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u/Orphonic · 2 pointsr/milwaukee

Oh, like handbill sizes! That's a great idea! Thank you!

Martha Dreams of Dinosaurs is a kids book, for sure. And it's wonderful. I bought a copy for my 3-year-old-daughter and she loves it.

This Road Must Go Somewhere (And Other Things I Told Myself) is not a kids book. It's a book about suicide and grief. It's good, but it's raw. $8 from every $10 book goes directly to NAMI.

Buy My Book: Not Because You Should, But Because I'd Like Some Money is stupid and fun, but only appropriate for anyone old enough to buy it with a credit card.

Not Pictured on the poster, but at the event, will also be The Status Game II: Dashboards and Gages which is about how people connect with others.

u/TheLegofThanos · 2 pointsr/childrensbooks

Id love for you to check out my first book - I wrote and Illustrated it myself (in Sharpie!) It’s for both genders. It’s called Martha Dreams of Dinosaurs. I welcome feedback. Hardcopy and paperback, here’s a link to Amazon: Martha Dreams of Dinosaurs

Martha is a small ladybug, who lives in a small home, and bakes delicious small cakes. Everything about her is small… however at night, when Martha goes to sleep in her little bed, tucked under her little blankets, cuddled up with her little head on her little pillow, Martha dreams of BIG THINGS. She dreams of the biggest animals to ever walk the Earth. Martha dreams of dinosaurs! Join Martha as she plays with Velociraptors, swims with the Mosasaur, roars with the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex, and has big fun with more prehistoric giants. She knows that no matter how small you are, you can always dream big.

Thanks for the opportunity! I really appreciate it.

Edit: on the mobile amazon app there doesn’t seem to be an option to ‘look inside’, but on the regular website you can view some book pages.