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Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags
EASY STEAM CLEANING: Quickly eliminate 99.9% of most common bacteria and germs in only about 3 minutes, using just a microwave and water, for convenient cleaning anywhereTHOROUGHLY DISINFECTS IN ABOUT 3 MINUTES: Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags are designed for efficient, effective sanitization of most breast pump parts and accessories, including bottles, nipples, pacifiers, cups, breast shields, and moreREUSABLE STEAM BAGS FOR BOTTLES, PUMP PARTS, AND MORE: Each bag can be used up to 20 times and is designed for durability and convenience, whether at home or at workPROTECTED STORAGE: Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags also double as a great option for neatly organizing and carefully storing breast pump parts and accessories while on the go or during busy days and nightsMADE WITHOUT BPA: All Medela breast milk bottles and products that come in contact with breast milk are – and have always been – made without BPA or phthalates; our Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags are made with food contact-grade materials and are manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations for the peace of mind that moms deserve
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9 Reddit comments about Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags:

u/istayquiet · 15 pointsr/breastfeeding

First, you should probably throw away your milk, as mold is very dangerous and pumping should be done as cleanly as possible. There's no way to sterilize it once it's been contaminated with mold.

The membranes (white pieces) should be removed every time you clean your pump parts (at least once per day). If you pump multiple times per day, you can put the parts in the fridge between sessions, but be sure to completely disassemble and clean the parts thoroughly at least once per day. I would absolutely throw away your membranes and purchase new ones. They should be replaced every 3 months anyway (because of wear and tear).

Medela makes steam bags that work really well for sanitizing pump assemblies. I rinse mine in hot, soapy water, then quickly rinse them under the faucet and put them in a steam bag. It takes about 4 minutes to clean them when all is said and done, and they're REALLY clean. Each bag is good for 20 uses.

u/johninfante · 7 pointsr/beyondthebump

You could also consider something like the Medela steam cleaning bags:

Throw in the bottles and nipples, pour in a couple oz of water, three minutes in the microwave, done.

u/veeev · 4 pointsr/breastfeeding

I wash with hot water and soap after each use too. I was taking everything home to run through the dishwasher at the end of the week, but I kept leaving bits at home so I bought these and have been sterilizing at the end of the day.

u/Amanda116 · 3 pointsr/CysticFibrosis

Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags, 5 Count
This should be as good as the baby bottle sterilizer.

u/ObscureSaint · 3 pointsr/funny

It's easy to steam sterilize in the microwave. I used to do it all the time with my breastpump parts.

u/NJBilbo · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

You can never have enough wipes -- those things clean EVERYTHING!! As long as you have the basics -- wipes, diapers, bottles, binks, burp cloths (see the cloth diaper recommendation) you will be set!

Get a good monitor too -- you don't need all the bells and whistles, just something that will send and receive. The one we have (fisher price I think) has made it through all three kids and still works like a charm. I am thinking of putting that in the boys' room not that the baby sleeps through to hear just what they're talking about for the hour or so after we turn the lights out in there!

We got all the fancy gadgets and warmers and all that stuff and never used them.

OH, Almost forgot... get THESE!!! You can clean all your bottle parts, breast pump parts -- heck, anything -- without soap or dishwasher residue. 3 minutes in the microwave is well worth it!

PS -- this is not an entry, but just some semi-unsolicited advice :)

u/Meilikah · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

I have never heard of that..... Why did he get it? Is it for teething brushing or drinking? I had the medela microwave steam bags for sanitizing so I never boiled anything....

Edit: Here is the Amazon link for them

u/sassyma · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Why aren't you allowed to do a diaper cake?

Is this her first? I loved it when people buy my kids books. Can't recommend that enough. My go to for babies is books and diapers if there is no registry.

Some other great ideas are: diapers, wipes, something like this My son has one and at 9 months...still his favorite toy. There's a few out there that are just like that. [Also This is the best invention ever!] (

I would suggest staying away from clothes because people always get tons of that. As well as blankets. Though no one ever thinks about giving you crib sheets, and trust me you will need a bunch of those!

It's hard when people don't register because so much that is out there feels controversial...people have strong opinions about everything when it comes to babies.

u/guinnessmom · 1 pointr/breastfeeding

I got the Madela pump in style- tote bag at my shower and LOVE it. Babies r u sells all the pump parts and accessories how ever I use the same ones over and over b/c I wash them right afterwards and put them back in my bag. I can fit all my pump parts, bottle of water, snacks, magazines..etc in the tote badg The pump itself sits in the coner of the bag and measure probably 4x3 inches (a cube). Its not noisy at all but it does have the distinct pumping sound. I second getting a hands free bra. This has be a god send. I work full time, and I can take my laptop to the lactation room, put on the bra and pump away and still can work. Even for home I can do my crafts or eat or flip throught the channels. I like the idea of saving money and making one, but this bra is strapless so at work all I have to do is lift my shirt to put it on. I dont have to take it all the way off to put the sports bra on.

Other supplies:
breastmilk bags
microwave sterilize bags for your pump parts I still wash them with hot soap and water when I get home, but this cleans them for the 3 times I pump at work each day
*nursing pads some women have to wear them all the time, I only wear them at night because I go 6 hours without feeding her. I see that you are lucky enough to be a SAHM but Ill leave all this up for those us that have to work and need some suggestions.