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Marshall Super Thru-Way
Recommended product, high quality materials, best value, great price and durability, perfect for all enviromentsManufacturer: MARSHALL PET PRODUCTSManufacturer part number: FT-190Expands to 15-Feet of super ferret funClear design for see-through enjoymentExcellent interactive toy for ferrets and ownersCan be combined with other Marshall toys for more fun
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10 Reddit comments about Marshall Super Thru-Way:

u/charb · 5 pointsr/ferrets

Room or walk in closet? Whatever works right?
Tubes and Dig Box. Hands down. You can even cheat, by putting socks in a box and calling it a day. Don't buy play sand, I don't like rice, I personally prefer biodegradable non-toxic packing peanuts. Tubes aren't too bad if you buy online, Pet stores are insanely over priced. This isn't too bad as you get free Shipping with Prime, you can also just go to your local hardware store and ask about the tubes they have available for saw dust collection. Usually Cheaper and more efficient to buy in bulk. Even the Marshall Tunnel is 15 Feet, so thats a good length to start with.

u/CorbinDallasMyMan · 3 pointsr/RATS

I used to have two single units strapped together side-by-side and I loved it. I loved the full 6 foot length of floor space that allowed them to run back and forth at mach speeds.

The dark gray liners that match the cage color look really slick.

Question; the clear ferret tube (Marshall Super Thru-Way?)... does it smell? I bought a similar tube from the hardware store and it smelled so terrible I just threw it away. I've read some reviews by people complaining about the smell. Have you noticed that or should I go ahead and get one?

u/Silliwench · 3 pointsr/RATS

Marshall Super Thru-Way (We have the ball pit too because I got it on sale).

The tube is super stretchy. It says 15 feet on the box, but it can go closer to 20. If you have plastic chewers it won't last, but that isn't an issue for us.

Only negative - take it out of the box and let it air out for about 3-4 days to get rid of the smell of the plastic before using it. It stores neatly in the box it came in. :)

u/amneris692 · 2 pointsr/ferrets

I bought it online

It seems pretty durable. The size is perfect - even my chubby one can easily run back and forth. The plastic has a strong smell to it at first but it goes away after airing it out. I wouldn't suggest folding it once you unpack it. Mine just lies on the floor all stretched out.

u/poesii · 2 pointsr/RATS
  • Boxes

  • Brown paper

  • Toilet paper tubes

  • A big, soft blanket on the ground

  • This thing

  • Their pet carrier

    I got them a ball pit and some other fancy toys, but they honestly don't care about any of that stuff and much prefer shredding paper and cardboard.
u/carpetsharkie · 2 pointsr/ferrets

ive had a few of these, but i made some modifications since the wire just ends. i got some zipties and ziptied the ends of the wires very tightly to the rest of the wire coil (hard to explain, sorry)- i had to poke holes thru the plastic to do it but it was much safer after the modification imho.
it is literally hours of fun, lol.

even more durable is the larger tunnel for cats that we used when my boy got too tubby for the thruway tunnel, haha. it's not nearly as long but he liked hanging out in it, and it folds up really nice for travel.

u/HardlyJess · 1 pointr/PeopleFuckingDying I pretty sure its one of these! But the link you sent could be a pretty awesome alternative :D THANK YOU!

u/GrooGrux · 1 pointr/ferrets

Pet store, this is the over priced Marshal stuff most pet stores have. But it works great as a clear tube. If you must have clear, any pet store will do, or you can get it here:

u/bubonis · 1 pointr/ferrets
  1. Ferret math means you'll rarely have one animal. I'm not just saying this to be cute; ferrets are extremely social animals, and if you don't (or can't) provide them with regular interaction they will not be happy, healthy creatures. Please do consider a pair of ferrets; the upkeep isn't significantly greater and it will be a better experience for both animals. That all being said, the Ferret Nation Habitat is a very popular and sturdy cage for one or two animals. They also sell a dual-level model, and these can be expanded with additional units.
  2. You'll get a great deal of discussion about this. My personal preference is SwheatScoop unscented. It is a wheat-based clumping litter with low dust and, as a bonus, can be safely flushed down the toilet. Should you go looking at other options you'll want to be sure to avoid anything with perfumes/scents, and anything clay-based.
  3. My ferrets adore and thrive on Wellness CORE original formula. Don't balk at the price; it takes my three ferrets about about 4-6 weeks to go through a 12 lb bag so you're looking at about 33¢ per ferret per day. There are other options out there; avoid anything that isn't at least 35% meat-based protein, anything that has sugar or sweeteners, and anything that has grain or grain product as the primary ingredient.
  4. Treats are tricky as you don't want to give them anything that's patently unhealthy. In the past (before I knew better) I would give my ferrets Honey Nut Cheerios, peanut butter, raisins, and a bunch of other things. They loved it but it really wasn't healthy for them at all. Most ferrets like a squirt of Ferretone every now and then. Freeze-dried meats and jerky products are good, but again avoid things with added sugars and salt (honey and molasses finds its way into many pet jerky products). Once in awhile I'll slip my ferrets a little bit of cooked hamburger or roasted turkey but that's hit or miss. Remember: Ferrets are total carnivores!

    Though you didn't ask, I'll volunteer: Be very careful when giving your ferret(s) toys to play with. Avoid anything made of foam, for example; chewed pieces can get caught in their intestinal tract and cause serious problems. For similar reasons, avoid anything that has pieces which can be chewed off (e.g., a plastic eye); anything with plastic bits (like ribbons); and all kinds of squeaky toys and things made of thin rubber. Good toys: Cardboard tubes and boxes. Ping-pong balls. Super Thru-Way. Cotton rope toys. Large towels. Small cotton unadorned stuffed animals.