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Metanium Nappy Rash Ointment 30g
Matanium nappy rash ointment 30gSoothes and treats your baby's nappy rashMetanium is a topical ointment which rubs easily into the skin to treat nappy rash.
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3 Reddit comments about Metanium Nappy Rash Ointment 30g:

u/JunkUtopia · 5 pointsr/london

This guy seems to sell it on the American Amazon site:

u/Starkmoon · 3 pointsr/JUSTNOMIL

My go to is Metanium .

My kids are 16 now and I still have a tube for sweat rashes and visiting friends babies. I also apparently started a small cluster of purchases in Berlin because my friend showed her Midwife the tube I gave her as a new baby gift.

u/LukaCat · 1 pointr/Mommit

My daughter is very prone to butt burn like yours. First, try to clean with warm water and a very soft cloth, no wipes. Then buy a buttload of Metanium. I used it when we lived in the UK and it was absolutely brilliant and the only product that has actually healed the burns.