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Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Developer Reference
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u/Megatwan · 3 pointsr/sharepoint

I'd concur but some of that is style and you'll get differing opinions. Personally, not a big fan of SharePoint as bottom tier dev stack for extensive customizations; i.e. what is the virtue of the purchase/licensing if you throw the engine, dashboard, seats out of the car.

I think spfx and/or custom JS injection respectful of the platform to augment functionality, whether it be data rendering and interface asks, form customization, branding or reporting/dashboarding is all well and good/great when done with justification and vetted purpose... while letting SharePoint be SharePoint [to be read in Leo’s voice…RIP] and use what you bought, etc.

Heavier touch: sometimes you need a web service to leverage and broker things SharePoint doesn’t do. Sometimes people have too much coffee, truly wanted to be custom web devs before they took the sp gig and want to toss out the front end and do it all angular. Sometimes leaving all the SP interface stuff is too much bloat and you want a focus'd app[/add-in] package exp to put blinder on the usage. Sometimes you want to package up templates with prefabbed lists/workflows/pages. To say nothing of the “well relational data demands or legacy external LOB systems will be used but we want to surface all that in SP” scenario. All debatably valid use cases that require diff dev approaches and subject to diff styles/tools. start watching the PnP stuff for pretty fair discussion and official guidance is a pretty great book that outlines with detail various approaches, intended purpose and how deep the rabbit holes’ go