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Metal Accent Table with Drum Shape Brown
Set includes: One (1) accent tableMaterials: MDF, metal and oak veneerFinish Color: Brown and BlackAssembly Required: No
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u/magzma16 ยท 1 pointr/Decor

You should get a kitchen table...a small one you can put up against that bare wall but with the narrow not long end.- stash the candle on it instead of the living room table. It can function not only as an eating space but for board game night table too! and a bigger rug in the living room in the future than the green one- it kinda looks a little small and could be placed under the desk/ dining table to break up the space.

-Living room rug idea- cowhide?

-I also would recommend some kind of art that makes you happy above the couch and all around. You seem to dig earthy colors and that windiness look.

Check this out-
-I've thought about that book shelf. It might work better on the other side of the desk and with something like a tall lamp on it. It might be a good spot to hang the antlers above that later?
-End table in between the bookshelf and couch.- try this one?

-Why not have an accent muted green or maybe this green wall on that "dinning room" wall?
you could extend it into the kitchen's back wall but leave the separator?- I can't decide.

-a curtain for the window- you can find curtain rods with that cabin feel but keep the curtain light- or the same color as the accent wall green

Ok Sorry that's a lot- don't really know why I put so much effort. Its cool if you don't like any of the ideas- it was fun anyways.