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Mechanix Wear MFF-05-010 FastFit Work Gloves (Large, Black)
Form-fitting Trek Dry material helps keep hands cool and comfortable.Flexible Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) Elastic cuff provides a secure fit with easy on/off flexibility. Closure provides a secure fit to the wrist.Anatomically designed two-piece palm eliminates material bunching. Industrial grade hook and loop.
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7 Reddit comments about Mechanix Wear MFF-05-010 FastFit Work Gloves (Large, Black):

u/reddog093 · 24 pointsr/motorcycles


EDIT: ATGATT....I've got a case of the Mondays :)

u/slingstone · 6 pointsr/Goruck

Mechanix FastFit Gloves. The velcro wrist strap on the regular Mechanix just gets clogged with mud/grass too easily.

u/doebedoe · 2 pointsr/vandwellers
  • Kreg pocket hole jig -- $40 to make carpentry projects super easy.
  • Rivnut tool -- for mounting things to sheet metal.
  • Shop towels -- more versatile paper towels.
  • good cooler -- ice last 5-8 days even in the middle of summer heat.
  • bug nets for windows -- but them pre-made or build your own. Gives you airflow in summer without letting the bugs in.
  • candle lantern -- cheap. Safe if you blow it out before crawling into bed. Nice soft lighting to give you a break from blue LEDs.
  • Aeropress coffee maker -- great coffee where ever you are. Quick and easy to clean.
  • mechanic gloves -- for when you've got to do work and don't want super greasy hands and bloody knuckles.
u/CamsX · 2 pointsr/acrl

Been using gloves since I got my T300RS, as the rubber covered wheel was a bit too harsh on my hands compared to my old G25's leather.

In the AC official forum I got recommended this Mechanix Fastfit gloves. Inexpensive, good drip and not too warm. Good enough for sim racing.

Around June I switched to the Racequip 2 layer Nomex gloves I got for Real Life track action. Much more expensive and warm than the Mechanix ones.

u/zod201 · 1 pointr/canadaguns

I use these electronic ear muffs. They work quite well but sometimes you have to double up if the guy next to you has a big boom stick. Gloves I use Mechanix, they're cheap and good.