on. That would make him so enjoyably livid.

EDIT: thank you for the silver and gold! Let’s get out there and blow some fucking whistles!

SWS 72Pcs Plastic Whistles, Training Sports Whistles with Lanyard, Loud Toys Whistles for Christmas Birthday Party Goody Bag Fillers Games Survival Emergency, 5 Brilliant Colors

EDIT 2: Thank you again for the awards! I feel it is also my duty to remind you to save your hearing. I have comments of people who want to get together to get this done. Pick and time and place and I’ll post it. Protect your ears! You only get one set and tinnitus is permanent.

Mack's Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs, 50 Pair - 32dB Highest NRR, Comfortable Ear Plugs for Sleeping, Snoring, Travel, Concerts, Studying, Loud Noise, Work

EDIT 3: Thursday 10/10 at 6pm. Bring your whistles to the Target Center in Minneapolis. Get some whistles, get some friends, get irritating.

EDIT4: It’s been awesome to keep getting responses and interest in making this an actual thing! I’ve heard from people in MN, DC, SLC, California, and even England who want to get this started! I’m all for it, but let’s make sure we are there as an irritant, not as bullies. If you go out to blow some whistles tag your work with #irritatingwhistleblowers. So go get some friends, get some whistles, and get irritating!

EDIT 5: Good morning! Head on over to r/whistleattrump for further updates and shenanigans. I’ll continue to post updates and events as people get me the information.

u/OrangeSlicer · 278 pointsr/politics

ATTN: If you are planning to attend the rally in Minneapolis, please bring your whistles!

You can purchase a pack of 24 whistles for only $10 on Amazon here

Also please keep your ears safe! You can purchase 50 pairs of earplugs on Amazon for only $10 here

If you have any extra whistles or earplugs while at the rally, please hand them to fellow friends.

Soon WE will all be blowing the whistle on the President as well!

EDIT: Earplugs

u/dontforgetpants · 86 pointsr/AmItheAsshole

Living with roommates sucks, especially roommates with very different class/work/sleep schedules. Everyone suggesting 9-10 pm quiet time needs to get out of their morning person bubble. Everyone else suggesting that OP go out every time they want to have a chill conversation with friends is also being unrealistic. For one, that's going to get really expensive. For another, OP has a right to use the living room they pay to rent, which is equally as strong as Roommate's right to sleep, so they must find a way to balance these rights.

I say this as a very, very light sleeper. In a decade and a half of living with roommates, I have never come to a point of not being able to work it out, nor come to a point of putting my foot down and telling a roommate they couldn't use the living room at conversational volumes whenever I was sleeping.

OP - maybe in the politest way possible, you can help your roommate explore some techniques to sleep better. White noise machine or fan, blackout curtains, eye mask, ear plugs. I would again politely encourage your roommate to at least try ear plugs for a week. I recommend the Mack's 32 dB - they are small and squishy enough to comfortably sleep on even for a side sleeper (33 dB are quite a bit bigger) and you can still hear a nearby alarm through them, though they block out background noise. Here is an Amazon link:

u/ssaedi110 · 38 pointsr/UCSD

Mack's Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs, 50 Pair - 32dB Highest NRR, Comfortable Ear Plugs for Sleeping, Snoring, Travel, Concerts, Studying, Loud Noise, Work

u/techie1980 · 34 pointsr/RedditForGrownups

I don't know how to solve your neighbor problem, but I would highly recommend investing in some earplugs:

I live near a fairly major city street where a motorcycle shop moved in. These things, and a white noise generator, have been lifesavers. (At least for me, it was the relative quiet to 90Db motorcycle engine with a radio that would wake me up. This combination dulls it.)

u/[deleted] · 26 pointsr/philadelphia

Mack's Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs, 50 Pair - 32dB Highest NRR, Comfortable Ear Plugs for Sleeping, Snoring, Work, Travel & Loud Events

u/FidgetTheMidget · 17 pointsr/glasgow

I no longer travel without foam earplugs. They have got me to sleep in environments where I could not without them. Screaming problems. "Naaaaa naaa naaa naaa" hen party groups....blocked. Groups of wee dicks drinking buckfast....ignored.

I have them in every bag I am likely to travel with including my laptop bag and holdall.

I buy these fuckers in bulk...

u/colin_staples · 15 pointsr/Showerthoughts
u/VA_Network_Nerd · 10 pointsr/college

Foam Earplugs

Sleep Sound Machine

One product helps prevent you from hearing so much noise when you sleep.
The other helps replace or mask unpleasant sounds with pleasant ones.

You WILL get used to it - I promise.

u/alose · 9 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

Looks nice.

Though I would have had a jar of theses to give to the complainers.

u/lost-picking-flowers · 9 pointsr/philadelphia

In the meantime.. :D.

Art museum/fairmount area strikes me as quite quiet and very nice in general - I stayed around there for a week before my apartment was ready to move in to and it was really quite peaceful at night.

u/Naenia_Lachesis · 7 pointsr/RBNLifeSkills

Ear plugs - the little foamy disposable ones - from Amazon

Also a good eye mask, I found one at Bed, Bath, and Beyond years ago. Something like this should do the trick.

Good luck!

u/Downvotes_catpics · 7 pointsr/HomeImprovement

There are hundreds of different earplugs. I've worn most of them since I've working in noisy environments most of my life.


Soundproofing the room itself is going to be expensive, a lot of work, and probably look bad. You're going to have trouble with finding the materials too, if you can't even find earplugs.

u/wwabc · 7 pointsr/sleep


if used correctly, these won't come out (roll them tightly, insert straight in, hold fingers over them as they re-expand)

u/Weeman2412 · 6 pointsr/nova

Invest in these fam

I use this a lot in the last 4 years with room mates at uni. Sleep like a baby through basketball ceiling neighbors and next door neighbor rough sex. No problems.

Trust me, I know about irritating neighbor noise, I use to think headphones or earbuds were adequate to block noise. They are not, ear plugs is the way.

u/beingisdoing · 5 pointsr/LawSchool

She might have trouble sleeping the night before the exam. Maybe get her a sleeping mask, a lavender reed diffuser to help her relax at night, some ear plugs in case the hotel is noisy at night, and snacks. Go to Whole Foods and pick up some of the healthy and tasty snacks they have. Something light and easy to eat.

u/Flying_Spaghetti_ · 4 pointsr/guns
u/homeboi808 · 4 pointsr/audiophile

Depends how far away you are from any speakers.

85dB is more than sufficiently loud.

110dB-130dB is what you can expect.

These are popular (pick correct size, most people are medium, but I almost always use the smallest buds with my headphones, so small would likely fit me best). Comes with a case.

These aren’t as high-fidelity, but do the best at reduction

u/duck-duck--grayduck · 4 pointsr/hsp

Have you tried any kind of mindfulness practice? Meditation, deep breathing, autogenic training, guided imagery, that sort of stuff? Doing these things regularly can sort of bring down your baseline level of anxiety, and then doing something like deep breathing in the moment can help calm you down when you're having anxiety.

That time when you're alone for a while would be an excellent time to do some meditating. If you'd like some resources for how to meditate, let me know and I'll dig some up. :)

A good deep breathing technique is to just close your eyes, breathe in through your nose for 4 seconds, then breathe out through your mouth for 8 seconds, focusing your attention on the sensation of your breath entering and leaving your body. Some people find it helpful to have words they think of while breathing, like I say "here" while breathing in and "now" while breathing out.

You can find videos on YouTube for guided meditations, autogenic training, or guided imagery.

Also, how about ear plugs, like these?

u/SutterCane · 4 pointsr/Preacher

Preachers hate him for this one simple trick.

u/syn-ack-fin · 4 pointsr/motorcycles

Foam plugs work very well. They reduce overall sound while still allowing you to hear high pitches horns and sirens.

u/Highlifetallboy · 4 pointsr/guns

I really like the Mack's 32 db plugs

Use those under the highest rated over ear muffs you can find.

u/SuperC142 · 3 pointsr/answers

These are the ones I use. I've tried many and I find these to be the most comfortable.

u/veni_vidi_vale · 3 pointsr/headphones

yes, pretty much. NRR = what the government-mandated test says, "noise reduction" = what the manufacturer says. Typically audiophilia is filled with bullshit claims, but I do trust the numbers that Shure puts out.

Keep in mind that the amount of isolation of a universal IEM is very dependent on how good a seal you can get. Thats why IEM manufacturers use words like "up to" instead of just specifying a number. The SE215 does come with foam olive tips, which IMO are very decent.

Why not try out a pair of foam earplugs first? They will cost you just a few dollars, and you will get a great sense of whether you want to spring $100 on the 215s or not.

I have used these in the past and they are consistently good - easy to fit into your ears and rated for 32 dB. IMO if this helps, either stick with earplugs or go for some 215s. If you still have issues focusing after trying out the earplugs, maybe take the medical route.

Good luck with your attempts to study, dude!

u/unicyclegamer · 3 pointsr/LifeProTips

These are the ones I use:

I like foam ones more than the silicone ones and I've had a good experience with these ones.

u/0x00000042 · 3 pointsr/ar15

Howard Leight Impact Sports + whatever cheap foam ear plugs I can find. I'm currently working through a jar of Mack's which come out to less than 10 cents per pair. I also take them backpacking to drown out my backpacking buddy's snoring.

u/cheezbergher · 3 pointsr/bipolar

I love these. Almost can't sleep without them anymore:

And these are my favorite headphones. I even got a Bluetooth transmitter for my TV so I could use them watching TV. Obviously other people have different ones they prefer but this is my personal favorite:

u/MrSterlock · 3 pointsr/milliondollarextreme

Like another person said, get Flux. Also use Nightshift if you have an iphone. There is an app for androids that does the same thing. You can also get blue light filtering glasses.

Another thing to do is meditate for 5 mins or so before you sleep. You can just lie down and concentrate on your breath, try practicing with the mindful app. This is optional but meditation really has improved my quality of life.

Also, make sure that your room is as dark as possible and that you aren't being bothered by sounds. If I am in a noisy area I always wear earplugs that can be found cheaply on amazon. I use these and they are perfect.

You want your room to be a cave. Think cool, dark, and quiet. Distraction is the enemy and if you have insomnia I'm guessing that your mind wanders a lot. Get more exercise during the day and be more active if you aren't tired by sleepytime.

Also, don't drink caffeine less than 6 hours before you sleep.

Hope this helps you man.

u/sopunny · 3 pointsr/bestof

Earplugs, like these

My dad worked night shift for twenty years, along with another full time job, in the middle of the city while sharing a one bedroom apartment with two kids, and he was able sleep through the evenings.

u/CreaminFreeman · 3 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

You and me both.

It's not about what you need to get for you, it's about what you need to buy for your roommate.

Get him some of these.
I'm a light sleeper so I use these when I sleep.

u/iamtehcrispy · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

New rider, too. ~400 miles so far.

Ear plugs:

I just had my first ride this morning with these:


    Previously used these:


    You can grab the little foam ones from the grocery store near the toothpaste for a couple dollars. But, after this first ride with the new ones, I love them. Much better. More comfortable. The sounds fidelity is still there, just lower intensity.

    Either way, I highly recommend them. They allow me to focus on other things than the rumbling in my ear. I think my ride is safer for wearing them.


    Good to know. I'm about to spring for one because the fog in the mornings is obnoxious. Thanks for the timely affirmation that it works.

u/FinnianWhitefir · 2 pointsr/CPTSD

Don't know if it's noise, but I slept better after I tried some cheap earplugs. I expected them to be real annoying, but they work great. I use them every night now.

Sorry, I don't know what you should do. I do want you to stick around, and after my one good day in years, I'm hopeful that there's a light at the end of the tunnel for people like us.

I will relate that "but idk just don’t feel like I’m worth it?" is just a complete summary of all of our issues. This is what we learn, that we are worthless and don't deserve anything. But I bet you're actually a good person. You try to do the best for the world, right? You want other people to be happy? You think of the best ways to treat people? I bet that puts you way above most people in this world, karma-wise.

I realize that it's way hard to get past that kind of thinking, but sometimes it helps me to take on the mindset of "Okay, this thought is absolutely caused by my issues, I can't trust myself on this. Let me just ignore it, and try to figure out what I should do."

Just got back from my therapy. It's really hard in that I have zero clue why I felt so good last Tuesday. It's all mental, so theoretically I can just feel like that all the time? But I don't. EMDR seemed impactful this week, so hopefully I'm making progress and will get more up days. But it's been years of lows.

Thanks for talking still!

u/Theothernooner · 2 pointsr/DIY

Dead serious....not trying to be cute. Just make sure they're clean before leaving them in all night.

u/-grell · 2 pointsr/misophonia

These are what I use. They're comfortable enough for me to sleep in.

u/bandito5021 · 2 pointsr/doommetal

Any recommendations? I have general-use Mack’s earplugs, but I’m not sure if they’re adequate. These:

u/crazyprsn · 2 pointsr/UpliftingNews

> fantasised about being deaf because sudden noises fuck with me so much

Try these, they're wonderful!

u/AHenWeigh · 2 pointsr/battlestations

Here, you'll need these:

u/cafeRacr · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

Don't mess with your hearing. With your current setup, it will go fast. You may also end up with Tinnitus. In the least it can be annoying, at its worst, unbearable. Always wear earplugs. Don't fall for the gimmicky re-usable earplugs that can be extremely expensive. Just buy a jug of the squishy foam earplugs that are pennies each. This video has a good breakdown. If you want to listen to music, get a helmet speaker system. This one is plenty cheap, and works well. Phone calling also works great, both ways.

u/rekcomeht · 2 pointsr/woodworking

to expand on this.

you'll want to buy a cheap powered router, a straight bit, a couple of clamps and HEARING and EYE PROTECTION.
i can't stress those last two enough.

once you've done that,

  1. you'll want to install a wide-ish straight bit into your router.

  2. mark off the area you want to route (make the marks on the waste side, where you're cutting away, or the other side, but be consistent).
  3. set the router so the bit won't cut, but you can see it in the flat shoe on the bottom. you want to line the edge of the bit to your line, then mark where the edge of the router is.
  4. you want to clamp your metal brackets to that line as a straight edge and guide.
  5. don your eye and ear protection. it's going to get loud.
  6. take a ruler or use the built in guides to set the bit to the depth you want (1/8")
  7. double check your clamps are tight and the edge guide is straight. measure both sides of it, don't eyeball.
  8. place the router on the work with the bit hanging off the edge. then turn it on while steadying it with your hands.
  9. cut along the guide and any remaining bits from the edge until you have a nice level area for your bracket.

    i recommend practicing on a bit of extra wood. get the idea down and then do it on your final piece.
u/nauticalmile · 2 pointsr/guns

If you're like six feet to the side of an AR or something with a muzzle brake, the Impact Sports probably aren't going to cut it. If you're considerably more spaced out or using hunting rifles without any muzzle device (projecting more of the sound forwards,) they should probably do fine.

FWIW, I do keep one of these jars of earplugs in my range bag so I can double up whenever I deem it necessary.

u/Wlchwlngthtlsts · 2 pointsr/childfree

In the meantime: Mack's Ear Care Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs, 50 Pair

Also, being able to listen to my tv on headphones as I walk around the house has been a game changer.

u/NobblyNobody · 2 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions


or alternatively I find sticking my earbuds in and starting an audiobook generally puts me to sleep regardless

u/boy1der1983 · 2 pointsr/UCSD

While this suggestion may not help sound proof your door, I suggest using ear plugs. I have been using the below linked earplugs for years. They don’t block out all sounds, but you won’t hear whispers from another room, or even a lot of outdoor noises, neighbors footsteps, etc. I use them when studying, sleeping, relaxing, etc.

There also good because you can keep a pair with you all the time so when your at Geisel or taking a test and some noise is just driving you crazy, you can block most of all
Of it out and focus. They are also good for concerts so you can hear the music and singing better without blowing out your ear drums.

They’re less than $10 shipped with prime.

Mack's Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs, 50 Pair - 32dB Highest NRR, Comfortable Ear Plugs for Sleeping, Snoring, Work, Travel and Loud Events

u/TJungus · 2 pointsr/WeAreTheMusicMakers

Without knowing your exact budget the best option would be to get the custom molds with a filter, but those are also the most expensive. Alclair has them for $120 with interchangeable filters. I've used THESE before and they have done the job. Cheap enough to throw away after every gig and you can get them in different levels of db attenuation. Keep those ears safe!

u/SimonJester74 · 1 pointr/TrollXChromosomes

Earplugs are great too! I just got these and they should last me a looooong time. Plus they're comfortable. (Too much so. I sometimes sleep through my alarm)

u/throwaway84616 · 1 pointr/sleep

Used these for several months every night. They weren't the best in any particular aspect but they were the best all around. Of four brands.

I'd suggest ensuring you insert them "properly" to prevent them from falling out. If you move around a lot at night though, I'm not sure there's much that can be done.

u/squidofsteel · 1 pointr/CalamariRaceTeam

Cheap, disposable ones on Amazon work

u/DoormansPlacebo · 1 pointr/travel

Shift worker here, so I literally wear earplugs every night. I find the generic foam ones to be the most comfortable. Actually, to be specific, I find I get the most life out of these:

u/zipzapkazoom · 1 pointr/mazda

I hate road noise too. Earplugs?

NVH is the reason I dumped my ecologically friendly Prius for a 2016 CX-9. The 2017 CX-5 promises to by very quiet also.

u/backw00dz · 1 pointr/ADHD

A different option is just earplugs or earmuffs. I use these all the time - I work in an open office which is brutal for distractions.

u/polypeptide147 · 1 pointr/audiophile

Just like, any. I use these. They block out a lot of sound but they aren't super comfortable.

I got these recently but I haven't tried them yet.

u/puding69 · 1 pointr/brasil

Em alguma thread aqui no brasil alguem indicou esses protetores de ouvidos:

Comprei nesse link mesmo, deu uns 100 reais. Sao de otima qualidade e um par dura pra caralho (mas eu nao uso sempre, apenas quando quero dormir mais ou sei que vai ter barulho na manha seguinte).

u/MotivatedSquid · 1 pointr/newtothenavy

I'd say if hes a light sleeper, highly recommend earbuds nothing too special like this.

but probably not as many haha. You could also send small packages of things like cough drops, but generally it all depends on the division he's in (some instructors don't mind as long as its not prescribed like mine back in RTC). I'd highly suggest you send a letter when hes in on what he might want.

u/cosmos7 · 1 pointr/CCW
  1. Have some guns in mind, but don't get too hung up on the what. Find a range that rents and try a number of guns out. The one you shoot the most accurately and consistently is your gun. Everything else is secondary. If you ask me the G26 isn't small enough as compared to the G19, which is why I sold mine. If you're looking at the G19 / P320, give the Walther PPQ a try too.

  2. Necessary? No. Practice the fundamentals. A light is a reasonable thing for a home defense gun, but it's added weight which speaks to your question 6.

  3. Unfortunately don't have too much in the way of recommendations here. If you're going to carry though keep it on you... putting it in a bag or purse is a very bad idea.

  4. Same as #3 unfortunately.

  5. Not necessary, but always a good idea. When all you have is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail. Situational awareness training, confrontation deescalation techniques, and hand to hand are all valuable.

  6. No tricks. Only way you're going to make weight differences is with a smaller gun. A good carry system (belt, holster, etc) makes all the difference though.

  7. Recommend doubling up. Foam plugs plus over-ears. Don't forget eye protection.

  8. Deal the best you can. Oftentimes better to keep mum until it becomes a real issue, especially at work.
u/Lokky · 1 pointr/motorcyclesroadtrip

earplugs are one of those things where cheap and simple is often better.

I throw a handful of these in a ziplock bag before any trip.

They actually reduce noise by more decibels than a lot of fancier ones, and they are entirely in ear so they never slip out when you put your helmet on. Furthermore these are super soft and are comfortable to wear all day long. I often reuse a pair until they are too dirty.

u/corimaith · 1 pointr/college

Eh you can try going higher then, maybe try this?

u/Emjayblaze · 1 pointr/FireflyFestival

AMack's Ear Care Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs, 50 Pair

I use these and they're perfect. They're good for concerts, but great for sleeping. I'm a very sensitive sleeper and noise bothers me greatly, and these make sleeping in almost any situation possible for me.

u/AlphaMelciados · 1 pointr/insomnia

My tips on earplugs.

If silence and isolation from the loud world around you is your thing, Moldex Pura-Fit is your ear plug. They are not the largest nor the densest plugs out of the foam plugs. I found them to block the most sound.

Product | Price | Type | Comfort | Noise Blocking | DB blocking |
Moldex 6800 | Cheap | Memory foam | 3/5 | 5/5 | 27 DB|
Macks-Silicone-Putty | Cheap | Putty | 5/5 | 3/5 | 32 DB|
Hearos Xtreme | Cheap | Memory Foam | 3/5 | 4/5 | 33 DB
DuraPlugs | Cheap | Memory Foam | 2.5/5 | 3.5/5 | 32 DB |
Mack's ultrasoft foam | Cheap | Memory Foam | 4/5 | 3/5 | 32 DB |
Howard Leight | Cheap | Memory Foam | 2/5 | 4/5 | 32 DB|
Etymotic Research, ETY Plugs | Medium | Flanges | 3/5 | 4/5 | 19 DB |
Crioxen Earplugs | Medium | Flanges | 4/5 | 5/5 | 21DB|
Eargasm Earplugs | High | Flanges | 3/5 | 3/5 | 22DB |
Surefire Defenders | Medium | Flanges | 3/5 | 5/5 | 20 DB |



u/JerryAwesome · 1 pointr/mexico

Tengo un problema similar y compré éstos en Amazon, me han servido bastante bien y no son caros.

u/MotorExcitement · 1 pointr/AmItheAsshole

Get ear plugs. Yes, they're annoying at first, you will get used to them. Mack's Ultra Soft work wonders.

You're still an asshole, doubly so that you're not copping to the verdict here...

u/SeaTownDude · 1 pointr/motorcycles

Don’t see why not.

If you’re a baller on a budget the little foam plugs work great.

u/eyelights · 1 pointr/videography

I've seen my fair share of shows and these have always been great for me! Mack's Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs:

u/jmonir · 1 pointr/tinnitus

Does Amazon ship there? These are the ones I use: link

u/ProjectMeat · 1 pointr/hockey

Hifi seem to limit about 20 dB, but normal earplugs get up to about 32 dB (which, simply speaking, is over 10x the sound reduction, due to logarithmic scale.) Alternatively, instead of one pair of hifi for $14, you can get 50 normal earplugs for $9.

Hifi are better for music. I'm not sure hockey games need hifi plugs. Ultimately, it's a personal choice, but I like to err on the side of saving my hearing.

u/yolobicycle · 1 pointr/Ultralight

are they better than the other one’s by Mack’s? i just tested these out this weekend and they were only ok. blocked out maybe only 30% of outside volume. looking to upgrade

u/Stemor61 · 1 pointr/motorcycles

I use [these Radian Custom Molded earplugs] ( I originally was going to go with SureFires since they're popular among range shooters and other motorcyclists (judging from some of the Amazon reviews). I went with these for a more custom fit; they're pretty comfortable despite the harder silicone and they're really low maintenance (a big plus for me).

For a disposable earplug, I'd use these Mack's earplugs. I used to work in a machine shop and I wore these most of the day. Pretty comfortable and they block an insane amount of noise. EDIT: I should clarify with some of the newer reviews on this, people are saying they're not quite the same as the old ones so proceed with caution if you plan to look into these.

u/SDr6 · 1 pointr/Harley

I tend to lose things so I'm reluctant to buy anything nice. I usually just get something like this.

u/some_random_kaluna · 1 pointr/Music

Try these. Apparently for sensitive ears, and it's 9 dollars for a box of 50.

There are other ear plugs on cords with containers you can buy. I know Wal-Mart sells some orange ones in the hunting section for four or five bucks, and at the volume concerts play, you can hear them quite well with the ear plugs inside.

u/Sfkn123 · 1 pointr/galaxynote10

I'm a top 500 reviewer on Amazon, and I get a TON of emails every single day for those fake reviews. This is a huge thing when it comes to phone cases and such because the smaller companies need reviews, or else people wouldn't even see the post due to the way Amazon search engine is set up.

And no, Amazon doesn't always sell products with fake reviews. For example, here's a link to some ear plugs I was looking at this morning.

Full breakdown on Reviewmeta - 4 star overall reviews:

Fakespot gives this an A grade:

u/sedona03 · 1 pointr/isfj

Que será, será. / Whatever will be, will be.

Focus on you and your own goals. You don't know if your influence might have a positive effect on them later on. In the mean time, pick up some nice ear plugs and a sleep mask.

u/WhiskeyandKittens · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This because my neighbors are assholes. :)

We have a Vizio smart TV. I love it. Just having all of the apps (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Youtube, etc) available right on the TV is so awesome to me! :)

u/pizzaphile93 · 1 pointr/securityguards

Mack's Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs, 50 Pair - 32dB Highest NRR, Comfortable Ear Plugs for Sleeping, Snoring, Travel, Concerts, Studying, Loud Noise, Work

This is the brand I use they are awesome Very comfortable

u/guavabread · 1 pointr/misophonia

I use these for sleeping in and they muffle noise but do not block it out entirely. I have used them in meetings when I know there will be noises and they seem to work well. They can be adjusted by pulling them out slightly if they are blocking too much. You can get them at places like CVS, Walgreens, and Target.

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The Wirecutter recommends Mack’s Ultra Soft Foam earplugs for travellers. They say besides being comfortable and cheap, they have a noise reduction rate of 32 dB.

In his 2017 gear post, Tynan recommends the Laser Lite ear plugs. He likes them for how snugly they fit in his ears.

Both these come in pack of 50 for $7 or $8.

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It's almost like you have literally no idea what you're talking about.

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you are peak fucking reddit

here's a good deal on earplugs – since you're so invested in your innocence, should come in handy when reality causes mild discomfort out there in the world

>Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but did you honestly just suggest that you could be prejudiced against whites but that doesn't result in your being racist toward whites

if racism is domination and control, you can't be racist toward whites for the same reason you can't be heterophobic toward straight people, or any other dominant group that's doing the oppressing instead of the being oppressed

you can use it as a word for "someone was mean to me by explaining reality which made me feel bad" or "someone really doesn't like me because of preconceived opinions" but it isn't going to mean anything beyond that

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That's a mediocre amount of noise suppression for a shit ton of money. I would either get some foamies (avg -20dB, up to -28dB, $12 for a pack of 12) or some silicone ones like I wear riding my motorcycle (Nonoise is my brand of choise $30) which are pretty similar to foamies for noise suppression

[edit] clarifying that you get many foamies in a pack

[edit 2] here is a link to the ones my friend uses, which go further than any foamies I've ever seen