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Marijuana is Safer: So Why Are We Driving People to Drink?
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9 Reddit comments about Marijuana is Safer: So Why Are We Driving People to Drink?:

u/[deleted] · 6 pointsr/canada

Yes. I can say the same.

I simply choose to be honest;

I do things and I don't need to use mind altering drugs to be happy.

I like doing things while smoking weed, and I enjoy the way it makes me feel.

> sober underachievers just sitting around being useless already.

That's the irony of all this; the reason pot being legalized is such a priority for me is because I believe many other aspects of our economy are going very well.

The top youtube question is:
>"Mr. Prime Minister, so much focus is placed upon the Boomers and the Cdn. middle-class family. How does your government plan on helping me, a hard-working, single and poverty-stricken 20-something who can't seem to find more than part-time work?"

I AM a single 20 year old, and I actually have the option of full time employment (and had no difficulty finding it) at the moment if I choose to take it; I simply choose not to because I'm a University student.

Underachievers are going to exist in society, and they're going to smoke weed whether it's legal or not. What I believe the most immediate result of legalization is going to be, however, is massive investment through tourism and smoking lounges being built.

edit: and again, why is it acceptable that we allow lethal pain killers like tylenol, and lethal drugs like alcohol instead of a non-lethal, low impact drug like marijuana?

u/Delta009 · 2 pointsr/IAmA

I'm surprised that nobody in this thread quoted [this book]("Marijuana is Safer: So Why Are We Driving People to Drink?") yet.

This is one of the most interesting books I have read in the last year or so, and it definitely changed my opinion about marijuana (I used to be against decriminalization, because the governement was constantly telling me it was the Devil's weed).

Marijuana is Safer: So Why Are We Driving People to Drink? is, surprisingly enough, very objective in its comparison of alcohol and marijuana. I think that marijuana smokers and non-smokers alike will learn interesting facts by reading this book.

u/Nocturnal_waters · 2 pointsr/trees

I am also a girl, best friend and I both love marijuana. Its the only thing that keeps us grounded and stable. No matter how bad our day gets, we always have something great to look forward to. So many people have hard lives and sometimes its hard for people to deal with reality or its hard to think about your past. Many people have different ways of relief. Some drink, smoke, gamble, cut them selves, and much more but to each their own. And if its NOT an uncontrollable habit, or screwing up your life or family then why would it be bad? At the least, its just so you can unwind and chill out.

If she's worried about the health aspect I recommend that you buy the book Marijuana Is Safer: So why are we Driving People to Drink?. If she isn't convinced that marijuana is a safe drug then theres no hope for swaying her opinion. It's a true argument on why Marijuana is safe and how it has saved peoples lives.

u/Shepherd0401 · 2 pointsr/trees

The #1 best place would be this book:

All of the studies are referenced and the book is both objective and fair.

As far as the cancer thing, here is the link to the U.S. Government's patent on cannabis as a neuroprotective anticancer agent:

But seriously that book is well worth it.

Edit: Pubmed is an incredibly reputable site, and here is the link for the search term "cannabis cancer"
Notice how all of them have to do with it's therapeutic applications. If you do a similar search for tobacco, alcohol, or even caffeine effects it's a whole different story.

u/Ostrich159 · 1 pointr/Marijuana

r1b4z01d said it first, but I'll say it again. The book, Marijuana Is Safer, is a sensible discussion of why marijuana deserves a better reputation, and why it should be legalized. It's all based on good science and history, and is an overall good read. Check your local library for a copy, and leave it on their night stand.

u/wytewydow · 1 pointr/trees

someone send this book to this kids parents.
Marijuana is Safer: So Why Are They Driving People to Drink

u/classical_hero · 1 pointr/Marijuana

Read the book Marijuana is Safer:

That's all you need right there. Unless you're arguing for medical marijuana, in which case you would probably want to start at NORML's website.

u/asyphus · 1 pointr/trees


I'm sure there are some other good books out there, but I just finished this one and it makes some very good comparisons about the dangers of alcohol vs marijuana. For those who don't know a whole lot about the subject, i think it would be a good place to start.