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MedTainer Storage Container w/ Built-In Grinder - Black
Air TightWater TightMedical Grade PlasticSmell-proof medical grade container Features built-in grinderStore. Grind, Pour
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14 Reddit comments about MedTainer Storage Container w/ Built-In Grinder - Black:

u/_Anon_Amarth_ · 10 pointsr/trees

Its called a Medtainer. They're about $10 and they work great for travel as they are waterproof and smell-proof. The grinder in it works fine, definitely not as good as an expensive grinder but it definitely gets the job done

u/Vaping_Casual · 3 pointsr/vaporents

$20? I would say for $20, no, not at all. I got mine off Amazon for below $10, and I think that was a fair price. Here is a link to where I bought mine!

u/usernamehardlyknower · 2 pointsr/saplings

You need a medtainer.

Air tight, built in grinder.

Edit: on second thought that's more for carry if it's just to store at home get a pack of mason jars.

u/_ThtSounD · 2 pointsr/saplings

That grinder is essentially useless... A better call might be one of these and then just buy a wooden dugout from any smoke shop, or buy one of those cig one hitters and just keep your container full of already ground up weed.

u/ShlomoBoardstein · 1 pointr/ploompax

I've heard good reviews about this product but haven't tried it myself

On the other hand I use a pelican case everyday and I've been happy with it. Definitely smell proof, water tight and durable.

Lastly I carry a medtainer. Also, water/smell proof and durable. Holds my flowers and does a great job getting that nice fine grind I like for my pax.

That's been my set up for almost a year in an illegal state. It's worked very well for me.

u/420gnar · 1 pointr/saplings

Personally, I would recommend one of these-

It is a container for weed that is airtight and does not smell, and has a quite good grinder in it, too. The grinder takes a little bit of trail and error before you figure out how tp use it most effectively. Just experiment with how much batch you pack, usually .3 or .4 is best. Twist while grinding kind of gently, and you can come out with something fine enough to use with the MFLB, or a more coarse grind if you prefer. I find these useful because carrying grinders is annoying, and of you have an expensive one they are easy to use. Its perfect for parties, and amaZon wont ask for any ID, so you're fine to order one!

u/mroes123 · 1 pointr/trees

I love my MedTainer! It keeps in the smell, is small, and has a grinder in it. I like the grinder because if you do not know its there, it is hard to find so you can keep your bud in there and even if someone finds it, they might not find the bud right away

Also, I have a safe like this that does not look super ovious when you put it with other books

u/jimmy_talent · 1 pointr/news

I'm not talking about ziplock bags, when you buy at a dispensary it comes either in a smell proof bag or jar so it really doesn't require being courteous, and the containers I was talking about aren't fancy at all you can buy the for like $5-$10 dollars here

Also I can almost guarantee you that on every near capacity domestic flight you've ever been on at least one person brought weed with them, stoners have been learning to hide the smell and stay out of peoples way for like ever man.

u/iceXlbxent · 1 pointr/saplings