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Magic Razorless Cream Shave Regular Strength Light Fresh Scent 6oz Tube
1 Piece - 6 ounce (177ml)Provides a long lasting, closer shave that a razorEliminates the need for daily shavingRemoves hair at the skin lineFor regular to coarse beards
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28 Reddit comments about Magic Razorless Cream Shave Regular Strength Light Fresh Scent 6oz Tube:

u/nap0lean18 · 151 pointsr/todayilearned

You can also use Magic Shave. It's basically Nair but marketed towards black men.

u/LatrodectusVariolus · 9 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide
u/sandybeachclam · 7 pointsr/sex

The one time I tried Nair in that region I ended up with burns on my pink parts so be careful. I have a friend that uses a product that is marketed to African American men for beard removal. It comes as a powder you mix with water I think. She swears by it but I've never tried it. I think this is it.

I would try it on a small area first !!

u/SissyP · 7 pointsr/sissyhypno

Magic Shave cream and a scraper is what I use to remove hair. It doesn't burn or irritate my skin and because it is made for facial hair it hasn't bothered my boi-pussy. It leaves my hole and taint area totally hairless and smooth.

I have also done some anal bleaching which has lightened my hole and I think made it a lot cuter.

Anal Bleach Creams I have used:


Bleach my Butt


u/samjk14 · 4 pointsr/sex

On mobile but here. Also might be nice to get a razorless razor in the "other people also bought" thing.

I shower an hour or 2 before. Then I use an electric if it's super long just to get rid of extra that would stop you from applying to the base of hairs easily. Apply everywhere you want hair gone. Sit on toilet for 15 minutes and get on reddit. Use razorless razor or something that has a thin plastic edge. Wipe the rest with a washcloth. Shower.

u/BigRedCan · 4 pointsr/popping

The only thing that I have found that doesn't burn me is Magic Shave

This stuff changed my life.

u/kitsukidd · 3 pointsr/gaybros

I tried Magic Shaving Cream this week. My bum has never so hairless until now. Basically I left it on for about 10 minutes and hopped in the shower and rinsed. It took off mostly everything and I just went over everything with a razor really carefully. And be careful if you have sensitive skin. I got a slight cooling effect from it but it didn't really affect me as much.

u/TinyMenu · 2 pointsr/TopsAndBottoms

I'm in the UK so this link may not work for you but this is the exact stuff I use. It has kinda shitty reviews but I guess YMMV because I've never had any trouble - I'd definitely suggest going with the cream/pre-mixed stuff rather than the powder. It's just so much easier.

The tubes also last fucking ages, at least for me;I had a look at my order history and this is how often I've bought it:

u/bbk7012003 · 2 pointsr/askgaybros

magic razorless shave cream this stuff is amazing and I’ve used it for years.

u/futuristguy · 2 pointsr/gaybros

I use this stuff instead of waxing... it's amazing: Magic Razorless Cream Shave Regular Strength Light Fresh Scent 6oz Tube

u/Jgroover · 2 pointsr/TrollYChromosome

Fellas fellas. Let me fill you in on the best/fastest/easiest way ever to take care of this. Just use Magic Shave Cream, it is a depilatory like Nair but not so harsh. I use it for this purpose specifically and it works like a dream.

You can take care of everything at once, dick, balls, taint, even bh. If you use it the recommended time I guarantee you won't get burned unless you have the most sensitive skin in the world. I always go a few minutes over because my hair is coarse and still have no problems.

An additional benefit is no chance at razor burn and significantly reduced occurrence of ingrown hair. Best life change I have ever made.

u/Cheat_TheReaper · 1 pointr/ehlersdanlos

Just ordered Magic Shave. My ex used to use it for his beard. It is specifically designed for black men's faces to prevent razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Starting with the regular version that stays on for 10 min and supposed to last approx 2 weeks. The stronger version only needs to stay on for 4 min. There is no scraping or scrubbing, just wipe off with a warm cloth. I learned about it from a guy that uses it for his anus, he said it doesn't burn at all.

u/bedir56 · 1 pointr/IWantToLearn

Does this give the same results? Couldn't finds anyone that ships the one in your link to my country.

u/kimmature · 1 pointr/AskWomen

I wax my face (menopause does really disconcerting things as far as stray hairs goes), and usually use some Veet strips. They're easy, inexpensive,and actually have somewhat of a correspondence between waxing strips/aftercare products. I kind of laugh if I get a 'product' with 24 waxing strips, and 4 soothing wipes.

I've never been a fan of waxing legs or bikini etc., because you have to let it grow out before you can do it again. Great if you want to be 'hair free' two weeks out of six, but I find the stubble annoying in the meantime. I usually use Magic as a cream depilatory, and top up with razors.

u/wifeofpsy · 1 pointr/pegging_unkinked

This. For all your undercarriage needs. Nothing easier or cheaper. Apply, leave on for about 8 min and rinse off. Repeat roughly monthly. I never had the courage to wax or shave the back door. Found this in a reddit thread and it saved my bald behind.

u/NYPorkDept · 1 pointr/sex

I've been using this for over a year now. It's ~$4 at Wal Mart. Never had an ingrown hair from it.

u/ninedegrees · 1 pointr/sex

If you want it all off, use - Magic Hair Remover - half the hassle of shaving, and excellent results !

u/KittensGoMooo · 1 pointr/askgaybros

You can try a razorless shaving cream (e.g. This works for me and I don't have to worry about razors near my genitals lol

u/burnt_ry_bread · 1 pointr/askgaybros
u/RockyRhode · 1 pointr/DestinyTheGame

Magic Razorless Cream Shave Regular Strength Light Fresh Scent 6oz Tube
Doesn't have to be from Amazon. Your local grocery store or pharmacy should carry it in the men's shaving section.

u/M-Tiger · 1 pointr/asktransgender

If you use a cream, don't forget to do a spot test to make sure you are not allergic to it or have some sort of other bad reaction. Other than that, follow the instructions, but if you start to feel burning, then it has been on your skin too lon.

My favorite hair removal cream is Magic Shave Cream. I have used it on literally every inch of my body below the neck safely. Pro tip: don't put it on your areola.

u/Zemyla · 1 pointr/TrollXChromosomes

I know I've said it before on this sub, but I'll say it again: Magic Shave. It's a frigging miracle, and far better than any other depilatory I've tried. It works on the arms, legs, face, and even the crotch (although I'd be careful the first time). No more shaving, no more tweezing, just smooth as silk.

u/northsidefugitive · 1 pointr/gaybros

This is the premixed cream, much easier to use. There you go. Just never leave it on too long. That's a bad day.

u/Shamwow22 · 1 pointr/askgaybros

You can get the Magic Shave stuff that's already mixed, for you. I've seen that it's actually a couple of dollars cheaper at Wal*mart and pharmacies, though.

u/QuestioningEspecialy · 1 pointr/bestof

I'll add to this, especially for the Afro-Americans out there.




After all of the cordless electric shavers I've used over the years, my Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver gives me the smoothness shave I've ever had without using an actual razor. I finish off by edging up and trimming with a [Philips Norelco G370] ( (it was <$100 and it's probably outdated by now) I've used it for ~4-7 years and dropped it a few times. It leaves the skin a bit rough, though, but I've rarely ever nicked myself with it (if at all).


Instructions & Maintenance...


Read the instructions and follow proper maintenance (brush, clean, oil, etc.). Always.
And for the record, both of my shavers are easy to clean. The Remington requires more effort, especially once a month, but the Phillips only requires a quick brushing (I add Andis Clippers Clipper Oil). The "hardest" part is letting the Remington dry for so long before putting the head back on. Don't brush the clippers while it's on, btw. Seriously, you'll ruin the brush and end up needing to replace it.


Battery Life...


If the instructions say to let the battery die before its first charge, I do so. If it says to fully charge it for X hours before its first use, I do so. Now, people of Reddit had a particular conversation about battery life once. I never looked into the matter myself, but I started practicing it with all of my chargeable devices. After the initial required drain (if instructed), I always charge it after it hits 30-50%. I do my best to never let it drain completely to 0%. The idea is that the battery will actually degrade much quicker if it drains to 0% and will need to be replaced sooner. Feel free to call me a fool on this one, but please explain your reasoning.


Razers & Magic Shave...


This one requires a story or warning.
I wet shaved with my brother's razor when I was in high school because my cordless one (probably a Phillips) wouldn't work properly when I put it back together after taking the top apart for a full-ish cleaning for the first and last time (the school started reinforcing its facial hair policy).

Though it was my first time, and I shaved against the grain, I didn't cut myself or apply anything to my skin before or after. My face was so smooth that I kept touching it. Three days later, I start noticing bumps. By the fifth day, I had full on razor bumps everywhere I originally shaved. Bump Stopper II took a month or so to really any progress and around three months to really make an impact, but it left my skin dry and very flaky. Eventually, I moved to Skin Tight Razor Bump Ointment Extra Strength. It burned like hell in the beginning, but showed better progress. That and washing my face daily with soap and a towel of course.

Since I still had to shave, I just went over the bumps with a shaver and routinely wiped the blood away. Due to a barber's suggestion, I started using Bump Fighter Razors. He warned me that they were going to miss some hairs, but it worked well enough.

At some point, I was recommended (powder blue) Magic Shave because it would "eat those bumps up" (oh, boy). This stuff stinks, flakes all over the place, and can tear up your skin if you aren't careful. I tore a descent sized section of my skin off when I dragged a wet towel down my chin at the wrong angle once. I could see the skin sitting intact in the towel with the inner-end of my hairs barely sticking out of it. Was a really weird moment. That section of my face was pink and hairless for awhile before it healed over. Looked funny on my lovely complexion. For the record, I only used it every three or four days. Three is the minimum, IIRC.

If you're going to use Magic Shave, use a wet towel to wipe it off (prepare to rinse repeatedly), designate a magic shave cup that is to be used for nothing else, consider only wearing boxers, bring a broom and dust pan, and stay in one room or outside. Hell, turn the vent on, you stinky mutt. Overall, I do not recommend Magic Shave's original formula (powder blue). I cannot speak for its powder gold fragrant or creme light fresh scent version, though.

Now for razers...
I started using the cheap pack of (dark blue) Gillette dual-blade razers from Walmart in high school. They worked very well. Here are my instructions: Shave with the grain, rinse the blades after every stroke, thoroughly rinse the blades after you're done, wipe them carefully with a toilet paper to get extra crud off, and let air dry somewhere. Hell, thanks to another Reddit conversation, I kept a short round plastic container of isopropyl alcohol around in college to "shake" the razer in as a finishing touch of cleanliness. Supposedly, the alcohol evaporates after awhile, so I just let it air dry after that (read the 4/24/18 edit at the bottom). The blades lasted a pretty long time doing all of this before I need to pull out a new razor. That combined with how cheap they were...


Razer Bumps / Ingrown Hairs...


I found that daily shaving, Skin Tight creme, and actually washing or just wiping my face with a clean damp paper towel kept the bumps from fully returning. A trick I discovered to get rid of the ones that lingered was to grow my facial hair out. It looked awful for a month since the bumps returned as the hair grew (they might have been curling into the skin), but there's a point where the bumps start to recede into the skin and all you have is a full beard (minus some areas of the lower neck). Now just maintain it or shave it off. What you'll find is a smooth face with practically no bumps. You must keep the hairs from growing back, though (and maybe wash your face?). Mess that up, and the lingering bumps will return.

Oh, to hell with Bump Stopper II and don't bother with Skin Tight. My physician recommended Tend Skin Solution after I graduated college, and, let me tell you, it works better than both. I hear the ingredients aren't that bad for your health either.


My Routine...


I wash my hair (including facial) with Bubble & Bee's hard water shampoo (the price is worth it, especially since it lasts for a surprisingly long time), pour on and rub in their vinegar rinse ratio (a fourth of the bottle tops; it's optional when you purchase the shampoo), wash that out, apply Nature's Way Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to my facial and scalp hair while still damp/wet (I'm not 100% certain about using it on the scalp yet; used to use AVEDA Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil twice or thrice a week), brush my facial hair (soft bristles for the cheeks and neck; medium bristles for the beard and moustache) once in the morning, and apply Tend Skin Solution twice a day with cotton balls.

I should be using the foil shaver daily, but I don't always. Hence why I brush my cheeks and neck.


In closing...


If you're close to (or cool with) any Afro-American males, especially ones who've just started growing facial hair, consider having them read this so they can learn from my mistakes. Those razor bumps were rather unsightly.


tl;dr: Use Tend Skin Solution for razor bumps, wash your face, follow instructions, foil shavers leave smoother skin, read the section on battery life, don't shave against the grain with a razor, and don't use magic shave or bump stopper II.


EDIT (4/24/18):
About my shaving cleanup steps. I later realized that letting the isopropyl alcohol dry on the razer caused the blades to dull quicker, so I started rinsing them off and wiping them with toilet paper a second time as the final step.

u/dee62383 · 1 pointr/PCOS

Some support groups are better than others. Some users in those support groups are better than others. I have had encountered a few useless Redditors, too.

Have you seen that Magic shaving powder? It's actually a depilatory, but it's not as irritating as Nair and Veet. You have to mix the powder formula with water, and it can be tricky to get the amounts just right. But it works. There is also a cream formula that may be worth a try.

u/senbei616 · 0 pointsr/explainlikeimfive

As a black man that suffers from this issue you folks have no idea how bad this can get.

If anyone out there is suffering from razor bumps and can't grow a beard, you have options.

Magic Shave is probably the best shave you can get without irritating your skin. It's expensive, but it works.

Barring that an electric razor designed for sensitive skin works too.

In general a blade should never touch your face.

If you get a case of the bumps and it's bad, you can't wait it out. It probably wont go away on its own.

You need to contact a dermatologist and get some antibiotics because you're dealing with an infection at that point.

At that point just don't touch your face, take the anti-biotics, suffer with a patchy beard for a little bit until your face clears up then use magic shave or an electric razor.