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Mechanix Wear - MultiCam M-Pact Tactical Gloves (Large, Camouflage)
Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) knuckle guard and finger guards protect against impact.Form-fitting TrekDry with MultiCam camouflage helps keep your hands cool and comfortable.Dual-layer internal fingertip reinforcement provides added durability.D3O palm padding absorbs and dissipates high-impact energy through the palm.Machine washable.
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5 Reddit comments about Mechanix Wear - MultiCam M-Pact Tactical Gloves (Large, Camouflage):

u/zxj4k3xz · 15 pointsr/airsoft

Here are a couple things I'd suggest:

Mechanix M-pact gloves. I use them and they're great. Very comfy and provide very nice padding for your hands. I was shot in the hand maybe 5 times yesterday and they left no marks. Maybe get a different color, though. They come in tan, black, woodland, black and tan, black and red, yellow. Just a bunch of different ones. I'd suggest solid black or tan as they'll go with just about anything.

One Tigris mask. Very comfy, cheap, provides all the important protection (teeth, lips, nose) while still covering your cheeks. Again, try to choose a color he might like. Solid tan, green, or black would go with most load outs.

If he doesn't have eye protection I'd suggest Pyramex I-force or Pyramex V2G-XP. I use and love both. They've taken multiple shots with no dents, scratches, or cracks, and they don't fog.

I wouldn't suggest a pistol holster if he doens't have a pistol. It's just pointless then. Besides, you really should get a holster designed for your pistol. Universal holsters are usable at best.

I wouldn't suggest a vest either. That's something the person has to decide for themselves. They might want a low profile chest rig, or a large vest to provide protection, or maybe they just want a belt to hold things.

You could also get him a Visa pre-paid gift card. I know, it doesn't feel "personal", but I can tell you they're the best gifts I ever get.

Edit: Some of the cheap things on my Krytac:

I weaved Paracord through the rails. Makes it look Oper8r as hell, and it's comfy to hold. Really cheap as well. 50ft is $6 from the store I linked. Planet Paracord also has a lot of other colors.

I also use the Strike Industries keymod handstop kit. It makes a comfortable place to hold your gun, and it's completely customizable. While Black is sold out on AirsoftGI, they still have Coyote Brown, Flat Dark Earth, Grey, and Tan

u/lSherlockl · 2 pointsr/airsoft

given your links i think specifying country would help you out some with peoples suggestions.


if you take into consideration this is the opinion of USA based stuff i tried to be helpful when i could


the mesh mask like you linked is pretty much standard i would recommend that or something like [this one]( not familiar with the language probably better deals but the padded sides conform better and will be a bit more comfortable.


Goggles: not sure if in europe there is the same governing standards but US we use ansi Z87, i really like Pyramex Full seal dual pane goggles (couldn't find them on your amazon) but they run ~$15 here, ro like a pair of surplus desert Locust goggles off of ebay.


Gloves: [Mechanix wear mpacts]( are gloves of my choice come in multicam, and some neutral earthy colors like coyote as well. The Mpacts have a rubber bumper on the back side of knuckles etc and still have good hand dexterity/feel they are pricier but quite well made in my book. Alternatively some mechanic type glove likely will offer good protection and handling dexterity and be found much cheaper wherever.


Boots: Really get a decent hiking boot, to me then its dual purpose I use Salomon Gtx2 Mid's special colors arent a huge deal just go for something more natural in color unless you are stickler for a certain unit look (mine are actually a discountinued color which is a deep vibrant green certainly not military but hey they were cheaper and comfy gets the job done). Merrill, Lowa also known for good hiking boots over here. I feel like this one may be more dependant on whats available in your country but TDLR get a decent hiking boot in a neutral color. can use it for airsoft and hiking working etc


Clothing: Thats a hard one a good entry point is usually army surplus but againd dependent on where you are. and or budgets as well some people go crazy with Crye and whatnot but my advice starting out keep it simple go like with some surplus it will be more durable than most "airsoft" marketed or grade stuff. High end being europe i think? i would say go like with claw-gear before Crye (actually imported clawgear to us here as was cheaper than crye been happy with it so far) But really some decent milsurp or mid/entry level branded tactical stuff like 5.11 etc vs airsoft or Chinese knockoffs.


whew and sorry for the block of text!

u/xSoulgrinderx · 1 pointr/airsoft




Here are the first things to get. Gloves, because getting shot in the fingernail and having it rib backwards f*%$ing sucks, and good eye protection. The rest is up to you.

u/lwapd · 1 pointr/motorcycles

should I buy more heavy-duty gloves than these?

They are my favorite gloves ever and I use them for BMX and any other sport that requires dexterity. Should I get some motorcycle specific gloves?