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Mad Catz Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick TE2+ for PlayStation4 and PlayStation3
Genuine Arcade Layout: This PS4 FightStick uses extremely accurate and durable Sanwa Denshi parts. Vewlix-style design with 8 action buttons to drain your enemy's life barEasy to Mod: Chassis hinges open for clear access to inner parts. Removable bezel and top panel for creating a custom arcade stick with unique artwork. Includes screwdriver with hex and flat headsIdeal for ALL Fighting Games: Multiplayer action in Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Persona, Dead or Alive, Injustice, Tekken, Skullgirls, BlazBlue, KoF, Marvel vs. Capcom, Guilty Gear, and moreTouchpad Controls: Press and swipe with full touchpad functionality for PlayStation 4 systems. You can play all PS4 touchpad games with this PS4 FightStick. "L3" /"R3 buttons:These buttons operate as "L3" and "R3" on a standard controller.Enhanced Mobility: Inner compartment stores removable 9.8ft/3m USB ProCable. Our custom arcade stick with official Street Fighter V artwork has metal posts for a separately available shoulder strap
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18 Reddit comments about Mad Catz Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick TE2+ for PlayStation4 and PlayStation3:

u/JulesCoast · 7 pointsr/smashbros

Quality fightsticks, used for traditional fighters, cost about this much. It may seem like a lot, but that is the market value.

As an example, this is a popular, high quality fightstick.

u/killagoku · 3 pointsr/fightsticks

I can say I have never seen the obsidian go lower then $160 so I think that's a steal. As for the TE2+ the pricing gets tricky since they don't make it anymore the price seems to always be inflated a couple months ago they where at over $300+ easy. I would say this sale is about as good as it is going to get until EVO since the prices on sticks only seem to drop around the release of new Fighting games and DBZF is huge right now so they are pushing them hard. But of course you do get random stuff like the Panthera being $140 I even missed out on that sale. But once the hype goes down for DBZF you won't see a sale on them for easily 6 months since they are a very niche product. It has gotten to the point where I get excited every time there is a huge fighting game out even if I have no intention of playing it since the sticks will finally come down in price. Here is the sales history of the TE2+ on amazon, Obisidan, and Drone. You can see its crazy how they rarely go on sale and when they do it is always with hype of a new game or Black friday. I mean hell the obsidian seems to never be on god damn sale, I would say if you wanna buy buy now before we enter the drought but that's just me.

u/Eeveeleo · 3 pointsr/MvC3

Don't switch if you're not committed to learning to clean your inputs full time. You're going to practice to adapt to your controls anyway. From playing all three at one point I noticed a few things:

Lightning loops are easier on pad than on stick if you're doing neutral jumps as opposed to tiger knee inputs. Issue being sometimes depending on what you use it's annoying to adapt with a set shoulder button as your charge button.

Hitbox is a pain to learn for grappler inputs (think 720s) and half circles and tiger knees don't feel nearly as intuitive when starting out.

*Stick's like a middle ground of pros and cons. Not the best yet definitely not bad either. I didn't like having to anticipate blocks and using your wrist felt like more work at times when compared to the rest. Recommended? probably look into Hori (Real Arcade, Fighting Edge, VLX), Eightarc/Qanba, or Mad Catz (PS4 SFV TE2+) sticks... er, the higher end ones. Don't bother with the cheaper $30-80 range since those sticks usually have worse parts (stick,buttons) and generally won't last long without a good mod.

There's definitely more to think about. What characters you're playing will determine your choice... and ask yourself if you're willing to push your characters to the limit and beyond or if you're content enough with what you're comfortable using from when you started. It goes without saying that lots of practice is required to be successful in the first place; for some the answer's obvious and for others it's all a matter of thinking about what you want to do for yourself.

Me personally. Hitbox all the way. I couldn't picture myself playing Zero teams to their full potential without one,and its led to me trying out other characters I didn't even think about picking up before.

u/elctrcboogaloo3 · 2 pointsr/Guiltygear

Both of those should be great sticks; you can't really go wrong with either of them. The TE2 you linked doesn't have a touchpad or L3/R3 buttons, while the Hori has both.

It's not a huge deal for GG, since you can press Play + Record instead of the touchpad to reset in training/combo mode. Other games probably won't have that shortcut, though, and Skullgirls uses it as the back button in PS4 mode, so it's great to have.

If you want those features on a TE2, you can go with the TE2+ instead, for a bit of a higher price. The main draw of both the TE2 and the TE2+ is that they are extremely easy to modify, especially for cosmetic things like art.

I don't have a Hori, but from what I've heard it's not much harder to mod buttons and such than on the TE2. So if you don't care too much about easy cosmetic modding then your best bet is probably the Hori, but they are all great sticks.

u/tiredocean · 2 pointsr/StreetFighter

It's incredibly sad that the majority view from the 5 comments already posted is that Capcom will not add include PS3 arcade stick support for SFV's PS4 release.

However, it's not sad because Capcom aren't taking a consumer-friendly step in order to allow for a greater amount of potential players on the PS4. It doesn't bother me that the driver to enable this capability is being offered for completely free by Lab Zero (though of course you can never ignore the time it takes to implement it), and has already been used by no less than Capcom's own USFIV. Funny, isn't it - the port job (outsourced) was initially so buggy that it couldn't be used in EVO 2015 as planned... but out of that trainwreck one of the few things that worked was the driver. Maybe it isn't that hard to implement? Who knows - Capcom certainly doesn't (or if they do, they're not telling us for absolutely no reason).

Disregard all of that. What really bothers me is that despite all of this anti-consumer tight-lippedness on the behalf of Capcom, is that people are going out of their way to accommodate them! "Hey guys, do you know where I can get a Hori Pro 4 Kai / MadCatz TE2 for cheap? How is the lag on these converters? Will they be allowed in tournaments? I've got to be ready for Street Fighter V!" What the fuck? Seriously? You're going to drop $60 ^^or ^^your ^^regional ^^equivalent on their game, and then anywhere from $50 $35 to TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY FUCKING US DOLLARS on top of that because some schmucks at Capcom thought your old stick wasn't good enough?

Not only have a huge amount of Street Fighter players collectively spread their buttcheeks for Capcom, but they've gone and bought the lube as well. Good work. I kind of get why they thought they could get away with on-disc DLC with SFxT.


At least SFV won't have Focus Attacks, right guys? Right?!?!

u/zrith1 · 2 pointsr/fightsticks

I'm assuming you are on ps4/pc? There are a ton of good sticks to pick from.

  • Hori Fighting edge

  • Razer Panthera

  • Qanba Obsidian

  • Madcatz te2/te2+

    They are all in the $200 price range and are all great sticks. Personally I have a te2 and love it. For the most part, it just comes down to preference. If I had to pick, I'd probably go for the Panthera since I don't think Madcatz is making sticks again after they came back.

    All of these sticks besides the Hori fighting edge use sanwa parts. The Hori stick uses their own parts, but they are really solid from what I've heard (you can swap buttons/joysticks in any of these sticks, so it isn't the biggest deal).

    In terms of using custom art, the Te2 is probably the easiest. The Panthera and Te2 are the easest to mod overall because of their clamshell designs where you can open them up with buttons on the front, but all of these sticks are easy to mod.

    I've tried an obsidian and didn't like the shape of the case or the way it looks, but that is just my preference.

    I'd just look up each of the sticks and see which one looks best to you. You can't really go wrong with any of them.
u/SkeptikalAnus · 1 pointr/mvci

well im assuming you are from the USA(please correct me so i can giv you appropriate advice and prices) The Mad Catz TE2+ is onsale for $179 a great premium stick with all the features i listed i paid $300cnd for mine and love it it recomend it over the panthera because they are so similar, but if u want a bigger sturdier base go for the mad catz, if u want a smaller one the panthera.

the qanba obsidian is $180us a great deal

u/koeta · 1 pointr/MortalKombat

same issue here with my TE2+

game works if I switch it to PS3 mode but PS4 will crash even with the XINPUT Drivers installed.

u/HordetheWench · 1 pointr/StreetFighter
u/poeticpoet · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

Ok first off hi! I'm beatlemnkyhuman a.k.a Jesus nice to meet you.

You don't need a stick

It's a luxury. Sticks are pricey and custom sticks can get really pricey. I've heard of players buying sticks and never using them so some buy them just for the swag but it is no longer needed.

Luffy won evo and went pro with a ps1 pad and he still uses a ps1 pad.

Punk went pro on pad, nuckledu is pro on pad coolkid plays pad.

you no longer need a stick

A stick will not make you better.
Contrary to popular belief a stick is not magic.

You will still have to work. In my personal experience, it took me 3 months or so to get over pad and get used to stick. If you did not grow up with a stick then there's no reason.

Next thing, if you did grow up with a stick then your memory maybe rose tinted in that your remembering being better then you ever were. Sticks take work just like pad.

If after all this you still want a stick:

I recommend focus attack for custom art work and big e customs for custom designs as that's what I use

[the te2 is the pro standard. Amazing stick, easy to mod. Sanwa buttons and sanwa stick.] (

some players prefer the hori rap4 with hori parts. It's cheaper so the stick is a little more loose. Hori parts fully and difficult to mod

the qanba drone is seen as a cheap alternative. Sanwa buttons i think and if not it can be modded easily. Known to not last

The qanba dragon is a monster of a stick that goes for 300 and the obsidian goes for 200.

EDIT: The razr panthera is a pro favorite as well, impossible to mod the artwork but an amazing stick for 200

If you want to go custom from the ground up then you can do allfightsticks. Com which will give you a sleek heavy steel frame or marvelous customs.

Each of those custom sticks will run you 300 plus.

You can even go wood frame which may be even more expensive.

Good luck.

u/taitaisanchez · 1 pointr/fightsticks

Amazon's out of stock

Trying to find anything locally has been a huge bust.

I don't trust online inventory reporting, period.

u/medullah · 1 pointr/fightsticks

Hmmm been a few months since I used mine, I'll try it and see if it's still working when I can. It's this one right?

u/AutoModerator · 1 pointr/GameDeals

Charity links:

u/Ryoshien · 1 pointr/fightsticks

Mad Catz Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick TE2+ for PlayStation4 and PlayStation3