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Marshall Pet Products Pop-N-Play Ball Pit
The Pop-N-Play Ball Pit is a fun and interactive toy for one or many ferretsAttach a Marshall Super Thru-Way to the Pop-N-Play Ball Pit for even more ferret funThe Pop-N-Play Ball Pit includes 35 plastic balls and is folds flat for easy storage.Pop-N-Play Ball Extra Ball Packs are sold seperately for even more digging fun
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7 Reddit comments about Marshall Pet Products Pop-N-Play Ball Pit:

u/bubonis · 31 pointsr/ferrets

I went through that "buy ferrets expensive toys" phase for awhile -- I think every new ferret owner does -- but eventually you realize that ferrets don't care about expensive toys. Cardboard boxes, plastic bags, towels, milk caps, old socks, bubble wrap, and other "trash" is all fun and games for ferrets. You can even make your own toys better and cheaper than what you can get pre-made; for example, this Ferret Ball Pit comes with 35 balls and costs $19. Alternately, buy these 144 ping pong balls for $6 and use the cardboard shipping box with a couple of holes cut into it.

u/Tigerstrike · 6 pointsr/RATS

That is a ball pit! You can get one from Marshall (

They didn't like it as much until they realized they could destroy the balls, lol.

u/lanijael · 2 pointsr/ferrets
u/sallowpad · 2 pointsr/ferrets

Maybe buy some bitter apple spray and spray around the corners and base of the bed to deter her from going on it/near it? It is safe and nontoxic, and although I haven't tried it myself I hear that ferrets really don't like it and avoid it like the plague. It's cheap and on Amazon as well.

I agree with lots of toys, but by nature ferrets just aren't good at staying on one thing for periods of time. That's why you should have lots of different toys, so she can cycle to the next thing. I got my ferrets a small ball pit to play in which they LOVE, but be warned - they like to steal the balls out of it ;)
Do you have a tube for her to run around through? The tube keeps my most rambunctious baby occupied for more than any other toy.

u/Holly_Tyler · 2 pointsr/ferrets My ferrets have one too and they love it. The balls that came with it quickly got squsished/bit by Sparky so I refilled it with plastic easter eggs I bought on clearance just after easter.

u/peeka_boo · 1 pointr/sugargliders

Is your cage set up so the bedding would be on the floor, or are there bars with a pull out tray underneath? Sugar gliders have nice little feet for grabbing so the bar floor is nice and I use Carefresh Natural Pet Bedding in the tray.

The only other feature that is a "must have" is a sleep area. Sleep pouches are the most popular, but I use what was originally a frozen strawberry container, cut a hole for them to get in and out (make sure the edges are dull and won't cut them if you do this), cozied it up with nesting material, and hung it from the cage ceiling so it can sway a bit like they like. One of my gliders had a habit of getting caught in various sleep pouches no matter the material or how diligent I was with trimming their nails so I switched for her safety.

I also have a hanging ferret tunnel and this small animal house and those are their two favorite hangouts. I've also heard of sugar gliders having a lot of fun with ball pits so I plan on trying one of those out soon.