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Maxim Original Korean Coffee - 100pks
Product Name: Maxim Original Coffee MixIngredients: Dried Coffee, Sugar, CreamerNET WT.: 1.2Kg (12G x 100 pks)Product of Korea
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6 Reddit comments about Maxim Original Korean Coffee - 100pks:

u/account_disabled · 8 pointsr/AppalachianTrail

Ok, here's the totally non-essential, and stupidly expensive for what it is, but I won't go out even overnight without is my Nalgene coffee press or the GSI Nalgene coffee filter. The filter weighs nothing, it's the coffee and sugar that gets you. Now, if you are good with typical Maxwell House/Folger's coffee, and you drink it with cream and sugar, there is one good alternative. Maxim Korean Coffee Packets are amazingly good. I use 2 packets every morning and sometimes again in the evening. The 100 pack does me good for about a month. If you're reading my post, checking out the product, and saying "Really, um... no.", then you are in the same shoes I was in until I tried it. Has sugar and cream already in it.

I'll also second the battery pack. Those who claimed that pillows and camp shoes are non-essential, I beg to disagree! That's like saying Gold Bond powder is non-essential! I'll admit that I'm not UL, but tax, tag, and title, out of town I'm weighing in right around 30 with 2 liters of water and food. Since I weigh 250, it's light enough.

u/gratedjuice · 4 pointsr/army

Found out about this stuff in korea. Instant coffee with the cream and sugar pre-added into the packets. Turns whatever the shit that comes from the DEFAC into something tolerable. Obviously not as good as fresh brewed but still pretty good.

u/jayjaw · 3 pointsr/Coffee

This Korean instant coffee is actually pretty alright. I drink it some nights when I'm feeling extremely lazy.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/Coffee

I would recommend this Korean instant coffee:

Like everyone else is suggesting, it doesn't compare to drip coffee; however, cream and sugar are included in the individual packets and you can control how much goes into each cup by pinching the cream/sugar end of the coffee packet as you pour it into your cup.

u/KCrobble · 1 pointr/Ultralight

If you like that 3-in-1, try Maxim. It is MUCH better and the best I have ever tried in that style:

Like all the Asian instants, they are a little weak. My wife and I use two of these + 2 vias for a 500ml shared cup of wake up.