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Health & Personal Care
Master Series Rikers Locking Chastity Cage
Urethral Opening; Breathe HolesThree Different Sized RingsLightweight and HypoallergenicCage Securely Locks To Ring without Additional LockLock and 2 Keys Included
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5 Reddit comments about Master Series Rikers Locking Chastity Cage:

u/GilesEnglishCB · 9 pointsr/chastity

Lucky fellow. The world is changing and women becoming more kink aware!

> First, is it painful?

Not if you get the right fit. It's a bit like getting your erection stuck down your trouser leg. (The most important thing is not to use lube. Otherwise, when you have your morning wood, the base ring slides forward and stretches your balls.)

> Second, I work in the head office for a large national retailer, 70% of my job is behind a desk, but I do sometimes have to go into stores for visits. I also wear a suit every day to work. That means thin dress pants. Will it be noticeable while I work?

Depends on what you buy, and how large your genitals are (since the device adds an extra layer). It helps if you wear suitably supportive underwear.

My Custom Chastity device is invisible under jeans and denim. Thin dress pants might be more of a challenge.

> Third, how does going to the bathroom/showering work?

If you go for a cage device, like mine, then showering is fine as long as you use a hair drier after. Closed tubes are more of a fuss and - practically speaking - you probably need to unlock every couple of days.

Peeing is easy as long as you get the right fit. Your dick has to reach the end of the device so that it aligns easily with the hole.

> we are well off financially so the cost isn't really an issue, what should I buy?

This is a difficult one, made more difficult by the fact that a lot of devices on sale are actually forgeries of variable quality.

If you are just experimenting, then a cheap device for under USD 50 would be fine. The "Rikers" is on Amazon but you can probably pick it up cheaper elsewhere:

For serious long term 24-hour wear, you want something that's a cage, definitely skin safe and definitely fits.

If metal floats your lady's boat, then Mature Metal have a very good rep:

I prefer not metal, because the weight is a nuisance.

The polycarbonate CB-X range are still the classics, though beware of forgeries:

However, I am very satisfied with my indestructible surgical nylon device from Custom Chastity.

NB They are a one-woman outfit, so not very responsive by email.

I've done 17 days of normal living locked into mine. Various reviews and blog entries here:

u/Casperr_ · 2 pointsr/chastity

I think so!
I can imagine that being annoying if it rubs against your pants or underwear.

For first timers, I usually recommend the Master Series Rikers cage. It's pretty comfortable, you get three different sized rings to experiment with, and it's not too expensive.

Good luck!

u/acutemalamute · 1 pointr/BDSMcommunity

Oh, shiny. Thoughts on this? I've read its a pretty good product, and the brand is mentioned a lot.

u/boi_pussy_sub · 1 pointr/chastity

It's this one I opened the package and thought "That's gonna be too big"

u/flee_market · 1 pointr/chastity