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Masterbuilt 20070910 30-Inch Black Electric Digital Smoker, Top Controller
730 sq. inches of cooking space with 4 chrome-coated racks and 800 watt heating elementDigital temperature and timer controlsThermostat temperature control for even cooking from 100 to 275 degrees FConvenient side loading wood chips, removable drip pan and top air damperIdeal smoker for all experience levels
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34 Reddit comments about Masterbuilt 20070910 30-Inch Black Electric Digital Smoker, Top Controller:

u/drebin8 · 4 pointsr/smoking

Used the Masterbuilt electric smoker. Smoked for ~12 hrs. Used this pork rub recipe as a base, with a few modifications (didn't have cumin or mustard seeds). Meat fell apart. Most tender pork I've ever had.

u/crux23 · 3 pointsr/smoking

I've got the a Masterbuilt 30'' Electric Smoker and I really like it. It's got a range of 150 to 275 degrees. Operates on a standard 110 volt outlet. Takes regular wood chips.

I really like the ability to set it up and walk away from it for hours. Electric is definitely one of the easiest ways to smoke.

u/wetmosaic · 3 pointsr/breakingmom

I got my husband this smoker for Christmas a couple years ago, and he LOVES it. I also got him a "Project Smoke" cookbook with it, and he's made all kinds of things: wings, jerky, a Christmas turkey, ham, pulled pork, ribs, etc. Now, this is a guy who usually won't cook at all, like the most he's willing to do in the kitchen is heat up leftovers for himself. But he loves using the smoker. I think it has more than paid for itself in his enjoyment of it.

Masterbuilt 20070910 30-Inch Black Electric Digital Smoker, Top Controller

u/Jwhartman · 3 pointsr/BBQ

I have really enjoyed my Masterbuilt Electric Smoker. Just be careful buying something like this if he hasn't talked about specific brands/methods of cooking. You don't want to spend a ton of time/money/effort buying something different than he was planning on using.

u/GRVrush2112 · 3 pointsr/BBQ
u/GeekDad12 · 3 pointsr/smoking

I am on the research phase for my first smoker as well. This electric one on Amazon is super well reviewed. I am curious what the folks here think.

Masterbuilt 20070910 30-Inch Black Electric Digital Smoker, Top Controller

u/ambrace911 · 3 pointsr/smoking

I have one and I run it off my garage circuit. I also have a freezer hooked into the same outlet and use an extension cord. The house is 40 years old. I don't have any issues getting it up to its max 275 when the air temp is in the 20s. ( The walls are slightly insulated. I would say you probably had a bad unit.

This is the one I have

u/UberBeth · 2 pointsr/AskCulinary

I've had great luck using Masterbuilt electric smokers. I had this one, now have this.

Ours tend to get worn out much faster than usual, using it 6ish hours a day, 5-6 days a week. I prefer the digital one instead of guessing with a dial to try and get the temp right.

u/Efferri · 2 pointsr/smoking

Same price on Amazon

u/Sgt_carbonero · 2 pointsr/smokedmeat

I just bought this it's great:

Masterbuilt 20070910 30-Inch Black Electric Digital Smoker, Top Controller

u/mikemarmar · 2 pointsr/sousvide

I have a Masterbuilt 30" electric smoker. This model but it looks like they make a newer one that is slightly cheaper now.

I also use a smokin cube with traeger hickory pellets for smoke instead of the built-in chip tray.

I think it's absolutely worth it for steaks. It adds a really nice savory smoky flavor, and the crust you get is extra crispy.

u/ChuckWeezy · 1 pointr/BBQ

I had to google it but it's a Masterbuilt 30" vertical smoker

u/Litigiousattny · 1 pointr/BBQ

Electric is going to be your best option. I started on an electric in an appt. and they make decent bbq. I would look at The masterbuilts are pretty good and you can use any wood chips you want. The Bradley smokers use a proprietary wood pucks that it feeds in and you have to get them online.

u/bacoon · 1 pointr/minnesotavikings

800 watt i believe.

its this one:

Can essentially cook enough meat to feed 10-15 ppl in about 3-4 hrs and smells wonderful while it does it

u/rahb0sse · 1 pointr/smoking

I bought the Masterbuilt 30" on Amazon and am super pleased. If you don't have the time to keep the heat at the same temp, then get an electric... I like to put it in, let it go for 3 hours (walk away, do yard work, etc) then come back and put some more chips in...

u/drewjy · 1 pointr/smoking

Yep, Masterbuilt electric smoker. Works pretty good, my first smoker of any kind. That is the water pan and wood tray that it came with.

u/noFiddling · 1 pointr/BBQ

I'd suggest this one:

it's simple and does the job. I've had this exact one for about 2 years now and I've even traveled with it to friend's houses. Make sure you get it without the window but controlled digitally. The window will only let heat escape and it will get completely dirty after the first use and you won't be able to view in very easy.

I have even set this for an over night cook with a brisket. Started it at 8 pm and took it off at 11 am. All i had was a meat probe to check the temp and had an alarm set if the bbq was too low or the meat hit the correct temp.

u/vhsrescue · 1 pointr/smoking

I haven't read much about indoor smokers. Maybe an electric smoker he can plug into a wall inside? You'll have to research how safe that is and how good they.

u/SmashesIt · 1 pointr/smoking

I have a masterbuilt. It is the size of a mini-fridge.

I am a lazy man and so the electric smoker is my jam. Maybe not competition worthy meat... but it is sooo good. My masterbuilt you just set temp with controller (Never worry about temps again)... add meat and water/vinegar to a reservoir. It has a built in meat probe that also displays for you.

Not sure if this is the exact model, but basically this.

Edit:Few details

u/rambopandabear · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Haha no joke the one I have is on lightning deal RIGHT NOW on Amazon. Normal price was 160, current is 129. On sale for 3 more hours! AWMF was so great - I really need the next actual book to come out. Rothfuss is an incredible storyteller.

u/bnbtnt2 · 1 pointr/smoking

Hmm, first thing amazon compares it to is the Masterbuilt

I like the idea of keeping the food area closed (retaining heat) while the wood chips / fuel gets added.

I really liked the electric one I built because it maintained a temp really easily.

Edit: has anyone used one of these?

u/theduke282 · 1 pointr/smoking
u/dashboard82 · 1 pointr/grilling

I'm not sure why the reviews are poor on that website. I only linked that site because it was the lowest price I could find for that model. Here is the Amazon link: The reviews are much better there.

Regarding the premium, the ash wiper is great! I keep my kettle covered after it cools. Otherwise, some rain could trickle through the top ventilation holes and create a thick mixture with the ashes still inside of the kettle.

If you season it and keep it covered after it cools, that grill is the best starting place for grilling and learning to smoke utilizing the snake method. Very popular. You can read up more on smoking at

When you take off the ash catcher, it is its own container with a handle. I'm not sure where you live, but it's worth a visit to a Lowes, Home Depot, etc. to take a look at one.

Again, many will agree the Weber kettle premium is a great piece of equipment that can grill anything and smoke nearly anything.

I have smoked pork butts on mine, made beer can chicken, smoked ribs, smoked chicken, smoked sausage, and grilled dang near anything I could think of (chicken, steaks, pork steaks, pork loin, brats, burgers, etc.) on mine.

u/1d0m1n4t3 · 1 pointr/smoking

Well here's the model i'm looking at, I think I'm going to order it next week and try it next weekend with a few racks of ribs and a sauce my wife makes. I'm a little nervous bit it's trial and error, wish me luck.

u/aManPerson · 1 pointr/sousvide

forget those prices, masterbuilt electric 30" smoker with a mailbox add on.

for me, i didnt use a mailbox, but i have 2 terracotta clay pots, one bigger than the other. i have the bigger one on top, so they sit together like a boston shaker

i dont use the mailbox as i didnt want any chemicals from the paint or zinc to get in the food. so i have my smoker elevated, and just an L shape going from the side to right over my clay pots. i dont use any tape or connective stuff. there's like a 2" air gap between top of clay pot and aluminum HVAC tubing into smoker, but it's fine, the smoke/heat just rise up into my smoker.

in the clay pots you can use wood chips or pellets, or whatever. i put some steel scrubber pads in the bottom of the inside of the clay pots to give it more room for air flow. i have the bottom clay pot on a few landscaping bricks to allow good airflow into the bottom of it. my whole setup is less than $250 and it's solid as a rock. i don't need to spend twice that on a trager.

the only problem is you need to allow room for the air to move around inside. it has 4 racks, but at most i've been able to use 3 to make sure good air flow happens. don't let meat on adjacent racks touch, and don't have the meat touch the sides, which would block some air flow.

u/Fistan77 · 1 pointr/BBQ

I personally started smoking on a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker ($150 to $180 at a Lowes Home Depot, Wal-Mart). You never have to worry about temps, they seal well, and its cheap to experiment with chips and recipes on. I eventually outgrew it after a couple of years and picked up a Pit Barrel Cooker, knowing more of what I actually wanted and would use. I kept my Masterbuilt and now use it for Jerky and light smokes, like fish and fajita meats...might want to check it out. That Masterbuilt put out some pretty kick-ass shoulders and ribs and it was frustration free for the most part.

This is very similar to what I have....just a few years older: $134.

Also, they make a cold-smoke add on for $50, I plan on picking up for it in the future.

u/grandma1995 · 1 pointr/smoking

I wholeheartedly agree with this guy ^^

/u/YourFairyGodmother Here's my post from another thread:

Masterbuilt 30-inch Electric Smoker

$177.66 shipped, brand new

730 in.^2

Goes up to 275°

Set-and-forget constant temperature for long, slow smokes

Wood chip dispenser


I've used the propane version as well...a few less bells and whistles, but it feels a little more like smoking rather than baking.

u/ctfbbuck · 1 pointr/OzoneOfftopic

Cool. What did you get?

I'm on my 2nd electric smoker. My first was a super cheap/simple brinkmann bullet that survived about 5 years.

I highly recommend getting a remote thermometer like this as well.

The easiest things to make are pork shoulder and salmon. Ribs and brisket are the most difficult in my experience. Chicken is right in the middle...depending on how hot your smoker can get, rendering the skin can require grilling at the end.

It's a fun hobby. I love turning cheap cuts into deliciousness.

u/yivek · 1 pointr/smoking

I have the older model and there were complaints of quality and such. I have had it over a year outside in Texas weather and no issues and no cover. Yeah, you won't get the smoke ring, but it will make some tasty food!

This is the one I got:

u/ironic5589 · 1 pointr/kansascity

I don't know your budget, a Traeger looks nice but $$$$$$. I just got a Masterbuilt 30" Gen II electric however i think the Gen 1 are better and a better buy

Masterbuilt Gen 1

I like mine however, the temp controller seems to be off about 10+ degrees on the high side. I actually have to contact the company and see if they can get me a new controller.

I"m not sure if the 40" masterbuilts have the same issue or not but keep in mind that you should probably verify the temp of the electric smoker controllers no matter which one you get.

A huge resource if you want to do some research is Smoking Meat Forums