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Microlife Digital Peak Flow Meter (PEF) and Forced Expiratory Volume (FEV1)
240 Memories for Children & Adults with Date & Time stampPeak Flow and FEV1 monitoring for asthma, COPD & other lung diseasesMeets American Thoracic Society StandardsStop Light Risk Indicator, Tracking & Analysis software3 Washable Mouthpieces
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1 Reddit comment about Microlife Digital Peak Flow Meter (PEF) and Forced Expiratory Volume (FEV1):

u/oliviagreen ยท 2 pointsr/CysticFibrosis

Congrats on getting Kalydeco!

I've been taking it for about for almost a month now. I have G551D and DF508. I'm 26 years old.

When I started I was at my lowest lung function ever at about 55%. I started getting serious about exercising and doing TOBI for the first time in years about two weeks before i started taking Kalyedco and I have to say... to anyone that isn't running. start. really it makes a huge difference.

so the combination of running/TOBI/kalydeco has brought my FEV1 up to around 68%-70% in the last month which has been amazing. its hard to say how much of it is the running and how much of it is the kalydeco, but i will say that even after the first two weeks of running i still had a congested chest .. and i didn't exactly "wheeze" but if i was laying quietly i could hear this like ticking sound in my lungs when i would breath in and out, no matter how much i coughed i could never get that to go away. and just after a few days of kalyedco it was gone. i also don't cough at night at all anymore really. sometimes before i would not be able to sleep because of a cough and i'd go to the couch to relax / not feel like i was keeping my husband awake. hasn't happened since i started taking kalydeco!

i didn't cough up crazy amounts of mucus. i read a lot of blogs of people who did and was was worried it wasn't working. i've had maybe 3 days where i felt like i was bringing up more than usual. but what i have noticed is that if it is there, it comes up easier. other people also said they felt like their sinuses really opened up, which i also did not feel. i just saw a nose doc, and he told me its not mucus in there.. but that i just have inflammation in the lining, so i have some new nose spray and antihistamines for that.

i've gained 7 lbs from 119 to 126. and to be honest i was never much of a breakfast person, so forcing yourself to eat a fatty meal in the morning can be hard. I keep cheese sticks and peanut butter in the house at all times in case im too lazy to make something better.

i didn't have any of the negative side effects so i'm hoping that over time ill slowly be able to increase my FEV1 even more. My next check-up is in three months :)

I did buy an FEV1 monitor off of Amazon

I think it is awesome to not have to wait until you go to the doctor to check where you are at. and you can do it over and over again.. good practice.